There was a blessing in disguise

Greetings dear readers and visitors. First of all I want to thank the people who read my stories and rated them wrote to me. Thank you for your criticism and approval. I met new people, which proved to be very interesting people.
This time I want to tell you about our experience with Anya failed, or rather a bad experience with one hand, and suddenly the other, which occurred in that year. It was the only time we were disappointed in the girl. I'll start from the beginning. Those who have read our previous stories knows about our hobbies. Once again my wife and I met with Anne B-girl. Her name was Larissa. She read our application form and wrote to us. We exchanged photos (she sent us your photos and we gave her a link to your own). In the photo she looked quite attractive and well-groomed. We chatted for a while with her on the phone or via e-no, but before the meeting until the matter is not reached. From communicating with it, we realized that she has a boyfriend who is aware of its meetings on the side, but he allegedly did not mind what she was doing. She said that her little sex with him because She is very loving. From her words we learned that she had already had experience of such relations and is ready to meet with us only later (in the near future).
In one weekend the phone rang. Anna picked up the phone. At the other end of a woman's voice. It was Larissa. The meaning of her conversation boiled down to the fact that today meet as Today her apartment is available. It was evening, tomorrow was a holiday, but be honest neither really wanted to go. First of all because I do not like when things happen out of the air (we have not seen this girl, did not communicate with her at all, and really ...). And then ... on the night we had other plans. However, I do not know why, but we still went with her to the meeting. On the way, we bought fruit, wine and a bottle of cognac. After waiting thirty minutes the bus we obviously were late, so calling Larissa, said that linger. The first surprise was waiting for us at the bus stop. Girl, we expect strikingly at odds with the one that was in the photo. I do not know how she managed to put himself in order before you take a picture, but she obviously did not try to somehow look beautiful. After greeting we went to it, although to be honest I personally wanted to just turn around and leave.
At ten she was pulling system with interference by five. Along the way, we went to her apartment, where repair was. About fifteen minutes she walked around the room and looking for something (what we did not understand). After we went to the store because her refrigerator was empty, but before leaving Anya asked her about twice what you need to buy, and Larissa replied that she did not need anything. All along the way from Larisa wore then. We Anet very clean steam, so any odor of unwashed bodies clearly audible to us. I can understand everything, but this ... How can you come to the meeting with strangers in such a way (to friends is also not worth it).
With your permission, I will continue further. Returning rang Larisin phone. I understood from the conversation that she has someone at the door waiting for this event and was surprised because us she did not say it. And indeed at the entrance we met another girl. One good, two is even better, but three is too much in my opinion, the thought flashed through my mind, but with the three of me still was not and it can be fun. Her name was Ira. She looked attractive. Not very tall, slender brunette with brown eyes and plump lips. In short pretty face. Now when it was necessary to go to the entrance it turned out that Larissa had forgotten the keys to the apartment. we could not get to the entrance because He was equipped with an intercom, as luck would have still nobody came, did not come into it. Larissa went for the keys, and we waited.
During this time, we are closely acquainted with Irina, and so much of it learned. She, too, with her husband Woman looking for intimate encounters or couple. The experience they have is huge, but unlike us to Anya, they prefer new partners and are constantly in search. We Anyuta looking girl standing. In addition, we learned her addiction to sex and much more. I like to communicate with her. It was clear that the girl without complexes and taboos that if she wants something that takes it from life. Waiting Larissa finally we went to her apartment. The apartment is not much different from her mistress. Apartment regular public millions. But not the main thing. The first thing that caught my eye this unharvested floor, and then more. Do not mishandled the couch, on the table dirty dishes, etc. etc.
The first impression was not in her favor. While Anna and Larisa Hustler in the kitchen, I had time to talk to Irina. In appearance she was not more than 22-23 years, but the ability to communicate and carry on a conversation made her no data adult. She asked me intimate questions as if she was a doctor, and I was patient, absolutely not hesitate anything. I tried to answer, but sometimes uncomfortable. Once the table was set and they were all seated in their places in the intimate conversation topic went with a vengeance. I poured the girls wine and brandy himself, to somehow relax. During the conversation, I did not notice how the clock slowly crept up to midnight. Larisa seizing the moment went to the bathroom at the same time publicly stated that there is a brush up. I even choked ... (what you previously thought?). When we were three of us-il asked: ,, How do you Larisa ''?. ,, Just like you '- I said.
Just a couple of minutes, we were thinking of what to do, and then decided to leave in English. Coming out of the house, I called on the mobile phone a taxi and within ten minutes we raced through the city. Drop in on the way to a night light and consultation, we decided to go to Irina. My husband went for a few days and the apartment was now in full possession of her. Again, we drank and chatted. Although the time was later nobody wanted to sleep. The fun continued ... Not to say that I was drunk, but sober, and I was hard to call, so I went into another room and lay down to rest a little and did not notice as bran. I do not know how long I slept, but I woke up by loud groans and sighs. Not realizing at once what was happening, I got up and moved cautiously toward the room from which the sounds came.
Somehow touch reaching the next room through the open door I saw my pious and Irina. In the light of a lamp they made love. Merged together in the position 69, the girls made a passionate friend of the friend cunnilingus. Before my eyes appeared elastic ass Irene. I did not interfere with the girls and continued to just watch. It was very exciting. My dick was as ever. The girls lick each-the friend slits long since forgotten about me. And now, when they were alone they nothing could prevent the merge. To be honest I really wanted at that time to fuck them, but I was in no hurry to join them. I would like to watch from the sidelines.
Now, when I saw how they loved each other, I realized how much my Anya reaches for same-sex love. Her tongue that so tenderly licking my cock, now as gently walked the vulva Irene. No, I'm not jealous, I was just wondering at the same time for this amazing watch. Of course I've seen it before, but then with the other girls it was sluggish and without sparks, and here the wave of lust and expression swallowed them. It was evident that as long as I'm not wanted. Although I would like to join, I strongly restrained himself. Six holes where my penis is now able to get themselves gratified himself. Clutching a member in my hand, I stared into my eyes. In the intimate light of a lamp of a beautiful girl's body even more attracted, and not being able to control a larger I entered the room.
The girls heard the sound broke away from his work, and I felt their surprise, frightened glances at himself. I smiled at him in response and asked to continue. Gradually the girl got used to my presence and continued their orgy. These two females ... more turns me on. Clinging to his tongue pussy Irene, I began to help Anka. Everything was wet. Irina Juices flowing stream. It was evident that the girls already particularly excited. I myself was ready to shoot his seed, so try to get distracted and think about something else, though Irina switched soon on my cock and now all my thoughts are reduced to one. Her soft sponge gently slid the trunk of my penis, and I noticed that Irkin blowjob different from Anechkinogo. She sucked my sosuli forgetting about everything, and I was licking pussy Ani. Clean-shaven kitty my daughter gave me a lot of pleasure. Annie wriggled from my tongue, and I'm on the tongue Irene. We formed a ring of love and everyone there was a link. Links passions and vice.
Periodically, I changed one cat to another. Excited girls Sponge published alluring aroma. When Ira asked to enter it, I did it with great pleasure. Carefully and gently I brought his cock in her hot bosom. It was very hot and humid. Ira languidly sighed and spread her legs wider. I fucked this girl by increasing the pace of his thrusts, and she eagerly kissed my Anna. Just the thought that I am once again with his wife, or rather in her presence, I have another girl, burned and turns me on, but seeing as Annette with her kiss I began to strongly doubt someone is more pleasure, me or her.
I want to say that Ira is very temperamental girl and when she screamed with delight, I was ready to finish. I tried to restrain myself and for some time I managed it. I tried the girls take turns collecting the fruits of their love and was infinitely happy. I use all of their most intimate places, every centimeter of their beautiful bodies, all their holes. Anya just went crazy when I first fucked her ass, and a minute later had in the ass Ira. My cock wandered from one cave to another, and each of them was ready to stay forever. They were all so different and unique that on each of them stands alone write. I do believe that she is the best thing that God created. They are created to love and sex, and each of their cave worthy of attention. How nice to see when the beautiful breasts swinging from your jerks and soft buttocks like the waves of the sea are swinging from side to side. This was especially evident when I fucked girls crustaceans.
Two knots ,, '' stood in front of me, and I like the cable tore them. I apologize for such a comparison, but we all originally came from our brethren. I was on the limit and so delay the eruption left at the time of peaches girls alone. My pepper tired and while he rested, my mouth began to work. The girls stood in front of each other at the same time Irisha gently sucking the nipple of my wife, and I was under them began to work the tongue. Hip girls began to squirm, and their kisses became hotter. Ira and Anya crawl your pisachkami me on the lips and face, and it was evident that from this they are even more inflamed. My face was all in their juices. I tried the taste of a woman, and I liked it. Now I understand what the taste and smell of a woman, and what is the taste and smell of the two women at once. A man who does not try very much lost.
Petals their vaginas - it's like flower petals and lip men - this is the bees that collect nectar. In an effort to collect the nectar, I noticed how Irina finished first, but somewhere after half a minute, and my Anya. Again, the taste of their secretions left on my lips. Almost simultaneously, the girl rushed to thank me with Anya kissed my lips and sucked my cock Irene. Whatever you say, but the blowjob technique every girl own. That this is all the buzz. Enjoying the variety and new experiences. Even if I go to hell for their sinful deeds, vseravno willing to pay such a huge price just to longer feel them. Feel their delicate sponge, elastic ass, slender legs, beautiful breasts and a pretty face. Maybe I sound too sentimental, but what there is, I just love them all. Give each other pleasure, what could be better. When a girl does blowjob and she is really like - it's an amazing spectacle that is difficult with something to compare. Here and now, the girl we knew yesterday, today fucking with us to the fullest, and doing it from the heart and with a twinkle. She sucks my dick as if it is a member of her husband, without a trace of shame and doubt. She vseravno who owns it, she just wants to feel it, and I feel the warmth and tenderness of her lips enveloping my boyfriend.
I myself have accelerated the pace of fucking Irku in her mouth and felt her beautiful manicure in his ass. My mouth and tongue was busy with a kiss, the same passionate and hot in our first meeting with Anya. Occasionally Ira Anya spanked on the ass with glory: ,, Fuck this slut! Fuck it! '' Irina has started to suck harder, wiggling his ass like the last whore. After the words Ani I made a few more progressive movements and discharged in Erin's mouth. I was like an electric shock. According to the body as if I ran a bit and froze for a moment, a member of the pulsing and spewing sperm leftovers. Irina and swallowed the juice-sucking continued translational movement. Part of the sperm hit her in the chin and from that Irina looked even more corruption. She then gave way to Anya who continued the job. I was so pleased that I wanted it to last forever ... It was unforgettable ... The entire range of sensations that I could get in that night, and I got even this was our one and only meeting with Irina, she will be remembered for a long time.
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