Me and my brother

It happened to me when I was 12 -13 years. It was summer in the village with my grandmother. After the end of the school year, me and my cousin always sent there to rest. My brother was a child roughly expressed no desire "sexually - concern" always I tried to look under the skirts of the female sex. Look at the male members. When I was a child after the bath were in the house, he always ran and smiled slyly with scarlet cheeks looked at me like I'm naked. At twelve years old he was already fiercely wanted otrahat girlfriend he dotogo splashes emotions it excited me.
And here we come to the grandmother. Summer heat. Hunting swim. Rivers by proximity was not, and running water, too. On had to gain the capacity of the well. Grandmother in the garden was a huge barrel of the barrel every day we gained during the day and bathed in it. Bathed, splashing and suddenly I hear -" Touch my dick, I then your touch". I immediately began to play point. I plucked up courage and gently touched his eggs. It was not to forget the feeling. A brother like a beast: grab squeezes my cock, moaning. I am also one of the buzz caught. The action lasted about 20 minutes. We are troubled car alarm. It came to our parents. On a visit to see how we do not baluemya there. Do we live in unison.
Two hours later, the parents left. In the evening, we flooded the bath. When we vymalis. Brother Sweat gave the park and suggested that I posasal his cock. I hesitate took his penis in his hand and brought his mouth to his. It was such a rush that we almost fainted not lost. Suddenly I felt a slight vibration Worth, called marriage -" cumming". I then first tried the taste of semen. I put the cancer brother and slowly introduced him to his penis. Brother groaned and uttered - "Painfully". I pulled out a member. Brother says, where petroleum jelly. I will bring it now. Wearing a fur coat. He ran into the house. He brought us to each other Vaseline smeared anal overstiya. I iedleno Getting to introduce his penis in the ass. Then I learned to do is not intricate and simple movements. When I finished it in the ass we swapped. It was my first sex with a guy. It was a feeling, when you introduce that hot, thick. In the beginning it was painful. Then the pain gradually went away. We opalosnulis and went into the house. In the kitchen, we drank tea, ate candy, silent and looked at each other.
A few months passed. The phone rings. It was my brother. He speaks -"Come watch erotica". Neproshlo ten minutes I was knocking on the door to nimu. He shocked her kms opens and says -" I just wanted to correct the sofa, and you have stuchishsya. Although we lived in 7km from each other, and I'm from tokogo Offers ran to him with joy. He turned on the tape. Parents was not home. We stripped down to goals and began to masturbate. I say to him -" Do you remember how we in the summer with her grandmother in the bath. Let's try again" He agreed, We went in position 69 and started the action. It was a class. I furiously sucked his county that sperm flew in different directions. I caught rum cum swallow, and flew past Kokaya I smeared it on my brother's ass. We fucked each other in different poses. When the forces are no longer left we went into the shower and opalosnulis. Brother brought chips, and we again began to watch erotica. After about five minutes he changed the tape and put the comedy. When his parents came, we behaved as if nothing had happened.
This hour, I finish second and earn SGU course, though not large, but the money. Girls I do not have guy too. And my brother was playing with the fate of a cruel joke. Or maybe he is with her. My parents forbade me to communicate with him. This hour he has a girlfriend. Year on the back, he stole from his parents $ 5,000. If I could have spent with meaning, and the girls in the sauna, on cigarettes and booze. Bought 2 weave. Computer Pentium 1 and that without sound (in lohonulsya :). And yet in his sauna stole $ 2,000. His girls watered what is garbage and it is turned off. Potfartilo and taxi drivers that he was taken for each race he paid them each $ 100. Now he otrabatvaet money on cleaning. He finished GPTU, and to sense zero. Yes: I feel sorry for him sometimes. I think if I had it to myself would have taken it would have been different. Before, I was too straight, but now I'm gay. I'm not interested in girls, I do not care heterosexual erotica. I do not want zhenitsa. I have a hidden gay about it and even parents do not podazrevayut. I do not like it then, and not speak. I behave like a normal guy peculiar. But if you can communicate with me and see a gay man. How many years have passed, and all the wonder. If a brother from the moment we had sex would have stayed with me, to live together and be professionally engaged in the activity. Those of us would have got a wonderful couple.
P.S. All this has happened to me in real life, and all that is described in this story, it is also a reality.