Pets 2

Going into his room, Alexander with pleasure stroked his body. It was nice to feel under his hands resilient bumps that and beckoned her into the abyss of insane pleasure and unbridled passion. At her touch the body gratefully responded sweet shiver and a new wave of excitement. It was ready for new challenges. It was again ready to become a tool to achieve the unrestrained lust and perverted fantasies of her mistress.
Alexander went to the window. There, on a windowsill at the bank continued to frolic Herudo Medicinalis. Their little black bull today were a bit thicker than usual. In fact, after feeding it took only a few hours. And now, the next time you have to wait a whole week. The whole week. For Alexander it was an eternity. Her body required new pleasures, her brain, her mind, her flesh torn in the novel and unusually full of pleasant sensations world accessible only to it and exists only for her alone. A world where it was and the sovereign mistress and at the same time helpless slave to his passions and desires, but she would not trade for thousands of other worlds.
Few admired their pets, Alexander looked at his watch. We had a little tidy up the apartment to his mother coming. Kissed the glass jars of leeches, Alexander took a vacuum cleaner and began vacuuming, imagining that this mythical alien monster. Oh, how she wanted, what would this huge hose turned into the body, exuding as much pleasure as if she was happy to use this body to exercise their imaginations. From the excitement she even dreamily stroking a vacuum cleaner hose, imagining how he would react to her touch, if it was a living being.
Going into the mother's room, she gently vacuumed the floor, replacing the brush, turned to furniture. It is not known whether the will of fate, or simply by a careless movement, but fell from the bookshelf thick book in a blue-bound Alexandra changed all the plans and for the evening, and so future.
The book fell and opened. Seeing what was depicted in the picture opened, Alexander immediately stopped cleaning, took the book and went with her to her room.
Sitting on the couch, Alexander, shaking hands with excitement examined the book carefully. Solid blue cover, much frayed by frequent use. The cover zatёrtaya inscription "Helminthology" in 1976, the textbook for medical schools.
The breath-stopping, and his hands trembled with excitement when Alexander opened the book. The first image, seen in this book, forced Alexander to reach fever pitch. Head start pleasantly turned, breathing became frequent and intermittent, and small and tender nipples hardened as small pebbles. But Alexander did not pay any attention to them. With a trembling hand, she gently stroked the image, rubbed on their face, kissing, and looked. Looked more, again and again. The perverted mind girls that demanded extraordinary fantasies revolve only one thought, one word. And the word was "WANT."
Alexander already represented in it, right inside, will live, and give her the joy of these creatures. From the thought of bliss extraordinary wave power pierced her body and her eyes closed, she began to masturbate, developing his boundless imagination. Having a little bit of pleasure of the flesh, she again took up the study of the book. Now interested in it, where and how to find and get these creatures.
Having studied the methods of infection, she decided to proceed immediately to the execution of his plan. It threw light sarafan over his naked body and ran out into the yard. its path lay in the trash, which came in search of food stray cats and dogs. After seeing a couple of stray dogs, Alexander happily ran to meet them. Lay out a few pieces of smoked sausage, stuck at home, Alexander waited. The dogs, sensing sausage, initially looked askance at the man standing beside him looking suspiciously from head to foot, but then took his hunger. They slowly approached the sausage, and she gently began stroking one thing after another animal.
-You are my lovely, good, - she whispered, - Help me, please! You can not imagine how I need it!
Dogs allowed himself to stroke, and Alexander nepriminula take advantage. She tried to pet dogs in the most intimate places.
Suddenly the thought came to Alexander shook his unusual and alluring perverted. It headlong rushed home, with the speed of lightning flew into the kitchen and took out of the fridge remains of sausages. Then stopped and carefully and greedily licked his hands, every finger, every nail was licked it clean. She swallowed greedily even the hairs stuck to the hands. Then she ran back into the street. There, to the dump.
In garbage revolved only one dog. The second, obviously worn out and the futility of their search at this point, decided to look for happiness in another.
She unwrapped the package with sausage, broke off a piece and handed it to the dog. The dog squinted, sniffed, and quite without fear went on alluring call. However, Alexander was in no hurry to give a sausage. She slowly retreated, dragging the dog in his hideout behind the garages. The dog obediently went, and two minutes later they were left alone, safely sheltered gone down the darkness of a summer evening, and the deaf, adjacent to each other the walls of garages and sheds.
- Well, come here, my dear, - she held out a piece of sausage dog, and he was greedily eating right out of her hands, wetting them with his saliva. When the first slice was finished, she licked the dog's saliva and held a piece of the second dog is involved, but only one hand. Second hand she caressed the dog right between her hind legs. The dog did not mind. Having dealt with the remnants of sausage dog obediently stood in front of the girl, letting caress themselves anywhere. After a while a member of his tense, and whimpering softly with pleasure, it became harder to cling to the girl. A girl is already shaking with excitement engendered by perverted girl's brain and infinitely depraved imagination. Bacchanalia just begun. Zadran skirt sarafan, Alexander stabbed themselves all the hand into the vagina with the other hand she caressed member of the whining from enjoying the dog, but that her fevered imagination not enough. Eagerly she began to lick the dog's fur, swallowing everything with what met her tongue. She typed in the mouth dense tufts of dog hair, moisten them with saliva and sucking with pleasure that was ready to scream with pleasure and tear his clothes with the body pieces. But she still decided not to stop there. Imperious movement, she turned helpless dog and greedily and eagerly sucked his cock with her mouth. Greedily roaring with delight, she swallows her saliva profusely flocked to the dog cock and sucked it so passionately and so violently, as if a hungry wolf tormented fresh carcass of a killed deer. She was like a wolf right now.
With shining eyes from excitement, furiously growling and scratching under sundresses your body, it could lead to the horror of any outside observer. But fortunately such nebylo, and the orgy of pleasure continued unimpeded.
Cum hit her mouth rough fountain, adding enjoyment delight, and indulging, which continues to grow girls lust. Alexander greedily swallowed it all, to the last drop, and like a she-wolf growled and whined with delight, lifting to the night sky from their burning passion and lust beautiful green eyes. The eyes, which are dreaming at night about which dreamed many friends Alexandra guys. She, meanwhile, is set free to give her so much pleasure dog sitting behind the garages, on an empty bottle crates and closing his eyes, he caressed his shudders from the waves of orgasm the body.
Arriving home, Alexander took a shower ... that would repel the dog smell, and quickly slipped into bed. Night has come.
Closing her eyes, she remembered all the previous day, and a gentle smile of light reflected on her lovely face. Already out of habit, elaborated over the years, the right hand of her own, without a reminder stretched to a small hillock between her slender tanned legs, fingers and has already started to sink into the wet, covered with soft down schelochku as suddenly changed their plans. On the girl's face appeared tricky and voluptuous smile, talking about suddenly appeared a new perverted fantasies, and, bypassing the expiring moisture schёlku, her fingers proceeded deeper into the crotch of reaching the other holes. It was smaller and could not yet accommodate more than two fingers at the same time, but from it that no one claimed. Alexander plunged his fingers into his anus, as deep as she could, then playing them there, took out, and sent into the mouth. Gentle girl's lips and tongue playful fun and passionately licked just taken out of the anus fingers. Groaning with pleasure, she repeated this process a few times and then forgotten sweet dream, still sweet and enigmatic smile.
Morning came. First of all, Alexander rushed to the toilet, hoping to see it in their secretions that give her so much pleasure and enjoyment. But, of course, there is nothing debts. It took ten days. With a sinking heart she carefully peered into their feces even picks open their special wand, but all to no avail.
One day, when Alexander was sitting at the table and did my homework, she suddenly felt a pleasant tickling on one buttock. Intrigued by this sudden feeling she reached into his pants and felt his ass on a small lump. Pulling him into the light, she had almost cried with joy. From overflowing happiness quickly zabivsheesya girl's heart was ready to jump out.
In her palm lay a small white worm. He is so cute and funny shrank to pea and then disposes of a full-length, moving around the girl's palm that she brought it to her lips and gently touched him, as if kissing. She held it in the palm, examining and enjoying the feel of the movement of the worm by hand. Then he stuck the tip of the tongue and touched them to the worms. He remained on the tip of a sharp and wet beat-tongue. Feeling the heat and moisture, the worm became more active and began to move deeper into rotika Alexandra. A little holding it in the air, she gently closed her mouth, that would not damage the worm and began to enjoy new sensations. From the excitement she brought her lessons and pulling her panties, a pair of fingers plunged into the anus. - Good, well done, now you have to be stretched very much, - she said, her fingers playing in his ass. Several times, licking them, she lay down on the couch and waited for the emergence of new worms. To brighten up your waiting for it with relish leafing through "Helminthology" and all the growing excitement beckoned her even further into the depths of depravity and lust. Looking at pictures depicting broad tapeworm and tapeworm, she was determined to go fishing in the spring. In the meantime, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary ...