Meeting with Andrei

I met by chance in the subway an old friend, sat on a bench there, and then I went home to him such as a cup of tea! :)
He was 23. My name is Andrey! such athletic and blond! With him I had somehow met. about years old ago. He also versatile.
Frankly, I met him by doing nothing! For it is always concerned with pofigizmom bit, but he always treated me well. At first, when we started talking on the subway, I was certainly glad to see him, but from the beginning was not eager to go to him. but something pulled - is the eternal desire ?! Or maybe I just wanted to stay a little longer with a guy that once dated! Just I did not know, but still went!
You know, the love I have for him has never been, but when we went to his house, I did not notice the people who pass by, who are watching us, that really can not imagine that we can sleep together! we went, and we were just like everyone else, joking, laughing, smiling telling their stories that happen to us in the distance from each other.
We then broke up because we had a little break, to decide what we want, what lies ahead. We both agreed about that. After leaving, we hike and become estranged from each other. They do not call, and not met. Just probably calmed down.
I certainly do not know what awaits me after yesterday's meeting, but I spent the evening together began to force to think about something. Perhaps the beginning of love? I do not know. Do I have the boys did not like. I never do not run after them. it was all in relation to girls.
I had a girl he loved, but she did not understand my feelings! I did not realize that I am ready for her a lot. and then she was gone. unfortunately it is not worried about the man himself, but what he has (car, apartment, etc.) and then suffered greatly in this regard. something I spoke, you probably did not expect that I will say ???
I thought I was going to tell, as we fucked with him ??? I can certainly tell you, but you know, I do not want to sex was the main priority in life. (Even if it is, I wrote in my infe)
Sex without love is still not complete naslozhdenie! I already began to understand. Now I want to always do this only with a loved one. I do not know what will happen with me and Andrew, but if between us will not only friendship - I probably will be very happy about it!
Well, when we came home, I somehow came a great desire to have sex with him. before such a great desire for a not watched. in his eyes I saw the same desire. We have divided (in the sense of removed street clothes), and then he went into the room and at the center included some quiet, relaxed, not tense up music. something like the classics. Meanwhile, I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and thought. I am thinking about what to do. for some reason, when I looked at myself, I began to recall one story, read on the Internet. the story was about love between two 14 year old boys. I touched it so that despite the large size of the written, I read it in one breath. and I got a lot of pleasure from it.
I got out of the bath and went to the kitchen. also went on after a few seconds. brew tea we were drinking it. Biting some biscuits. We sat on a nearby chair and very close to each other. We drank and talked about the case by sundry. I did not even notice what we razgovarivaem- I just looked him in the eye. I admired them on the go. I listened to him, but did not listen. if he would have asked me what he was saying now, I would he could not answer. I looked at him and at me more and more like sex. We sat for about 15 minutes already and I could not just sit there. I knew that he, too, wants the same. I saw that his baby from a long-standing and trousers torn at will. I, too, he had not slept. He stood still at the entrance to the apartment.
He finished his tea and biscuits having finished he began to clear the table. He began to wash the dishes. I approached him, he turned and I kissed him on the lips. I kissed and kissed, and never thought to stop! I hear music in the meantime. This quiet. In me something happened, I wanted to get him to fly to the sky, to be there, somewhere above. I wanted to feel it completely. I started to unbutton his shirt, but he did it slowly, so that even more excited by proiskhodyaschego.Rasstegivaya it was impossible not to notice how he is a member. He began to breathe deeply. A little tremor appeared in it. When I began to unbutton his belt, he began to breathe, I thought that we might overlook. His house was next to another house, and the ventilator was slightly open. Finally opening his belt and lowered his pants, I saw how he vylazeet out of cowards. I liked it. I sat down and lowered his pants. He stood to his full height and was ready to exploits. Little was visible rosy head. Licking along the member, I fully opened the head and took her into his mouth. Andrew has published the strange sounds, but the fact that it was it was nice it was without a doubt! Sucked on his head, I was his boy more and more swallowing, and making movements with his head back and forth. Doing it well, I began to feel also very cool. It's almost the same desire like to go to the toilet. when really want! (I think that you understand). I sucked and sucked. Sometimes just podrachivaya or tongue massaging the head! His head was already covered in grease and a little grease was on my cheeks. I already began to feel that rush comes from him that he will soon be over. I began to accelerate.
His body was covered with a little bit later, and a member of the highly pulsed and also was very hot. I sucked his cock and massaged his testicles, and sometimes, too, took them into his mouth and caressed. Here, right now it would end. Its the end of the shoot and we will be very pleased. And here it is, the peak of pleasure !!! His cock fired just like a gun. His semen accurately flew right into my mouth. It seemed that he had finished the whole vechnost- how much was his sperm! I almost choked on it. Part of it, I swallowed, and some smeared on his face. It tastes very much liked me. Cushy, svetlenkie color. I like this very much. I felt very good. I liked everything that happens.
My face was in the sperm, male orgasm flies over the moon. What else is needed?!
By making him a blowjob, I got up from his knees and we kissed! It was a mutual appreciation for what happened. Then he calmed down and even more like me. I also really like it.
After, we went to the bathroom and brought himself up. I'm all washed away from the face and rinsed his mouth. He washed his handsome and also washed. Then we went to his room. The sight of his room resembled moyu- all cold shades. Blue upholstered furniture, light blue curtains and wallpaper, too, light blue. Maybe someone will think that this room just for the blue, but it did not seem so. It was a simple room. And it was very cozy.
On the left side of the door was located his bed. For one, obviously very large. Feel can be filled up to sleep together, and then the three of us. We went into the room. In the center was still playing music, creating a certain atmosphere.
We came to the bed, and he began to undress me. I stood motionless, watching just for the fact that he does. Taking off my sweater, shirt, unbuttoned my jeans and lowered them with shorts, I sat down on the bed, giving him finally take off with me all that is left. I then created a sensation as if it were only with me for the first time. Like me ... the first time the boy undress as if I have sex with him the first time.
Then I lay down on the bed at all. My standing in a fighting stance and ready to produce a volley with his arms. He is a very long wanted to discharge. Andrew also climbed on the bed and began to lick it. My head was already slurred slightly ajar, and a thirst to her he took her into his mouth. He first began to lick a member of long and kissing him in different places, and then reaching the most sensitive places, and began to lick and caress him. After he took my friend entirely in her mouth and began to suck.
I waited for this moment with impatience. I closed my eyes and just started to get funky kicks. I then finished quickly because, in principle, I wish there was a huge blow. He probably did not expect this. He is also part of the sperm and swallowed part of the hit, then on my stomach, then at his face. After some reason we started laughing. I even do not know why. Maybe due to the fact that to each other make a nice ?! Perhaps, but we laughed, as if we have just heard the story Zadornov.
After he gave me a blow job, he ran to the kitchen and brought some napkins so that we can wipe out all the juices of our fun and naslozhdeniya.
We had a little rest. They began to describe our impressions of the evening spent. We have come to no surprise that we really like.
After chatting a bit we went to the kitchen. He said that he has the wine, which his mother bought for the new year, but he was not drunk. He opened the bottle, poured into glasses and we started to drink the divine drink, eating chocolate. We were completely naked, drinking and talking. For myself, I thought that everything runs cool and I would like to stay so constantly.
He finished his wine and having been fairly and in good condition, he asked me to go to his room and continue. I naturally agreed. Going into the room, he opened his locker and pulled out there Vaseline. Meanwhile, I was sitting on the bed. Then, too, he climbed onto the bed and gave me a tube. I opened it, survived a little bit of content into his palm and began to smear it is not quite small and has standing member. Good brushing, I gave it to Andrew that he smeared my hole. Having greased, he lay down, and I started to sit down on his number to his face. I sat down on it slowly, causing themselves pain as little as possible. But I sat down on it painlessly. Apparently it is well greased my hole. I started to move up and down. He face showed that he was very pleased.
I felt at that moment all power over him. Becoming accelerate I started to make a circular motion with your hips to move up and down. We began to breathe deeply, the heart began to beat faster and faster. To feel the approach of orgasm. But that everything is not ended quickly, I proposed to change position. Now I got on all fours, and he has already entered into me from behind. I opened this position longer than the top. He fucked me on sight for sore eyes. I felt like he was in and out of me. That accelerated, then slowing down, then just completely put out of my cock and re-entering. These feelings can not be described in words. It was just super. I began to feel that he will soon be over. He began to fuck me with breakneck speed. That's it, just a little. Yes, it ends. It ends directly at me, straight into my hole. I felt like rams his sperm inside me. I just feel it inside. It's just great. His eyes were rolled, I was glad that it is now a pleasure.
A little calmer and not taking her baby out of me, he began to massage my boy. I was in such a state that it took him completely distort it a bit so that I finished. After I fell down on his stomach, and he lay down next to me. I have for some time could not even open his eyes. His head was just some kind of cloud. We were very pleased. Then I looked at him and he smiled at me and I smiled back. So it was cool with it. What I do not remember that I did like.
Then we got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. At heart, we began to wash each other. Mylilis, pinned, splashing water. Especially carefully and gently, we washed our priests and members also have standing again.
I did not hesitate and asked him to get back to me, to enter into it. He turned slightly leaning his hands on the wall, and raised his left leg. I walked him slowly and without any problems. Hole it was not small. Standing and fucking him, I felt great pleasure, comparable only with the way he fucked me! I went in and out, in and out and I loved it. He was rolled from happening. Then we finished at the same time and it was great. After we stood and just kissing. Domyvshis vyterevshis towels and we went into the room to get dressed. There were and what we were pinned down and out Theodor Piderit. But we did not care. We loved it, and the views of others we worry less vsego.Za this evening we received a lot of fun. I am on this day will never forget. Even leaving, I said that he is very cool and I would like to continue such meetings. He told me a positive response.
Sex is nice, but if it's sex with loved ones, the sex is already super good kayfno, fantastic. As you wish. After him, I figured it out a hundred percent. Yet sex is not the most important, and most importantly understanding, mutual respect, honesty, etc. Well, you know. Yes, the great general that there is life, and that I and other people live. Govorya- short life is beautiful !!!