Anya. Part 1

I'm the head of a small but thriving company. Recently I got an office in the center of Moscow. My work has long ceased to be for me something that it is for others. Now I mostly sat in the office, went on vacation, went to the casino. And of course, I stare at pretty girls. I was not married, despite the fact that I was already 26 years old.
- It is time to start and a wife - my mother told me.
Yes, I do know this, but for the most part I have not come across a girl and a pretty dureshki with whom you can spend the night Soul Plane, but absolutely nothing to talk about. So, closer to the subject: I sat in the office, I was suddenly called my secretary:
- Anton Albertovich to you what that girl, about work.
- Let - I said.
In the office she came to me. I immediately turned over all. Not to say that it was a particularly outstanding beauty (just can not imagine the ugly creature She is very beautiful, the more that is not wearing no makeup.), Just in her eyes I saw some lights that suddenly I immediately became clear: I want it . She was slender, or rather even had a perfect figure, she was, as I later found out, very intelligent, and although I do not like smart women, it did not influence my choice. She stopped in the doorway and stopped, looking at me with her beautiful eyes.
- You can enter?
- Of course. Sit down. You, as I understand it, about the job?
- Yes - a little girl sheepishly said.
- Excellent.
I took her documents, which proved to be a mere formality. The work was simple -working external accounting. That is just needed to occasionally review the documents, and at my request to give a few of them. The salary I found a rather large $ -1200.
- Tomorrow 8 to 00 will need to be here. My secretary you all show and tell. Good luck.
Her face literally shone.
- Thank you so much.
- Not at all - I said and smiled.
The next day I was not able to see her, because my business partner suggested a two-week visit to his dacha in France, where we had a great time. Arriving, I scraped away some of their affairs, and came into the office. As I was told once, Anna (the name of the girl) was late for work. I turned a deaf ear and went to his office. After two hours, which is about twelve hours of the day, came Anya. Its first thing, of course, sent to my office. She came in and stopped.
- Sit down - I said a friendly tone.
Anya went and sat down across from me. On her face I could see the fatigue, but it did not spoil it, on the contrary, gave it some zest to her face. She was still perfect.
- Anton Albertovich ... - she began haltingly, - I have to ask you.
I was silent. Specially.
- Anton Albertovich ... you could not ... could not take .... .... take my money?
She looked down. I am once again convinced that in love with her.
- Money?! - I asked questioningly, wondering his acting.
- Yes.
- How much do you need?
- You see, my brother is sick, and he needs money for an operation.
- So, how much?
- Lots of.
- Lots of?
- 50 000 $.
I certainly was a surprise, but that such! I cleared my throat and began to ponder the situation.
- I will give them on Friday.
- Will you give? And how?
- My brother will pay the money to work, they should be sufficient.
- Good. But I have to issue a receipt.
The point was taken that if the borrower does not return the amount on time, the court could bring him to justice. I wrote a check, signed it and handed it to her. She picked up a pen and elegantly as beautifully painted.
- Thank you very much.
On her face was the lights again.
She came to my office. facial expression, I realized that no money with him.
- Sit down, - now I'm the first to speak.
- I have no money with him.
- But what about the compensation to his brother?
- It is still in the hospital.
I like a whacked on the head with an ax. And feeling like the last scum, he handed her a copy of the receipt.
- You can see it. You know what will happen?
She looked at the receipt, put her face in her hands and wept.
- Hey, what are you doing? I did not want to ... Calm down.
She wiped her tears.
- Now I will be planted? How much?
- A minimum of five years, or even more. The sum is large.
She took my hand, squeezed it. I felt the warmth of her hands.
"What do you scum" - I thought about myself.
I let go of his hand and said:
- Come to me.
She stood up, walked around the marble table and came up to me.
"The figure that she should be" - I thought to myself.
- Sit down.
I have her sit on his lap. She knew immediately what I mean.
- Can I take out of the bag tablet?
- Do not worry. I'm not a bastard to that extent.
I took her hand and raised it to his groin.
- Can you feel it?
- Yes.
- It is you, too. He likes you.
She is sitting on her lap, she looked at me, looked up, and it was so sexy, do not pass by any metaphors. I picked it up and put him on his lap. Embraced by the waist, I looked into his eyes. I'm very good at the predatory look. Then one jerk grabbed her on the lips. From the outside it looks probably very impressive. So we kissed for about 15 minutes. I'm just longing for love. It is, according to the energy, too.
- While this will help me, you will not go to jail. But this will help me only if you yourself will have me.
She did not answer. Just sat on his lap and looked at me. She looked baby-faced, and I, longing for love, the young healthy person, just needed a discharge.
We agreed that I will take her and took her to his home. At first I wanted to make it easy to satisfy me, but then woke up the sadist in me. I decided to do it with his slave. It would look very sexy - a 21 year old girl in chains with a resigned expression on his face ... makes deep blowjob, sitting on his lap.
So I drove to her house at the appointed time, even a little earlier. I decided to pretend that I have a bad mood, and I forgot about the case in the office. I drove (in other words not think - my Audi TT chasing very, very fast) and stopped. She went somewhere after 15 minutes, that is late for 10 minutes. I told her not rude, but not soft. That velvety voice:
- Get in the car.
She sat down and immediately realized that I was not in the spirit. All the way, went without a sound. I drove up, stopped, walked around the car and opened the door for her.
- Get out.
She went out.
- Come after me.
We went up to my floor, I let her into the apartment first, then went himself, slowly turned around, closed the door, and what I did not expect - pressed her against the wall and kissed her so very rude. He ran a hand over her face, ran his hand through his hair and kissed ... again. This time even more romantic. Here we should mention one fact: Before that, I asked for a housewife to throw syringes at my apartment, sprinkle flour on the table. To her the impression that I'm an addict. We entered, I said, even more precisely ordered to wait in her room. Sam went to his office, dressed, washed, put on a silk robe and walked into the room. There she waited.
- Stand in the middle, - said in a commanding tone, I.
She walked to the middle.
- Undress.
She looked at me.
- I am waiting. You have 20 seconds. My penis is no longer stood.
She carefully took off her blouse, remained in a T-shirt, and stopped.
- Now jeans.
She began to unbutton his belt, so slow, sexy. Then he began to take off jeans, exposing her beautiful thighs. Jeans were left lying on the floor.
- T-shirt - I tried to control myself.
Anya also carefully took off her shirt. Now she was in shorts and bra. I was speechless. Just I did not look it.
- Come to me - now my voice over gently.
She came, I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to him, lightly squeezed, stroked them and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were like a startled deer. I was very excited. I took her hand and led her into the bathroom. All this time we could not take their eyes off each other. Bath was more like a bath, lined with wood, there was a bench, seat, steam room, etc. We came.
- I'll go somewhere after 15 minutes. Be ready. Seize what you want.
I went out and locked the door, half a minute stiff water. I waited 15 minutes and went already naked. She was naked, and, as I understand it on wet hair and body, he has already managed to wash. I walked over to her. It was below me somewhere on the floor of the head. I leaned close and looked into her eyes. As I understand them, she waited for me to abuse and humiliation. My cock rested against her stomach. She could not help but feel it. We stood since about half a minute. Then she straightened her hair on the head and tried very, very little to push me. I grabbed her by the arm, threw on the couch. It threw, which is the animal made it, and I'm not in me.
- Lie down on your stomach.
She rolled. I climbed up and lay down on it. What kind of effort is not worth it to me to insert his friend is now her ass! But I did not want to hurt her. She remained in my understanding of the deity, angel. I whispered in her ear:
- Are you a virgin?
- No.
If I had more time, I would have told you the story of how she lost it, but that's another topic.
- No? - I reached out to its members, a couple of times masturbate him.
Then the finger began to rub her vagina. Not long, because then moved on to the anus. I put a finger in it, he easily entered. Then put two, three, they just as easily entered.
- You already have someone back?
She was silent.
- ANSWER ME! - I shouted in her ear, but I was not angry with each passing second, more in love with her.
- Yes ... - she replied timidly.
I jumped up, took a glass jar with some sort of cream for 800 bucks, which is specially bought for her, and threw it into the wall. There was a roar and the sound of falling glass.
- You told me it did not!
- You do not ask ...
- You had to say about it!
I stood in a stupor in the middle of the bath, he could not move. Then he went to the other end of the bath, I sat down on a soft leather sofa.
- Come to me.
Anya came.
- On knees.
Anne sat down on his knees. I bent down to her and whispered in his ear:
- Now I'm going to fuck you, - stroked her hair - very rough and dirty. Get ready.
At that moment I felt her trembling neck. I enjoyed it very much!
To be continued.