The close bus

One day I was riding on a bus in the winter. Shuttle bus transports every morning people from a small village (where I actually lived) in town. The trip takes about an hour. People usually encounters so that a hundred-yat even impossible. And sometimes it seems that now all the bus is full to the limit - and no! At the next stop miraculously climbs another four or five people. And it fit! Urban transport management could not distinguish a normal bus for this trip, so we had to suffer like this, in this small "pa-ics".
And so, in one such morning I had accumulated, as always, people jam. I did not get a place, so I got something like between spins people. Survived then every man for himself! In such close quarters, the ... The main thing - the space-Neboli Choe keep ahead of him to breathe can be, so as not passing the chest.
At one of the stops, two women entered. One in jacket and trousers. She had to climb a little forward, straight to me. Correspondingly, who was close to me in the front - left even further. Going so on. I myself stand in the pants and a leather jacket. And then I noticed that the front of the pants, well, where is a member ... I notice, in general, that I touch directly to the pope in front of a standing woman. Crowding was terrible, and my attempts to somehow move away from her body failed.
I felt that from the bus on the road swing friction intensified our bodies and this member has started gradual-but up. "Just do it!" - I thought - "Be patient, do not get up! Well!" - I mentally addressed as if to its members. But nothing about it - The orderly friction ass woman, though through his pants, but made my cock rise. He stared right between her legs.
My throat was dry and I felt the sweet languor. How to give yourself permission to something forbidden ... Ah, anyway there stampede if it thinks a woman is not enough. Maybe it's the hand or whose portfolio ...
And I began to help its members reach a limit. Was pressed so tightly that is denser nowhere. Member stood up - as far as possible to narrow the space between my pants. I rubbed on the ass women are strong-it. "God, how nice! .." - I was surprised. I did not expect that such a Ride will ... And what if the people around something suspect? While we're in the clothes ... or feel the smell of semen? Hmm ... But I could not stop.
I distinctly felt the buttocks of women. And the second one. Firmly pressed his groin to her bulge. The bus jolted at the next bump and then I finished: sperm fountain gentle start to beat the pants. Yes ... Oh, yes !! ... She got right in the pants, soaked it all. I remember thinking, how I would not seep through the fabric and stained Bru-ing woman. My face was red. I experienced tremendous orgasm and just hung on weakened legs, propped-up early in the backs of other people.
A couple of minutes in the cabin smelled of sperm. "In the hit!" - I thought. But people do or do not notice or pretended not to notice what it smells here. In this state, with wet pants, I went to the city and hastened to get away from this bus ...