Magic garden

Proizashlo it all so I poznpkomilsya a guy no we dogavarilis an appointment the next day he came to me when I got into the car, I saw that there sit three guys they were called Andrew, Nick and Vetalik I sat between Vetalikom and Nicky, they I began to fondle and tselavat and one of them said that this hour they fucked me as a girl. As we drove, I otsasal Vetaliku and Cole and swallow everything when we arrived and got out of the car I saw a lovely garden and lake. I profile them all while sucking them and we went to bathe when we bathed them lsakali me and squeezed after the floor chasavova swimming we went out and Andrew Rastel adeyalo they approached the stone and said, get on your kortachki and Susie and I will create one, I Sasa them with pleasure because my face stood triprekrasnyh chelena and the smallest one was 19 cm and the owner would vdlinu Andrew 24.5cm giant.
After Andrew poured into my mouth, he immediately put me cancer and stuck me in his giant on the eggs, I felt that I have something pierces naskoz and I still did not feel pain and pleasure only. I stood with cancer and sucked two chelena and fucked me in the ass. They varied in turn merging into my mouth when I threw Ani four poles each, we all went to adeyalo abessilenye and fell asleep, I was pleased that I fall asleep in the open arms of the three men. In the morning I was awakened by what my lips lead chemto sweet, it was Nick, he Vadillo with voey golovkay my lips, I opened my eyes and mouth sasnul chelen Kohli and kissed him on the head, then Kohl said that I was yesterday velekolepna I priya was understood that the stone turning into a feminine then he said it was time to get up and that breakfast is ready.
I got up and udevilsya that neither Andrew nor Vetalika nebylo because nebylo machine I asked Coley and where all he said to me that Andrew has a cottage here. I replied that he understood and would go skupnus when I zashol into the water, Nick zashol after zamnoi he swam stone and we started tselovatsya and fondle each other, unknown to me, Nick swam aground roughly neck and planted me on his chelen, it was bazhestveno fuck in the water, after he had finished we were out of water and lay on the beach, we were hugging and caressing each other. I saw how chelen Coghlan started to climb it so shone in the sun that I could not resist and took it into his mouth when he came out in the mouth, we got up and went into the house after breakfast, they fucked me a couple of times and we went to a lady. Then I still reusable was returning to the dachus these guys we dosih weekly saberaimsya Andrew at the cottage for a memorable sex.