The school nurse

I was in 9th grade, when we came to work in the school a new nurse. It was a very young girl, apparently shortly after graduating from medical school, is quite nice, charming and sociable.
Like the time she has caused our class to stage Mantoux test (diagnostic test for tuberculosis). In the process of communicating with her, we quickly realized that the new nurses named Svetlana A. fairly quickly find a common language with the students, quite witty jokes and always fashionably dressed. She did not mind as to all the students it was called not by name and patronymic, but simply Light.
After a while we noticed that she was taking care of physical education teacher, a young guy, too, the first year after graduation. They apparently had a serious affair, as they come to school and left the school together as well. Many of my classmates did not hide that, too, is not indifferent towards her breathe. Some boys even honored before that sent her anonymous love letters. Frankly, to me it is also very fond of, we can say that I feel for her in some ways romantic teenage love.
And then something happened that in what was then our teenage minds left quite a deep impression. It was a rather piquant story. At school there was an outbreak of hepatitis, including in our class ill Dima Baranov, and put him in the hospital. I do not know what is now the rule, but in the days of socialism it was a state of emergency, which provided for the compulsory surrender of a class analysis of urine, that we are all made in the same tomorrow in the clinic. Also supposed to all classmates of the sick put a shot of gamma globulin in the ass.
To put this prick with one lesson filmed girls, and with the next lesson the nurse brought in a medical office all the boys. When we arrived at the medical office, the mood at me, like all boys, were priskvernoe. Not only is itself an injection - it is quite an unpleasant procedure, but here we must also lower the pants with a cute young nurse about our same age. I firmly decided that really the first in this business just will not.
Light counted all of us and said who is present. She then asked, who is not afraid to be the first - let him come to the couch and takes off his pants and began to pick up the contents of the vial into the syringe. Prepare everything for the first injection, she turned to us and with a sweet smile began to invite someone to an injection. But it was not willing to take the injection. Then Light looked stern look and metallic voice hissed: "If you do not want to volunteer, then I will appoint itself"And caused Sergei Hovantseva. It was one of the most desperate guys in our class. He blushed, hesitantly walked over to the couch and began to unbutton his pants, but then fastened them back and firmly said he would give a shot only after someone else do this. Then the light became in turn invite other boys. All said the same thing. In the end I came up and all, but by the time the psychological situation was already such that, in my opinion, no one doubted that today Light Nobody can put a shot. I propose to put the injection in the arm for the nurse indignantly refused, since it is not necessary.
In general, on the day we made the so-called collective "feat", Abandoning injections due to the fact that we are adults and ashamed to take his pants and showing our priests a young girl. With nothing at the end of the missed lesson she let us back into the classroom.
On the same day we came to class the class teacher and the director of studies on educational work. They have long tried to enlighten us, we proved how necessary such hepatitis prevention, because it is a very dangerous disease. But nothing worked, we went into a rage and did not yield to any persuasion. In the end, they spat and behind us.
After that we all went very proud, especially the guys in front of the parallel class, which also was the case of hepatitis B, but all of them were made as a nice little pricks. We joked and laughed at those boys, but not for long continue our celebration.
Just two days through to our school was a medical commission, which was to produce a medical examination in certain classes, including in the ninth. The medical board was very respectable. It included and ENT physician and ophthalmologist, and neurologist, and therapist, and surgeon. Such a large company naturally could not fit in a medical office, so the medical examination was carried out in a large Pioneer room, where all the doctors, with the exception of an ophthalmologist who examined the older Pioneer in the cubbyhole.
As a matter of urgency class teacher removed us from the lesson and took on physical examination. In the Pioneer room where doctors were already ready to get to work, we immediately said unpleasantly surprised to strip to his underpants. A lot of guys, including myself, have been in the family of satin shorts, at that time it was considered quite shameful and if we knew in advance that would certainly put a beautiful fusion. But there was nothing, had to undress. I passed an ENT doctor, a dentist and a neurologist and went to a therapist, but she said that it approached only after all other doctors and referred me to a surgeon.
Woman surgeon a little too late, and when I approached her, there was already a queue of several of my classmates. I immediately found the screen next to the surgeon, it is fenced off place, but only on one side. Just opposite the surgeon, where there was no screen, placed our nurse Light, whose functions include measurement of height, weight and blood pressure. Immediately as soon as I walked over and took the place, the surgeon start inspection. And, horror of horrors! She said Sergei Hovantsevu, who was the first to remove the pants, put them on a chair, which stood at a distance and walk up to her. Sergei terribly embarrassed and said in a trembling voice: "Why to undress completely? Can you check as and when need be, I will be able to lower a little panties?" In response, the physician strict and unforgiving voice hissed: "If I said shoot cowards, so it should be. Enough clever, quickly undressed, I have no time to stand on ceremony with you". Her tone was so mandative that Sergei angrily looked at the doctor and vexation, even through his rather dark skin on the face were red marks. But nothing to do, he was forced to meekly obey, slowly and hesitantly took off his pants, put them on a chair, and with a red face in shame, naked went to the doctor. At first, he tried his hand instinctively to cover his penis and scrotum, to the surgeon also responded negatively, saying: "Do not have anything to cover up, put your hands. What am I shy. As if we've never seen your pussy". Sergei lowered his hands and his dignity remains on display.
I immediately noticed that the light just did glared at him. Perhaps it was why. Sergei was a nice guy, athletic, dark-haired, black-browed. Pubic hair had been thick and black as pitch. From there they spread a thin strip to the navel. His cock was quite impressive size, the skin on it is much more dark than on other parts of the body. Surgical examination was the fact that the team doctor Sergei did various kinds of gymnastics: raise your hands up, spread them apart, leaning forward, backward, sideways, legs raised, and even squats on each leg alternately. Thus, as we said then the surgeon checked the presence of scrotal hernia. In the end he was told to turn to the surgeon (and therefore to the World) backwards, bend forward ... and push your buttocks. Thus all, including carefully observe the Light saw Serezhkin anus and scrotum hanging between his legs, the skin of which was almost black, with a bluish tint.
Next, after Sergei was Yura Andreev. He dug a very long time taking briefs, and then walked slowly toward the doctor, depicting the face embarrassed smile. Before we begin to examine it, the surgeon turned to us and sternly commanded: "And why are you standing and waiting for? Then I do not intend to wait for half an hour each, until he removes shorts. Let's undress and gently fold the pants on the chairs, so you do not confuse". I and my classmates were stunned by this turn of events with bowed heads trudged to the only standing chair and reluctantly began to take off pants. Meanwhile, with high activity and triumphantly joined Svetlana, who brought out a cavern a couple of chairs and they told us to put our underpants.
After five minutes polklassa, standing naked in the queue to the surgeon, right in front of our beloved Amy. Man gets used to everything. Here and there, a terrible embarrassment and shame for me and others gradually began to take place. I have already started to pay attention to their surroundings, namely, to look at his classmates, whom I had never seen a bare not. Honestly, before I was a little from complexes about the size of his penis. Over the past year or two I have it rose sharply during erection reached almost to the navel. It seemed to me very shameful that someone will see it during a physical examination or in the bath. However, I noticed that some of my classmates were members of at least mine. It gave me confidence and get rid of the old complex.
Meanwhile, Svetlana kept confident and on business start inviting those who have not yet measured the height, weight and blood pressure to do it right now, naked, to which almost all being detached and emotionally defeated, meekly agreed.
At the end, when we were all dressed, Svetlana suddenly said: "The boys, now you have nothing to be ashamed of me, I have all of you stand naked. After school, I am waiting for you to injections. All the same, need to be protected from hepatitis". This idea was actively taken up by physicians and surgeons, and we promised.
On the same day, a quick word, we have fulfilled my promise. After the last lesson we were all in the medical office and without delay allowed us to put injections. The initiative gave Sergei Khovantsev who volunteered at the first injection. At the same time he was as though and did not hesitate, quickly and decisively he pulled his pants even somewhat lower than that required for the injection, so that everyone, including the Light could be seen of his pubic hair, and part of the member. Then he asked, what is better to take a pose for injection, and the Light told him to go to the couch, bend and stretch in her hands. He did so, and when they saw pretty Serezhkina eggs hanging between his legs, there was a loud laughter, flew rude jokes and ridicule. However, this did not bother Sergei and after the injection of his pants as if by chance, came down below his knees, and he stood for a long time without wearing them, holding the wool the pope at the injection site. Next was Yurik Andreev. A little hesitation, he, with the words: "which now ashamed", Lowered his pants to his knees, just not trying to hide his "dignity" and took a shot. The laughter and jokes were already less expansive and more good. Approximately so did almost all the others. When my turn came, no one was laughing.
In the next school year in the 10th grade, Svetlana, we again put the vaccinations, this time against diphtheria and in the ass, too. This time we did not resist, were humble, but the pants to the knee did not take off and laid bare to the injection only one half of the priests. It seems her several angry and she asked us to constantly lower the pants lower to supposedly better prepare the site for injection. But we were adamant. At the end, when we were leaving, Light lamented our excessive shyness and in a few words made a very cryptic hint.
This hint was realized in a week when we were summoned to the military commissariat in the postscript for medical examination. There we were taken to a school military instructor, and again our nurse Light. On the way, military director instructed us on how to behave during the medical examination did not disperse and stick together, so that he and Light could control us.
Schoolchildren on this medical examination was a huge amount, probably all tenth grade in our area. Therefore, doctors worked quickly, almost fire pace. We stripped to his underpants and went as such by all the doctors, except for one room, where a huge sitting room, surgeons, dermatologists, and why there is checked height, weight and made measurements of muscle strength. I already knew that such a surgical examination and therefore was not surprised that both the surgeon visiting the guys naked. So did the doctors and dermatologists. No screens were not, all in full view of everyone, including many nurses who were at the weights and growthmetr dinamimetrov and arrogant smiles looked at naked men.
We went into the office three, with Sergei and Yuri. Immediately to our horror there was our light and actively took us, ie, conducted by anthropometric and accessories, and after all the measurements have tried to lure to surgeons and dermatologists. But I decided to wait a little bit with it and said it was now my turn to the optometrist and jumped out of the cabinet. For me and my friends followed. We decided to wait until the light will control our classes in other rooms. A few minutes later Sergei looked into the surgeon's office and made sure that the light is not there. We immediately leaned back and went to a dermatologist, who was at that time free. In accordance with the rules before you approach a dermatologist or a surgeon, it was necessary to remove the pants and leave them on the chairs along the opposite wall cabinet. We have done so. At first it was very embarrassing, but gradually we are accustomed. The main thing that we were hoping to have time to pass the examination without the presence of light.
Dermatologist worked very quickly, besides it we examined all three simultaneously. She examined the skin front and back, feet, hands and fingers, then said bare heads of our members and at the end for her team, we leaned and pushed the buttocks in order to make it to explore our anus. All this, plus the record: "Healthy, fit" It took no more than 2 minutes.
But then we were waiting for trouble. Surgeons worked much slower. Some guys had any health complaints, they have them figured out a long time writing, etc. As a result, for both surgeons accumulated queue, which moved very slowly. We had to stand for 20-30 minutes without panties in full view of many medical workers, including young girls. And of course, to top it all the shame at this very moment in a nurse walked in our World. She came to us, asked for our medical cards, stepped aside and began to study them, periodically glancing at us intently. While standing in "naked" turn in my head very much the way steel sweep all thoughts about what I think about all these nurses and first light. I noticed a result of these thoughts that my penis has become treacherous excited, grow in size, and even to rise. It was horrible, I began to struggle to drive away these thoughts, but it helped only a little. Members continue to be in a slightly raised and swollen. At this point, I saw that the same thing is happening with my friends. Serge struggling biting his lips, apparently, with the help of pain trying to drive away the excitement, and the Jura ... strongly clenched his fists. We looked at each other and exchanged their eyes in annoyance.
In this most inopportune moment suddenly came up to us the Light returned medkartochki and matter-of-factly said softly: "I see that you are not all right. Calm down and do not complex. Even if you are now fully stand your members, there is nothing wrong with that. This is not a disease and, therefore, all the doctors and nurses, it's just like". These words were spoken in such a kind and worthy voice confidence that they have as if once cured. Unnecessary thoughts immediately vanished, I like my friends and felt comfortable enough, no shame, no embarrassment was gone. We quietly waited for their turn to doctors in the company of Amy and then put his pants and went to the therapist.
Several therapists conducted inspection in a huge room. After inspection of the therapist, with its positive conclusion, all of the tested vaccines were put in my typhoid, certainly in the ass.
Vaccination was located in the second half of this huge room. Disposable syringes in those years was not there, so the whole plant has been deployed there, which worked at least six nurses. On the tables were huge boiling sterilizers with syringes, needles were washed in sinks and boomed and nurses watched it all. Two of them were in the forefront and directly put injections. During performances boys vaccinations were up on the bench and leaned slightly lean his elbows on some wooden pedestal. It probably was done for the convenience of nurses, namely, to ensure that our buttocks appeared just at such a level that nurses do not have to constantly bend down and the priest was right before their eyes.
The first of us to the vaccine went confidently Jura. It was obvious that he did not bother. What he did later could comment on the way that he had his shame experienced by recently I decided to move in a certain game with a nurse in the first place with light. While the nurse was recording in medknizhki and vaccinations magazine, he quickly looked to the light, sitting next to the therapist, she smiled slightly and winked. Then Jura rather unleashed asked the nurse: "Briefs removed immediately?". She was embarrassed, blushed, and said vaguely that something like what you like. Yura climbed steadily on the bench, pulled the panties are much lower than that required for setting the injection and take necessary counter. By the time the nurse has just started to open the ampoule. It took at least two minutes before she came to him with a syringe. He stood in the required position with a slightly spaced apart legs between which is pretty low hanging hairy scrotum Yurina enormous eggs, and behind them could see a member. The nurse, seeing this picture was covered with red spots, and with trembling hands thickly smeared his ass iodine, and then made a shot. When she injected the needle, it turned out she had not once, but only at the third attempt. Jura pain even cried a little. After the injection, slowly pulling her panties, Yura turned to nurse before, so that his impressive size economy was in her full review. He slept with feigned politeness nurse appreciation. Next in line parallel to the two nurses were I and Sergei. We also looked at each other with the light received from her a silent farewell and lowered pants almost to his knees. The truth is, we is not greatly moved apart legs.
After vaccination, there has long stood in the hallway in front of the open door in the graft, all waited for the last office of the chairman of the medical board. At the same time, we curiously watched as vaccinations other guys. Many of them are either out of fun at our own initiative, whether really think that's necessary, but also, as we lowered shorts to the knees.
After the medical examination, we returned home with light and hotly discussed what he saw and experienced. A great place in these discussions took our experiences and feelings associated with them regarding our nakedness to the medical board.