It is finished. Now I resignation

It is finished. Now I resignation,
And you my master now.
I am here, I have come to you with his will,
To become your eternal slave.

I . woman, this is quite enough,
That was not in the rest of life
From birth up to that time to me.
And here I am now with you.

I need your strength and power,
You. my weakness and tenderness.
I struggled for a long time and yet surrendered.
Vlad. I am your identity.

Put me on the neck steel ring.
On the chain planted. I will bark.
Hide under the mask of a girl's face,
To see myself, I could not.

Izbey me whip zakuy in irons,
Put me on the knees!
Let it be my chain heavy
And the body. in traces of branding.

Let it be cramped my cell yet
You, sir, do not have a number.
Let my key from the lock will be lost,
And I did. open to all views.

Let us road predicting trouble
Which we choose.
I have chosen the way and now I am going
On the verge between heaven and hell!