Harry Potter and Hermione's birthday

Hogwarts was the winter holidays, and all the students went home, even the teachers went to their relatives. There were only Ron, Hermione and Harry. Hogwarts guarded Dumbledore and Hagrid the gamekeeper, somewhere else wandered cat Mrs. Norris. Harry did not want to go back to the Dursleys on Privet Drive. He generally disliked Muggles because of their severity. Ron's parents went on a business trip, but his mother did not forget to send a new sweater. Hermione remained the same, because she did not want to leave friends. They had known each other for a long six years. Boys matured quickly, all the while showing their genitals (Harry matured faster, his cock was already 16 centimeters, but Ron only 14). Great magician loved to masturbate with a friend, their old dream was Hermione. They wanted to see, and perhaps even to touch her breasts, which only began to break. Suddenly, Ron thought that Harry's suitcase lay his cloak of invisibility. He shared the idea with a friend that you can sneak into the girls' dormitory, and perhaps something will be able to peek. Harry at the thought went into raptures. They threw robe and went to the stairs the girls, they like the idea that their Hermione there all alone. Past them was Professor Snape, apparently he arrived before the others to annoy Harry. When they began to climb the stairs, Harry as always stabbed in the stomach, he was worried. His throat was dry, this did not exist, can only before the final battle with the Dark Lord. Then his thoughts were interrupted, because he and Ron lying on the floor. Harry remembered that boys can not be in the bedroom the girls, it is a long-standing spell from such vulgar boys like them.
Stairs just lowered them down. On the downside, I fell on top of a piece of paper, to their surprise there was written schedule Affairs Hermione Granger. They have matured a new plan, however, they did not know about it Now More. There they read the list on Friday: 1) Hooray !!! The 14th of February!!! BIRTHDAY!!! 2) Pass the book on Herbology 3) be washed before going to bed. Harry remembered that she always ran away from them on Friday, do not forget to wish them good night. Ron said that we should get into the shower girls. Harry smiled and said that he has matured a grand plan. They went into the bedroom. He took his favorite card Marauders, said the magic words. Before them was the plan, with all the secret passages at Hogwarts. They could hardly have found a shower girls. The plan was ready, and they were looking forward to Friday. In the morning they met joyful Hermione and congratulated her on his birthday.
She was very surprised congratulations, thinking that the boys do not know about her day. Then as luck would have passed their most vicious enemies Kreb, Goyle and, of course, Malfoy himself. Until the end of the vacation was four days, and they have returned to Hogwarts. What our Mudbloods day cooking, said Draco Malfoy. None of your business, Ron said, and punched him in the face, Malfoy roared and went into his living room. Hermione said that the impact was great. Appeared on their way Snape said that he takes ten points from Gryffindor. Well, is this bitch Malfoy Harry said when they arrived at the portrait with a full woman. Password!!! Chocolate bunny Hermione. Portrait opened, and they went to their bedrooms. Ron decided to take a nap before the evening, and Harry sat on the windowsill and watched as his friend Hagrid collects eels for the next lesson. But his head was busy one, tonight. For an hour, he and Ron began to gather in the street. They went out, taking with him a ka mouth, taking the mantle they did not, since the time it was still child, and shastane not cause any particular suspicion. After consulting with the map, they headed to the kitchen, where they saw a strange wall with a picture of the second director of Hogwarts. They made sure that no one apart from them in the lobby, no, Harry pulled out his wand and said Dea opinus! The door opened, and they easily slipped into a dark and rather narrow corridor. They meandered about half an hour in the dark and dirty corridor. Ron all the time saying how he is afraid of spiders.
Finally they came to the glass, which shone only on their part. They began to observe what is happening. I turn on the light, and there was a long-awaited their victim. Ron even got up, however, he did not tell Harry. Hermione walked over to the shower and adjusted the water, the murmur of water even more relaxed boys. Hermione went to undress. She took off her sweater and jeans. And now they are facing a teenage girl in shorts and t-shirt. They distinguish her rather large nipples, which stood out from the T-shirts. Nakonenets she was in shorts. Her breasts liked wizards. And the climax she was completely naked. Her crotch was already very formed, and in some places penetrated hairs. She went to the soul, and about five minutes simply basking under his jets. Then what the boys saw surprised them both, their members excited and begged out. She massaged my tits and moaning deeply. Harry and Ron did not even guess what their friend also thinks about sex. She went to her things and took out his wand, saying that Penus Ochkurov !. Her hands appeared vibrator 10 centimeters. She went back into the shower and began stroking them in the folds of their sexual sponges. She quickly brought themselves to orgasm. Boys, too, time is not lost in vain, and jerked off my pussy. The first, of course, finished Harry and Ron with Hermione, who brought himself to a second orgasm. When the boys walked along the corridor, they discussed what they saw. Ron even called her slut. At full portrait lady they met Hermione sweaty and satisfied. It just came out of the shower. They called password. Harry and Ron asked her to stay in the Gryffindor common room to talk heart to heart. They sat on a comfortable sofa. She asked what they need. Harry started first. Hermione we saw what you were doing in the shower. Hermione was shocked and a little flushed. Ron said that we should not worry. The boys said that they really liked the naked Hermione. They were asked to undress in front of them in their bedroom. Hermione agreed, the boys were surprised that it does not even need to mollify. She explained this by saying that, too eager to Ron and Harry every night. She licked her lips and kissed Harry and Ron's mouth. They kissed passionately for a long time, it was their first real kiss. When they finished, she noticed that the boys sticking out between his legs. Yes, and she herself all soaked panties from her life-giving water. They went into the bedroom of boys and kissed for a long time. Suddenly, Hermione's hand to the boys climbed into his pants, and began to drive out there awkwardly with his hands.
The boys groaned. She unzipped his fly them and their members appeared outside, as the boys were not cowards. Hermione said that he saw naked boys in the first time. She is very excited. They undressed. And she decided to suck their members. The boys were in seventh heaven. They finished at once. She was very scared of their sperm, but it was so delicious that she swallowed it. She said that it is now their turn to repay debts. Ron told her to lick her pussy, and Harry had to fuck her in the mouth. So they did. Then reversed. They were powerless and tired. Harry offered to fuck. This thought everybody liked, but Hermione tale that he was afraid to lose their virginity. But the passion took over and she agreed. This important work was entrusted to the great Harry Potter. Harry put it in a pose of cancer and began to enter slowly into her little pussy. First he put his prick into her hole and pushed. Hermione screamed, but Ron said, shut up bitch, and hit her in the face. She began to move her hips to meet Harry and Ron said to scold her, as it is a strong plant. Harry told Ron that this little whore is capable of much. Then they started to fuck her together. She began to shout at the room. Ron even thought would not come here if Dumbledore. Hermione finished, probably ten times ... saying that she has never had so many orgasms. Then they fucked locomotive. Harry pёr Hermione virgin ass, and Ron (yes you read that right) had Harry's anal opening. It was a real orgy. They slept together. And in the morning when they came down, we saw the boys arrived. Neville Longbottom broke his leg at the resort, and it was carried to the hospital wing. We were friends for a day before classes, and they took the Marauder's Map, and went to engage in their favorite thing (sex).