Unexpected sex

Unexpected sex.
(17 year old stranger)
It happened during the May holidays. It was wonderful weather, people choose to barbecue, and my friend called me up and asked him to bring his family to the country. Reaching them in the morning, quickly immersing everything in the car, we went in the direction of their holiday village. On the way was no anything interesting, and took another, I hurried back to the city. Driving past the refueling, I saw a pretty, young lady 17 years old, who caught the car.
Of course it does not pick up such a beauty. Got in and she greeted me and said that she, too, to the city. I just could not take his eyes off her. She looked was sverherotichno: red hair, bright make-up, white topic, because transparency is a great chest was visible and small nipples, small (very small), on his feet sandals, neat pedicure black, and such as manicures, long Naroscheny nails. In conversation she, frankly, it was not far away, but I at this moment thinking about something else.
It is all over, too, especially when I saw protruding through shorts member who had vainly to hide. Approaching the city we had a good talking and did not notice how arrived at the house where she lived:
-- "And you did, boy" vulgarnenko she said, and offered to come to her for a cup of coffee.
I itself agreed. She got out and went forward defiantly wagging his popochkoy.
We went to it. As soon as the door closed, she lashed out at me. We started kissing like mad, I picked her up and carried her to an old bed. She pulled off my shirt, I began to massage her breasts and got rid of the topic. When I climbed a small, I found the lack of panties and wet pussy, I began to massage. The stranger, began to moan, and rhythmically moving her hips to meet me. Itself is not wasting any time put her hand into my shorts and pulled out ready to fight a member. I spread her legs and went in, start slowly and gradually accelerating movement.
She clutched her hands behind her bed, moving her hips to me began to moan and scream:
-YES, YES, YET ... Fuck me .... Shouts intensified. From them I'm more excited and fucked faster, her breasts twitched in rhythm. Fucking, I began to lick her fingers with black toenails on my feet ... She was in seventh heaven. Tired of this pose, I opened it, put the cancer and decided to try it anal. I bring in a member immediately began to fuck, she began to move rhythmically back to the side, daring me. Back she was broken-not weak, I was not there first.
Excited and feel yourself completely macho close to this little whore, I began frantically to have her in the ass, she moaned screamed, finally exhausted wet from perspiration and from the flood of sensations completely limp ... Pulling a member of popochki, I carried it to her face. She immediately went to work with their plump lips. She began stroking his hard, suck, swallow .... I started to moan and eventually finished showering her face, hair, breasts thick viscous semen jet ... washing each other after a frenzied sex, she left her telefonchik and kissed me. Continuation should be.
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