The marriage turned out to be my unsuccessful. My wife quickly to bore each other. Perhaps due to the fact that I did not have enough courage to offer her that unique, passive role in which I would have wanted to see their favorite girl, woman, wife - half-naked, sprawled on the bench, writhing under the rod. My imagination scrolls again and again, as the band loved the movie, the same stunning episode with which nothing can compare in strength. And I do not know whether it is happiness, or tragedy, I spied a child do not intend for my eye sight.
We were then living in Krasnoyarsk, I was in high school, went to the ninth grade, and almost openly in love with his classmate Nadia - a modest dark-haired girl with a long, waist-oblique. She was tall, slender, beautiful. However, all the ladies love their hearts always seem ideal. Nor was except me. Nadia girl was disciplined, tactful, polite. She talked softly, slightly downcast eyes. She studied well, 4-5. "Troika" getting very rare, but if a misfortune happened to her - so worried that her face was not.
Then one day, when we were given after checking the test papers, Nadia, do not hesitate to us, his classmates began to sob out loud - she was "couple".
- Nadya today will tear the house. Do you wanna take a look? - Nudging me in the ribs and whispered in his ear neighbor's party. He knew that I was not indifferent to Nadia.
- How do you know that? - I flinched.
- Oh, I know .. It is often tear - not often seen. Her father -I-woo some strict! If Nadya 3 won - then surely the evening will be flogging. And 2 her skin descend today.
We agreed with the neighbors meet in the evening when it gets dark, then to get to the house and take Nadine "see attitude". As soon as he comes home, I painted the parents, which today is an interesting film in the cinema and how I want to see him. My mother gave money for the ticket and allowed to go to the evening session. So I was able to leave the house in the evening.
We met up with a friend, when the street was dark, lit rare lights in the houses shone windows. Nadia lived a few blocks away. Her family took half of a large wooden house. Dogs were not in the yard. We quietly slipped into the yard, and carefully looked into the window. Curtain was not - because the windows overlook the courtyard, not the street, and the owners do not see the need to be afraid of someone else's views.
Perhaps we have come too early: the whole family - father, mother, grandmother, Nadia, her younger brother and sister - sat at the table and ate .. Conversations we were not audible, but, apparently, they are for food and was not: all sat silent focusing.
It was cold, the wind was biting wind, we quickly numb, and not all the expected spectacle began. After dinner, the woman was removed from the table, was taken to the kitchen and, obviously, wash dishes there, and only then, neranshe than an hour later, all again gathered in a large room. Nadia placed in the center. She stood with her head low and looked down, and my father went back and forth and read to her notation. Ten minutes later, when the educational discourse ended, the scene there was a change of scenery: the mother suffered from the wall on the middle of the room a large wooden bench, grandmother somewhere in there was, and a moment later returned with high narrow bucket, which mokli long, thick rod. Father chose a suitable rod, tried it, waving several times in the air and, apparently satisfied. The rod has at least one meter in length and a thickness of a little finger. From one of its kind in my back crawl. As at this moment felt Nadia ?! After all the anticipation of punishment worse than the whipping! We saw a trembling, do not listen to Nadia hands lowered to the knee breeches and trousers, funny tangled in them, dobrela to the bench, lifted her high dress, and lay down on the bench on his stomach, placing his hands behind his head. Mother Nadine towel tied one leg to a bench near the ankle, the other - her torso just below the armpits. We have seen great snow-white bare ass, just to shake with fear, beautiful, seductive naked girlish hips and lower back. I held my breath from what he saw, and in the groin pleasantly tickled. Meanwhile, the father stood on the side comfortable, wide and swung with all his might hit Nadia cane. We, through the window, could not be heard if she screamed. Probably screaming. And strongly - because we've seen how dramatically, despite the ties that jerked her body as swollen on the white buns girlish yagodichek blood-red stripe. Father s Nadia slowly, with sling. Scars exactly went one to one. Nadia squirmed under the rod like a woman writhing in ecstasy.
I looked into my eyes and seen firmly imprinted in my memory. My "boy" pants long ago woke up with blood and pain nalilsya continually bucked. The punishment came just before the half, when I could not stand it, pulled, and spread all over the body a pleasant languor. Oh, what divine pleasure I have experienced! I lacked only the fact that it was impossible to run into the room and go down before the bench on his knees, pressed her lips to the excision of Nadine ass and kiss, kiss endlessly red, burning with fire scars.
My friend was right - Nadia punished very severely, the father did "She swung her hide"She received nemenee hundreds of rods, and buttocks, and waist, and upper thighs were excised in the blood. I could not have imagined that my classmates so severely punish parents. When the spanking over, the mother came, wiped the blood with a cloth, untied Nadia, she adjusted her clothes, then put on the bench seat, removed the tub with rods and all went into the other room. Soon in the house turned off the light. We shocked by what he saw, silently went home.
That night I slept restlessly. Again and again I dreamed the same dreams - in all variants ranged seen by Nadina flogging. And I felt not at the window, and as Nadine's father. And this role change has been even more exciting - I did not find myself; place in bed, on me in waves, one after another rolled orgasms. In the morning panties were wet and sticky, and the penis was ill, after the hard work.
In class Nagy behaved as if nothing had happened. No word or gesture, it has not filed mind that yesterday it severely flogged. I barely glanced at her, immediately recalled in great detail everything that had witnessed the day before.
Then, the scene seen by flogging ceased to be intrusive, but it changed the dreams and fantasies, in which the action although unfolded differently, with other actors, but always culminated in this episode when I s his beloved.
My first school love, as so often happens in life melted away like smoke as soon as we got out of the school gates. I did not seek Nadina hands, feeling that I will want to flog it, if we get married. Soon she married another man and I saw it no more - only in dreams that keep me dreaming. Thinking that another woman pushed out of memory voluptuously-bloody way, I married a friend from university. She did not know about eaten my desire, and I in the first wedding night with horror realized that I can show the masculine qualities only when imagining his wife lying bound on the bench, with bare, riddled with rods backwards. We broke up when I felt that the fantasy ceased to satisfy me, and for the implementation of them do not really have the courage to ask ... have the consent of his wife, I do not want her to think me a beast, a sadist, abnormal.