Lenka. The first day

The story began when we Mishka finished sixth grade ... Who is the Bear? That's right, let me order will tell ...
Bear - this is my friend since first grade and still. Together and learned, and all sorts of clubs went, and school "breech" (Although I studied well - in all subjects were normal evaluation, except for behavior).
Well, that may be normal kids at this age are interested in? Clearly, the girls - how they're arranged, and how to look at them (and if you're lucky - that polapat or something to come up). Sixth grader - it's completely sexual giants, if you listen to them! All lie to each other about their deeds, and believe in fact!
I was in this sense that it was more difficult to endure ... I lived in "communal" two-family and neighbor's daughter Lena all the time in front of me spun. She was a year younger than me and Mishka and studied in our school, but in the fifth grade. Ah, if it were not for adults ...
I must say, we lived with our neighbors is almost one family. Worked Lenkina parents - Aunt Lyuba and Grisha - SRI in one with my ancestors, even in the same department. They are often dangled on business trips, but some of the adults have to stay to look after us. And if it does not work, because to us at this time, my aunt Valya moved. And she was an archaeologist, like as all sorts of antiquities should only be interested in ... Figo there, when it was even worse - and in time to come, and the time to eat, and we can not, and it is not necessary ...
I have to believe that there is in this life, no justice, but then a miracle happened! More precisely, even two miracles in a row ... firstly, our Abraham began, some kind of a new run shop, so that the whole of their department drove on a business trip for two weeks (it turned out that almost a month). A second miracle - Auntie Valya at this time umotala expedition, poking around in the old dump, so as the ancestors did not groaned, and they have had to leave some Lenka!
Smack any indication, the products bought as the polar explorers for the winter, given the money, just in case, and - farewell, adults!
Uncle Grisha still gave a farewell, saying, you know that Lenka is learning does not want to, so do what you want, but to all the homework she showed you. Yes, I think Uncle Grisha, you would know, what I want to do with it!
They left in the morning, we just Lenka went to school. Well, it is clear to me that day was not up to the lessons - I still imagine what a fantastic life I will start in the afternoon. And it was scary - as it suddenly take the girl and undress? - And I wanted to horror. Naturally I consoled myself that "audacity second happiness"But, to be honest, when the front door opened, even shaking hands. I knew that she was waiting for me More about anything unsuspecting Lenka (in her less than one lesson that day was).
Figure she was waiting for! Brought just two hours with his classmate and girlfriend Irkoy - a walk after school, they decided to arrange.
Okay, still came. Well, now something, good people, not to see her street, as their ears ...
The first thing I fed them, and then sat for lessons. In general, I imagined that I had to be ... more patient, so then everything happened legally, so Helen and will complain no matter what.
Of course, when I looked through the half-hour in the room Lenka, no lessons they did not do, and sat and giggled. I turn out Irku and Lenka very sternly warned ...
- Or you I will show all the homework, or I'll spank you in two hours!
- But I take a walk first, huh?
- I did not walk up? The truth is in fact get your ass kicked!
Clearly, Lenka was not going to listen to me. In general, it is such a fan of the lessons was ... Well, I'm counting on that!
I sat down in an ambush in her room and began to wait ... Enough Lenka ten minutes.
When the door I heard cautious steps, I went out in a businesslike he took Lenka's ear and led to him.
- Yes, as long as you do not beat them - you do not calm down!
Sitting on the sofa, I put it to my side, legs clamped Lenkina at between knees and tried to bully dress. Frightened by this turn of affairs Lenka writhed and clung to the hem of his hands.
- Oh, Boris, what are you, uh, do not, please! ..
Ignoring her squeak, I pulled on the dress Lenkina hands clasped together behind her back and, holding one hand on the wrist, elbow of the same arm Helen rested between his shoulder blades, forcing her to lie belly on my knee. With his free hand gently wrapped the hem of her dress and gathered with the spirit, resolutely she pulled off her panties down funny polka dot ...
I wanted to spank Lenka, but when I saw this round, pink and defenseless ass, I have as much spirit captures. I easily-easily tapped this wonderful halves, and then began to stroke and feel them finely trembling under my hand ...
- Well, that'll obey or still spank, you golopopoe miracle?
- Oh, I will, everything will be, well, do not, well, let me go! - squeal "golopopoe miracle".
And I let her go. Not to let go, but took her pen in both hands and put Lenka front of him, holding back her legs at the knees between. Hem dress fell into place, so that I can see, there was nothing but red as a lobster Helen struggled and mumbled ...
- Borka, let go! Borka, let go!
- And, then, at least something you are ashamed! Obey going? Lessons do?
Taking a little savvy Lenka solemn oath, I released it "at will, in the Pampas".
- ... And then undress naked, if you're ashamed of this. Wow you somehow punished, right?
Somehow pulling pants, Helen bullet popped out of my room, on the verge of having to show my tongue and call out "fool!".
I returned to his ambush at the door. Now Lena knew what I wanted. It seems that she is not against such an adventure, not just burst into tears, and even mocked. The question is whether it has enough courage?
On the street Lenka soaped in five minutes. While she danced around the front door, trying to cope with our an old castle, I was behind her.
Lenka tried to sneak under my hand, but I was able to squeeze her waist to her. The result was that it hangs in the air in my head under his arm back, back up. One of her hand scratching behind me. Second, in order not to interfere, I started a free hand under the belly Lenk and held there with the hand, which hugged her.
Panties only managed to sneak up to the knees, because Helen struggled squeezed legs. But golfiki sandals and starred at the first attempt.
Dragging the baby to my room, I threw up her ass on the couch, sat down on her knees and let go of both handles. While Lenka unsuccessfully tried to scrape out from under me her panties, I undid her buttons on the sleeves and collar dresses, and not responding to the cries of the protesters, who turned and pulled the dress underneath topic. With cowards I managed just ... got up and pulling them with one hand, gently tickled Lenkina foot ... and she pulled one leg ...
Taking advantage of the freedom Lenka immediately curled up, but then I finally shook her out of cowards, tum turned up and began to tickle, to touch, slap - all at once.
There are already Golyshko was not until the protests - she only had time oykat, giggling and trying to figure out how to close the two thin handles its downright simultaneously created for spanking ass, small sisyata and start to mature pussy ... She tried to roll over on the flank, but every time I return it to the back.
When I caught the rhythm, we came out with Lena something like a dance ...
- I tickle the baby over her hips and she bends the legs, pulling her knees to her chin ...
- Here I have a ringing slap on her ass exposed and sharply throws Golyshko legs back even caving arc as in the bridge ...
- I Tereblya fingers this wonderful pelmenku, which Lenka pokes at me ...
- Her legs are torn aid offended pussy and my hands already opened ladnenko lisyatkah - sisyatkah ...
- My cute kitten closes his palms while modest twins, I slip into this time with them on "schekotalnye" towns and we begin a new tour of this unusual waltz ...
I then when Pasternak read, remember, "ceiling laid down in the illuminated shadows; As arms and hands, the fate crossed ..."So I thought maybe he, too, is a miracle Jump, slide and writhed under his hands, huh?
When I finally was able to stop, Lenka was already all sweaty, red and breathing, like a downtrodden horse. She immediately reached out "soldier"Closing single handle pussy and the other - the breast.
I looked at the baby - Golyshko and felt for her any unusual feelings. Fraternal, or something .. That it was all a little, naked, helpless, that I wanted to scoop her up in his arms, stroking, squeeze and never - never let go of his own.
She, too, stared at me in a strange way, as if for the first time saw. The most amazing thing - Lenka silent. Whether and her different feelings erupted, whether liked naked on the couch to tumble?
I could not stand, sat down on her bed and put this hare on his lap.
- Give, Borka - Helen asked, extending his hand toward his clothes scattered on the floor.
- To you again washed off the street? - I said, patting her hair.
- Oh, please ... Well, I ... I also feel ashamed because I can not walk ... I am in fact the twelve, not three years old ... - mumbled Lenka suddenly rapidly blushing.
- He remembered in half an hour - I laughed and pulled Golyshko on the floor. - Just promise me that not uderёsh and sit down for lessons.
She pulled on shorts and a topic, took the dress and went into the corridor to pick up their sandals and socks. And I lay down on the sofa, staring at the ceiling and tried to figure out what it is we have it so happened, that would be more, and most importantly - as I still could live without it golopopogo chicken ...
So I lay and baldel while quietly fell asleep, and woke up an hour later when it turned out that no one lessons started, and generally Lenka still washed off into the yard.
I had to go down and take it by the scruff of the insidious creation and bring it back home in front of the entire court. Little fool was with me as red as a tomato - probably, it seemed as if everyone knows why I drag her home.
As a punishment, Helen had to run around naked all night and all the next morning before school. The lessons she still did - sitting at the table top on my lap.
Not the most comfortable position, of course, especially if you are at this time impudently at pussy stroked and in my own way tits paw, and for every mistake start to tickle, so you laughing like a horse, until the hiccups, and think just like you do not pee chance, ever not to disgrace, or without a word overturn up her ass and slap - only the ringing is and you've realized that whine - do not whine, and let you go only when the arm is tired, and sit down again on his knees, like a horse, to Borka backwards, towards the forest (oh, to the table, to-est) before, and we must not think about the fact that your feet apart and you can see everything that you are so far from all the hiding and the very hand that you lupila, pussy on your rest, and about what is the hypotenuse is equal to the damned ... and the poem by heart should be read for some reason, be sure to stand on the table, feet wider than shoulders, hands folded behind his back, so read with expression, I would have betrayed his expression , this tormentor, oh, again I say confused, hwa-a-tit ... do not ... oh, ha ha ha, Shchekotov ... oh, tickles, ha ha enough ... and in the toilet, a sadist, does not let go until all the lessons will not do ... Finally back to his native saddle ... Well, then how it turns out, at Borka on his knees, and I, fool, did not like ?. . it does not hurt, not tickled, why still need something? So, for now, he should be engaged in my pussy again urgently to finish a contour map, and I still can not stand one tickled ... And, by the way, not so it is frustrating when you sponge piskiny crumple like dumpling mold, but for some reason than their Borka diligently closes, the wider they crawl in different directions, so strange ... and something shameful, and nice, and it is therefore pleased that a shame? .. Just write like ... So, then brown More paint ... Everything? Really everything is done? .. Borenka, I have finished the lessons! Oh, Momma, how free would be nice ... More to the toilet in time to run ...
Lenka really overcome all the homework - the first time in his life, perhaps! We had dinner, and just as wrapped in a towel laundered squeaky Lenka went in my arms in bed, call our ancestors. I put it on a chair near the phone, I comforted our own, that everything we do well and then Golyshko confirmed that yes - yes, everything is fine, you are for us not to worry, but Borka horror of some sadist - he had me tortured until I learned not I made. She herself at this time podhihikivala me, and enormous eyes she had such cunning ... In general, I calmly wiped his small happiness - it was clear that there was nothing she would not tell anyone, and she was even more pleased with me.
Before going to sleep was the last thing. I spread a blanket on the table, put it on the back of his miracle and on-the-very carefully smeared her baby cream and pussy, and ass. Somehow I have this morning dreamed all classes represented, as I will smear it like a baby ... Not for nothing on the way home went to the drugstore, bought a cream! Indeed, it was a pleasure - to get his fingers to every crease, to all the towns, where already visited lathered my hands while I bathed her, to see how inflated again shishechka clitoris feel like Lenka "bites" finger, gently screwed her ass INT. And again, with a new portion of cream ... And lips swell and so trustingly revealed wider and wider, and the baby - Golyshko groans ... I thought at first that she was in pain and asked, and she giggled, and I realized that it not from pain, but from some kind of strange to me joy porykivaet Lenka, and remembered how the boys said that girls, too, end up, as we are, and with some sweet dread thought that this is it, it is clear, and eat, and wished that she had finished, she deserved it today, my little, and then I started the forefinger to drive around her anus, and another circle, and another, and now inside, and came right back, yes, I heard, I knew so that adults "fuck" (What a terrible word ... and welcome! ..), And the fingers of the second hand, as the guitar strings, plucked a sponge, and I almost touch the clitoris with your fingertip, and rolled on his unruly lips, I see not, I just feel it's nice to Helen and she was growling and pulls his feet, as if her pounding shock, and suddenly curved arc, and when again I catch her hands, she moved them around, and it batters trembling, and I think, what if she went mind, or is epilepsy, or something else horrible ... But less and less, and now she lies quietly, all wet, with closed eyes and a happy attractive face, that I have neither asked about, and later carry it back into the bath in warm water, and immediately to bed, and somehow I very uncomfortable to walk, and only when Lenka zysypaet the wall, clinging to me, I realize that all this time, my rebellious "economy" I tried to break my same favorite shorts, and great pain in the abdomen, and I'm falling asleep, still have time to feel like a perfect idiot ...