Victoria's hands clenched the wheel with a force. Her thoughts were confused. "How could she ?! After all the words, promises and vows. Once I forgot all my friends and gave her a soul. And in return ?! "I'm sorry, dear, but it has a penis, and you have no". I never thought this would happen to me. With anyone, but not with me. All dreams are broken into a thousand pieces, like a long time ago. "No, I do not remember ..." The stream of thought interrupted by a call, Victoria snatched out of his stupor. She irritably took mobilnyy.- Yes. Speaking ... An hour later, I will."Oh .. Just what I was missing. They are specially selected the worst moments of my life, to cause to work. Urgent business? We found a girl who may know something about the people we're looking for. Well, hold on, my dear, I'm coming".Through Her hour car pulled up to a small, nondescript building. God knows how many have decided the fate of its walls. It was evening, it was getting dark, many of her colleagues have left, but the work was the best means of escape from the memories. Solid and confident gait walked into Victoria. Victoria was strong slender young woman, daily workout at the gym were not in vain, and the investigator profession gave her confidence. Victoria shook her, dark hair and walked into his office. In my heart there was no peace, no, not because of a break with a friend, it was something else. After a few minutes she realized the cause of his anxiety. The study included a young girl, long blonde hair, gray and severe, cold eyes."Are ghosts of the past will never leave me alone ?! - I thought Victoria. - It can not be ... It has been so many years ... But this proud, conceited look". Memories flashed before the eyes of Victoria. Here it is, 13 year old girl peeks into the room his older brother. He makes love to a woman. How beautiful she is. From that day, nor an hour of rest - all thoughts are about it. Victoria, tried hard to please Christine, but she did not take it to seriously. On the timid attempts to explain, and in response to a cruel, mocking glance, and this phrase, which is then recalled all these years: "you are still small, adult baby games, and also not to my taste". And then the whole personal life awry. Nobody but Christina could not take place in the heart of Victoria."Enough memories - Victoria shook her head - it is time to return to reality. Now we will play adult games, but by my rules".Kristina Tried to keep only his hands were trembling slightly. She looked at the woman, from which hung at the moment. Something familiar about this woman. And the more she looked at the investigator, the more she was convinced that she knew ee.Otorvav look up from the papers, Victoria looked coldly at the man, and pointed her hand at stul.- By what right, I was arrested? - Christina asked, trying to sound tverdost.- Now everyone will know. Prisazhivaytes.Kristina village. "How do I know her" Steep in golove.- you were detained on suspicion in connection with Alexei Kuznetsov. He will izvesten.- Yes, I know it. - Why is he to you? - Said with exasperation Kristina.- Do not talk back to me, honey, - unwittingly moved to Victoria "you" she began to get angry, but it was not in her plany.Nelzya that would be the situation got out of control, you can not go on about this girl, you can not resist her obayaniyu.- Not your account each month receives a large amount of money, you know, where they -? Yes, of course, Alex, owner of a chain of auto parts stores. But I kartochka have two days did not work, I can not withdraw money. Even bribes - Christina arched brovi.- When was the last time you saw Kuznetsova.- A week ago, we had dinner together, he slept with me, and then disappeared, I call him, he does not remove the tube, probably I went on a business trip .- The trip say, do you know what he zanimalsya.- I told him a few shops auto parts zapchastey.- And where there were - I bought somewhere? - Christine shrugged Bought ?! Buying up stolen cars, assorted and sold. Where is the money - the money, I have them net.- Give me the account number, we proverim.Kristina trembling hand wrote down the account number. Victoria caused youthful assistant and sent check through Christine, and simultaneously sent to her outfit domoy.- Maybe there's your lyubovnik.Kristina helplessly looked at Viktoriyu.- Your friend has used you, confident that you have in the account is not nothing, it is all taken away , fuck you in on sledok did nogi.- he could not, he is an honest businessman, I would znala.- your lover, you blinded expensive cloths - I have nothing more to say not without advokata.Nadmenny look faded, "this girl tells me "you"It is not that simple and certainly up to something", Thought the lawyer Kristina.- What a fool. - Victor said with a sneer. - You are too naive! - You have no right to detain me. - Christina at your own risk decided to tell "you". - I'm not in no way to blame, and I can prove it, and you're nobody. Judging by your age this position, you do not deserve your mind and your body. You are not very big pleasures ... - Christina did not finish, sharp blow knocked her across the face with stula.- Do not threaten me, baby, is that I have power over you. And I can do whatever I want. Stand up! - Quietly and powerfully he said ona.Kristina rose from the floor, his lip was split, she was shocked, my knees trembled and buckled, a sense of fear and anger smeshalis.- Take off your clothes, I have to search you. - Ordered Viktoriya.- I do not have nothing, what will you look for? And if you hit me I'll scream ... - hesitantly said the girl breaking voice Shout it a night, we were alone on the floor, no one can hear you, take off your clothes! - He chuckled Viktoriya.Kristina standing, leaning on a chair, and shook his head Well, fool. - Calmly stated Victoria and struck the girl still raz.- You have no right to beat me. - A trembling voice said Christina, trying to rise from pola.- Really, you do not know that our police have the right to not all. - Victor replied. Christina grabbed by the hair, she yanked her to nogi.- undress. - Repeat ona.Kristina trembling hands I began to unbutton gate sweaters. She tried to do it as slowly as possible. Victoria sat on the edge of the table and with a grin watching the actions of his captive. Christina held her blouse Victoria, she casually searched the pockets of the collar and cuffs ... and pushed into a corner. For the jacket followed skirt. Christina was in a lower bele.- Take off everything else. - Victoria said quietly, his arms crossed over his chest ruki.- But nothing more snimat.- panties, bra. - Soft, said Viktoriya.- What is there to hide? - I exclaimed in despair Kristina.- But now we will check it. - Victoria smiled. Christine shook her head - I'm not going to undress, I have nothing there !!! - In response, Victoria struck her again, but this time in the stomach, the girl bent on sexes and muffled zastonala.- Do what I tell you, and then maybe I will no longer you bit.Kristina trembling hands, undid her bra and then covering the chest, she took off her panties. She no longer wanted, what would it hit Victoria. Fear of pain was stronger than shame. Victoria stared at the girl, her underwear was not interested, she threw it in the same corner where lay the rest odezhda.- lowered his hands. - Ordered Victoria. "Here it is power. This Cute stuff is completely under my power". - I thought she- I also do not have nothing. - Whispered Kristina.Ona not think more about what this woman looks familiar to her, and now Christina simply seemed all a dream, and she really wanted to know prosnutsya.- to subordinate his will man it is enough to get undressed, and now dropped his hands, otherwise I'll hit you again. - All in the same calm voice said Viktoriya.Kristina dropped her hands, she was even more beautiful than before, perfect firm breasts, flat stomach, a single gram of excess fat. Although the girl's face was contorted with fear, she was beautiful: clear skin, big blue eyes, soft, thick, blond hair. Victoria barely kept himself not to rush to his plennitsu.- Come to me. - Said Viktoriya.Ee voice was calm, Christina zagipnotizovanaya this terrible composure took a few steps to zhenschine.- I will take a personal inspection, you know what it is? - Victoria, slightly pushed Christina to the table and laid him face vniz.Kristina felt Victoria made her legs apart and stood between them. Christina jerked helplessly, but Victoria did not give her anything up or change the posture, the cold snap handcuffs on his wrists behind her spinoy.Viktoriya enjoyed every second, finally, she could touch the object of his passion, she could get revenge, that arrogant bitch who so I laughed at her then, 11 years ago. Now this upstart get his. Victoria held the back of his victim, patted shoulders and wet face, then put her hands on the elastic ass of his victim. Her fingers slipped between the legs of Christina, she gasped again slightly dernulas.- Relax and you also get the pleasure. - She said to her roughly uho.Viktoriya continued to caress the body of his victim, with one hand she cruelly explored crotch girls, while the other hand began to stroke Christine already hard nipples. To her surprise, she was quite wet, Victoria could no longer tolerate and forcefully broke into the vagina of the victim, she pushed forward with the force of your fingers inside, trying to cause as much pain to the victim as possible. Christina cried loudly with each thrust, that made Victoria closed her mouth with his hand, and ignoring the muffled screams continued raping devushku.- You never thought of me. - She whispered to Christine. - You know, my brother, Max, 11 years ago, he just fucked you as one of his many bitches, I'm the only one who loved you, and you're so evil laugh at me, I was not old enough ?! You changed my life !!! Now I not only increased, but also have some power! Christina, some time listening, and then hammered again under nasilnitsey.- Do not jerk, do not hurt budet.Viktoriya brutally raped his victim, it was not interested in any of her muffled cries nor her tears, she just enjoyed the moral and physical pain that it caused Christine. Victoria Actions interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Speechless with surprise at her watched her assistant. Victoria let Christina, she slid to the floor and began to cry in his voice shut up. - I shouted at her, Victoria and hit on the head, probably for fear of beatings, Christina tried to restrain plach.Viktoriya, briskly walked over to the young man, dragged him by the collar of his shirt to the office and quietly sprosila.- What do you -? I'm out of the bank, barely I had prior to closing, here. - He handed the paper. - She does not have a penny in the account is not Kuznetsov took everything. And yet, just returned outfit, her home is no one and nothing ...- nothing - an empty house, her ex-cleaned it to the skin, it's empty, empty cupboards. Looks like she's the victim, it just ispolzovali.- Okay, I get it, go, nothing will not tell anyone, I'll take care of herself in everything. If you say a word - very sorry, you know, what I can do. - Guy retreated as fast as mog.Viktoriya already rather cooled down finally looked at Christine, was a pitiful sight, cosmetics and blood was smeared on the face, disheveled hair, she shook after experiencing violence. Victoria approached her and undid naruchniki.- dressed - she said, kicking her nogoy.Kristina crawled to his clothes and began to dress with shaking hands, snachala long time she could not fasten the bra, then even longer fumbled with the buttons on the jacket. Victoria moistened wipes a few in the water from a small teapot and threw them Kristine.- wipe and smooth volosy.Kogda girl had more or less tolerable view she took it in the camera itself. Returning to the camera, tired, depressed and humiliated, Christina went to her still shaking. "She knows me, because she did it. Oh, my God, and this is the girl who spied on his brother, she went behind me tail, tried to declare his love, what love, she was a little girl, and love what is necessary to men, what happened to her, what she turned ?!" Christina pressed her knees and clasped their hands and fell into a heavy sleep. An hour later, her sleep was interrupted rattle of the door opening. Over chamber echoed the smell of cheap perfume and something else to the contrary, is not familiar to Christina. Opening her eyes, she saw two women who saw it, and something whispered. Noticing that Christina woke up one woman, apparently the main, he turned to her: - Sorry, baby, we woke you, but on this night we are neighbors. Why are you here? - I do not know. I'm in no vinovata.- see. Everything vsegda.- Well, Angela, will do with it? Not every day we have the fate of pets such angels, - this time the main already appealed to his podruge.- know, Anfisa, ... I have a long time there was no man. Do you think this chick can help me? - Angela said, and laughed out loud, causing Christine poholodela.- course, will help - with these words chief Christine yanked his hair, put on his knees before sitting on the bunk Angela. Dropping panties and lifted her skirt, Angela brought her legs over his shoulders and a little Christine squeezed her sheyu.- Well, baby, now have to work yazychkom.Kristina could not believe what he heard. Is this happening to her? Can not be. It's like a nightmare. She - a rich, beautiful, intelligent woman kneeling in the middle of a dirty stinking camera and should appease some dirty shlyushek.- Are you asleep my sun? - Anfisa voice and a strong blow to the head tore it from otsepeneniya.Tut Christina felt her skirt Zadran almost to the neck. Anfisa did not lose time, she raped her hand, almost as rough as before did Victoria. From the eyes streamed tears, mind refuses to believe proiskhodyaschee.- Lick, bitch - Angela hissed and pushed her legs so that Christine was hard to make a quick profit dyshat.Anfisa hand, captive causing unbearable pain. They trampled the last drop of self-esteem, who remained in the girl killed in her all life. She could do nothing but to submit to their will. And she obeyed. Anfisa and Angela were constantly changing places. If nasilnits not satisfied with how it worked the language, it simply choked, sat on his face. Christina was disconnected, it brought to life and start all over again, between the legs of Christina all ached, my head was spinning from suffocation and Christina fainted again this time for a long time. Christina comes to life for a long time, constantly patting her cheeks, face wetted with water and shoved under his breath stinking cotton wool soaked in ammonia. Finally Christina forced herself to open her eyes. Victoria stood in front of her. "What she wants, does this nightmare does not end once ?!" thought ona.- Whores you I did not get out of here soon, I just said fuck it, what do you do with it? - Said Victor, wiping his face Kristiny.Zametiv she woke Victoria sighed with oblegcheniem.- Nothing will live ... - said Victoria, her voice was softer. - Now pass away, and my assistant will take you domoy.- Now I do not care ... - whispered Kristina.Viktoriya looked at her with concern, Christine raised his hands to the face and turned away, Victoria sighed and stood up. Pushing two whores she headed for the door, but stopped in the doorway and turned around. It was not the same as yesterday, a cold, calculating and cruel, it seemed, she felt guilty. After some time, came to yesterday's man, he took her into the car and drove home. He did not speak to her, and Christina could dive into his thoughts, his forehead pressed to the window mashiny.Viktoriya continued sitting motionless under the pens head in his hands. Her thoughts were now far away. She did what she wanted in recent years. And what? Instead of satisfying it feels infinitely unhappy. And the soul of a cat scratching. "Now I do not care". Last, Christine said. Guess broke into Victoria's head with the power of tornadoes. Departure from office, Victoria rushed to the car. "Only have time only to catch"- She repeated, rushing at breakneck speed. She did not notice any traffic lights, no people, shied away from her car. "Only have time"- Only it took all her thoughts. Apartment Christina was on the first floor, the girl did not open, and the door was locked, climbing over the balcony, Victoria broke into the apartment. Things were scattered shards of glass were scattered not only in the kitchen but also in the rooms. Victoria Christina found in the bedroom, she was pale, on a small table littered with empty bottles from lekarstv.- Christina, what you've done. - Victoria exclaimed, raising his head devushki.Kristina was pale. Ha cheeks, to Victoria's surprise, were still wet marks slez.- So, you just went to sleep. - Said Victoria and shook Christina, but she was not prosypalas.Chto on Victoria remembered vaguely how she found the strength to carry the unconscious Christine into the car and rushed, seeing nothing in its path, and as a neighbor forced doctor to save his ex-prisoner . Victoria spent a sleepless night in bed and fell asleep Christina only in the morning."Shine. Probably, it is the light, which had heard so much. But this familiar smell of perfume. How does he here ?? - Consciousness slowly returned to Christine. She opened her eyes, unfamiliar room, "What kind of place is it". Christina tried to get up, my head was spinning, she again fell to krovat.- not get up you still can not - surprise Christine shuddered. In the doorway stood Viktoriya.- you. What now, what do you want, where am I? - Christina forced herself to get up and walk as far shagov.- This is my home, it's okay calm down, I'll just found and brought here. - Victoria came closer to Christine but seeing how she tightened, ostanovilas.- Why, you little that you're up to this time. - Based on the furniture, Christine went to the window and looked down, her eyes were burning, now or not kogda.- We are on the second floor you will not break it, but only cripple. - Victoria grinned. - Calm down, I do not have nothing to sdelayu.- you have done? - Christina looked at her the night I just rubashku.- you pereodela.- Why are you forced me to live? After all the humiliation, through which I have passed on your vein and betrayal of human lyubila.Viktoriya I went to Christine and stood between her and the window. She was silent for a while, podtiskivaya suitable slova.- Remember a long time ago I told you that I love you, but you are very hard-I ridiculed and humiliated, yesterday, when I saw you, I wanted you to make up for my failure and an old grudge. I'm sorry, I can not control myself. I know you will never forgive me. I myself will blame myself for it all my life. I love you for a long time, and I will love you forever. Over time, my love has not died away, she broke out even stronger. You can hate me, but I ask one thing - zhivi.Kristina again looked at the window and sat down on the floor, Victoria came and sat down next to the girl. Carefully Victoria held the hair of Christina. She tensed, ready at any moment to start borotsya.- All right, now everything will be fine, uspokoysya.Kristina tried to push away the hands of Victoria, but that only stronger pressed her to him. Due to the weakness of Christina could not resist and stopped, expecting the worst, but to her surprise Victoria just patted her on the head and shoulders whispering sweet words. Gradually she relaxed. Victoria helped her up, and put him to bed. Her touch was so soothing that Christina allowed herself to relax. "You can also try". - She thought, falling asleep.