Curious case

I want to tell an amusing story of how I was able to open, so to speak, one girl horizons basis. We must begin, probably, with a story about yourself. My name is Ivan, I am cheerful, sociable young man, slightly plump, ulybchavy, in general, girls like me. And I like them, everything would be easy and simple, if not one of my passion - I love anal sex. That Give it to me and that's it. Well, some of my female friends and do not mind, but there were also those who did not agree to some cornfields, but under the influence of beliefs, caresses and all that I usually sought his. But I want to tell you about one interesting case, more precisely about one interesting girl. So. They call it a miracle Nastya. Imagine a brunette with long hair sroynaya, small breasts, hips tight, round ass - poeeta dream. I courted her for long, sat in cafes, go to the movies, ride out of town and this invitation has been accepted for dinner. Dinner is omitted, move on to the sex scenes. ! The girl was hot and unsatisfied, but my suggestion is to try anal flatly refused: That's bad luck! But that's a mug! One and a half hour changing positions, rhythms and exhausted her orgasms. And I decided it was time to go to the first call. I started with conviction - laid her down on her stomach and lay down beside him and stroked his back, sinking, lower and lower, then passed the treasured hole (about how I was excited when my fingers slid over it!) And started her pussy, caressed the clitoris penetrated inside, I began to fondle her inside, I feel, there came a girl. Lying, kiss her whispered tenderness, I translate the conversation to a pleasant topic, and myself, fuck her fingers crack, he began to lubricate her ass her own juices. It is even in the face did not change. Well, I think, Kotovo business! Begin to introduce your fingers into her anal - she moans, ass soft, pulsating, just class! But suddenly my friend balked, nehochu says, and dismisses me. In the devil! I'm all worked up and then bummer: okay, not end of the world. Lie down, I reassured her, distracted, told how she would be good as it will be unusual sensations. Nastya listens, clearly disapproved. Let's try another! Word for word, put it on top, give a little move, and then bend down to her, hold tight, put his feet on the bed and fuck faster and faster. The girl begins to beat in ecstasy. I stuck her finger in her mouth, forcing him to grease, and then they begin to fondle her ass. Again she does not submit the form. And-and-and I understand. He loves when petted, but does not want penetration, but rather afraid. I begin to enter inside. Anastasia starts to fight back, whispering is not necessary, but where there! My finger is already in and fucks her. Protests are becoming weaker, and most importantly, this shy girl flowed unashamedly, already zahlyupalo. Well, everyone has got. Stop moving, slip out from under her, Nastia flattens the bed and aim at cherished hole. The situation is perfect! Hole developed and lubricated, a member of the entire lubrication. So I put it to my girl anal and pressed. Gently, I'm not a sadist and not a maniac, I know that feeling anal virgin, now it will happen without pain, without shouting: NO! This infection again interrupt my ecstasy. What do you do with it? Put her back in the pussy, so as not to break off in full, there is a wet-wet, the walls almost do not feel. Fool say, your body says yes, and you do not: It is not in any. Okay, I think I was overcome passion, I do not, I'll be your ass if you do not okuporyu today. I went to the kitchen drinking juice and cold with new forces into battle. I twisted, spit it, and entered the back and front, and planted it, and he went to the top, change the tempo, do not let her rest. It took 3 hours! I'm a little exhausted, he finally can have no. IT'S TIME! Nastia lies my ass up, I rudely Spreading her ass and start to caress the tongue anus. She moans, but the move is not in force. Ass oiled, now a member of - insert it in the current slot, a pair of motions and ready. Even though myself and podvymotalsya but one thought that the precious hour is near makes me excited and gives strength. I thought I'd start with a finger, but decided that for stubbornness Nastia should be punished, let them suffer, and rubbed the head to the entrance of her ass. Pressed, I felt cherished friction and became a member of the tip pronikatvnutr, razdvikaya tight sphincter. The girl moaned in protest, tried to resist, but where there is: she even groans strength is not enough. While it is making pathetic attempts popripyatstvovat me, I went into it more deeply. I worked slowly - on the one hand stretch pleasure, on the other hand does not cause severe pain, but for our virgin it was still unbearable, as if planted on a stake. She does not know yet how it is when some drunken dope ambush in a dry ass: I really do not know, thank God, but raaskazyvali. So. Finally I feel more millimeter and the head is inside, and sphincter tightly shrink onto the trunk. It is necessary to punish you, stervochka, I chuckled to myself and drove one member of the impetus for the most eggs. Nastya is certainly eye on his forehead, I did not give her time to recover and go deep into the pain and begin the actual fucking. Oh what a thrill - fuck virgin ass narrow beautiful girls. Nastia moaning weakly, but not crying, her face a mixture of pain and lust. Ten minutes later I finished it in the ass. During this time I was gouging her pass and did not immediately closed when a member went outside and ran through the throbbing hole trickle of semen. I thought for the morning suit scandal, and she leaned over me, rubbed her snub nose of fresh stubble, and says: take me there again. Yeah, I say, to feel? Fault recognized? Prizayu: vinovatymgolosom says. Well, then it becomes crustaceans, ass higher, we will punish you, to continue it was smarter. She meekly accepts the position and puts her head down. I take the belt, and arrange her a good spanking. She squeals a little, but suffers. FIHM I bypass it, chin lift my head and fucked in the mouth. This is the only lubricant that will get your ass, so suck good, I say. Then I attach to her ass and start to go, with the butt of the night still stretched, but still, she was bolnovato. I have it on full otimel programe. Fucked ass is not stretched and does not become so soft like a pussy. When I touched her cunt, it was found that the lubricant flows already on his feet. Since then, I have Nastya mainly anally, and she asks to do it coarser. That is because, nepredskazuemazhenskaya soul - who caress and who lash: