I'll start with a story that my odnogruppnitsa approached me with a request to resolve her personal problems:
Oh, please, help! I repay, you'll see !! - She begged me.
Well, why not try: Its would like ..
At the appointed time, I called her:
- In general, do not worry, I decided. Live and do not worry
- For me, thanks!
And hangs up the phone. Well, just like in spy movies. I laughed, and forgotten. We had to go, to take the iron out of the store - hard drives, sounds, videos, and more. Arriving home, I put the car in the parking lot, and was surprised to find the door of his apartment Katia
- Hey. But I have been waiting for.
Well, come, come again. By the way, I would not be very happy to see her, I do not really like it, although it is now looked very even nothing. Instead of the usual for her jeans - mini-skirt, pretty well looking at her, the topic (for the summer heat - it is a common occurrence), pins (hmm)
Closing the door, I showed her my apartment (which it has not yet seen), then we went to the kitchen to smoke. I then knew that Katya have not virgin, from school, her 11 th grade, where she was on a drunken party fuck some scumbag. But this, I honestly did not expect.
She sat on a chair in front of me, and her skirt rode up slightly, slightly revealing black panties. She noticed my glance coquettishly smoothed her hair and sat down already in my lap: Clinging to my lips with his, she is not looking unzipped my pants and already being bossed there hand: I stood up, she stood in front of me on my knees and pulled out my already crimson member , took it into his mouth: I must say that it sucked with all the skill of knowing where you caress the language and where the smooth handle: when the cam to compress, and when the lips touch the head. I have already started to move a member in her mouth, then just fucked her in the mouth: .Vytaschiv a member of it, I began to finish her straight face. On her penciled eyebrows, painted lips, powdery nose and she opened her mouth wide, wide and swallowed the sperm, that that her mouth fell: After she finished licking my dick, I put it on the kitchen table belly, pulled her skirt and I pulled her panties. She immediately realized, and put down the ass. In the view of her ass it was already in use, and repeatedly. I thought - why not? He slipped her a couple of times in the vagina (potekshee already at that time) and held to a member of her ass: She began to moan when halfway through the head in her ass, and when I put it in there almost the whole, she was writhing and screaming ...
Then she wiped her face with sperm, the priests and left. That's the gratitude.