"Athanasius Nikitin" rhythmically swaying and creaking to go, confidently raced towards the First Throne. The car number 18 - class reserved seat - it was quite noisy, even for such a late time. 23: 30 - Moscow time - the staff wagon croaked radio and immediately snapped and hissed already incessantly right up to the capital itself ... be far from good young people, students, students - all of something talking, drinking warm beer St. Pete bought in advance on a trip even on the platform of the Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg.
Nikolai Chernyshevsky went to the capital on a business trip for one day, it was necessary to urgently resolve the issue of the documents, and in the evening back to Peter. Kohl ticket bought for 2 hours before the departure of the train, and therefore, being able to travel at the expense of the company in the NE, was traveling in the reserved seat - there were no other places. Having set foot in the passage, yawning from time to time, Nicholas sat on his bokovuhe somewhat contemptuously listening to a conversation between two students-freshmen: "... First, the Red Square, next to the zoo, and ... House-2 I want to see ... Oh, I want ... and I so like Roma, he's so cute hiii ..."
Kohl involuntarily turned to the window and tried to concentrate on the work ahead; head nothing was going, I wanted to just relax ...
Once again offered tea, Nicholas did not react. Inter-vehicle slammed the door and went into the narrow passage slim blonde girl in the form of conductors. It was the train conductor CB, and as often happens in the trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg, she walked through the carriages, offering nondistressed passengers move to the empty seats in his car CB naturally for a fee. Nicholas has long been waiting for this and immediately got up and showed a desire to go into another car.
- Well, at least someone will find, finally, come with me, probably no one else will be gone, the more that your car seems to be the last - with undisguised pleasure chirped the girl and shouting his colleague. - Nadya, I have you on the 37th take away man! - Turned in the opposite direction.
Nicholas picked up the bag and dashed after the blonde beauty. Gone are the three second-class carriage. In all reason to the pain equally smelled boiled eggs and fried chicken, somewhere men opened a beer on the table, shouting someone's child ... In the car was strong NE o check point heated, rocked the red violets in pots forth between windows in the hallway ear pleasantly pleased with the change of the wheels, - here it was muffled, not such a sharp and distinct.
- Occupy any coupe, all are free, except the last one, there was already sleeping an elderly man - the conductor said. - I am, by the way, named Nastya, tea do not want ???
- Thank you, I will not refuse me, by the way, named Nicholas, and I have a loan, perhaps, the first coupe, to be closer to you, - joked Nicholas and went inside.
Nastya brought tea and left with the words:
- If you need anything, come in, do not hesitate ...
As soon as the door closed, Nicholas grinned: "... If you need anything ... " Xe - but you never know, I might need - he thought - the evening seems to cease to be sad ...
Soon after the wall came the sound of water, which at first a little puzzled Nicholas, but then he remembered that he is branded trains, it seems, and the shower, there is nothing unusual there.
- Daaaaaa ... what she was doing now ... - dreamily wondered Nikolai - probably held up tanned back under the stream of water and holds a soft soapy sponge on Gorny, clean-shaven vagina ... - Perhaps a little ... pootzhimayus Kohl spent 15 minutes in silence, listening to the sound of running water behind the wall. Then all was quiet. The train stood - Malaya Vishera - one of the few stops. After 5 minutes, gently started, tiny drops of rain drummed on the glass. Nicholas, leaning on the table, thought .. finally got up and walked out of the compartment.
A knock on the door caught Nastya, when she turned around in warm white robe, sat down to look through "Cosmopolitan".
- AAAAAA, Nicholas, I can not sleep? Well, where are you, I have long been waiting for you. Do not you want to take a shower, relax? In the end, you are welcome to the table, I have today for the hundredth flight. Here is a bottle of cognac colleagues presented an expensive and have a drink and not with anyone. Come in, come in, do not hesitate. Here is a towel, and for God's sake, do not be embarrassed, undress and walk in shower.
- With pleasure, Anastasia, what you are caring and affectionate, - Nikolay pulled off his shirt ...
- Laskovayayaya, yeah, I love affection. Nuu is not loiter, rather in the shower ... Do not be ashamed of me.
And much more boldly and confidently took Nicholas and the rest of the apparel and closely, appraising look conductors came into the shower. Warm water flows seemed divine and refreshing ...
- You love brandy with lemon or what? - I heard the voice of Anastasia.
- Yes, my dear, if you can.
- You can, you can, we all can be - came the answer, and Nicholas noticed how Anastasia took off the hook at the entrance of his clothes and took her somewhere in the locker.
Nicholas closed the faucet, his heart pounding. "What's next? What to do, what to say .... ???" - Thousands of thoughts with the speed of light flashed through his mind, but what he saw when he came out of the booth, immediately reassured him, bathed in the soft moonlight coupe conductors only occasionally lit up flashed outside lights on the table was untouched Hennesy bottle, and hook, where Nick left his clothes hung a white terry-cloth robe Nasty; on the bed, laid by crisp white linens with red roses reclined - half sitting, leaning against the wall of the compartment hostess ... She was absolutely nothing, only modestly gold chain alone is hiding between two markedly towering breasts; Nasty one leg standing on the floor, the other on the bed, thus opening up an indescribable divine view of the corner of extraterrestrial paradise, framed black fluffy hairs.
Nastia slowly held his hand over already noticeable povlazhnevshim vaginal lips, softly moaning.
- Well, there you are, my friend ... Come to me, - Nastya whispered.
Kohl stepped forward and awkwardly poked huge, slightly swaying to the beat of the train, a member of the knee Nasty.
- AAAAAAAAA what you're hot ... Hot and bolshoooooy.
Nastya sat down and took the heated male member in the arm. Stroking and playing with them, she pulled him to her scarlet lips and held by a member of the long head of playful tongue. Kohl just breathed a deep breath and, settling on the bed, breathing heavily. Nastya, meanwhile swallowed huge cock completely and started to suck him with a wild, mad frenzy. Within a minute Nikolai ended violently and profusely throwing in Nastya huge jet of sperm ...
We sat together and poured on a liqueur glass of brandy.
Member Nicholas stood within five minutes, resulting in a state Nastya wild delight. She lay down on the bed and Kohl cleverly threw her slender legs of the girl's head. Then he spent a member of Nastya, wet vagina, gently put his finger into the anus Nasty. She just quietly moaning. With the move Nikolay thrust his penis into the vagina of the random partner. Member of the enveloped heat and moisture, while ... Kohl felt the head rested, into something solid (his body was so large).
- Well, fuck me now, my giant, rather fuck, fuck me, Kohl - have just cried Nastia.
And again very quickly and finished at the same time the young man and the girl. Spilling brandy, biting limnchikom. Outside, the suburbs seemed Bologoye - Midway ...
Stepping onto the platform of the Leningrad station, Nikolai obhlopal yourself looking cigarettes. Lit ... slowly toward Komsomolkoy, trains departing from farther and farther away and taking with them unforgettable memories of his new friend - the conductor. Drizzling rain ...