Hello. They call me Jack. I am 25 years old. For a long time I read Raaskazy about bestiality. I watched the photo and cut video from the Internet. And all the while thinking that it would be nice to try. Only I do not have a dog. This went on for almost a year, I have already started on the street eyeing the dogs.
Then one day my aunt was away on a business trip and ask for me to come to her and feed and walk her dog. "Just look! - She warned, - drags her on a leash, and then her estrus God forbid a male dog povyazhetsya ..." I agreed.
A dog named Dink. Breed she was - a boxer. Funny muzzle. I like evening hobnob fed her, walked ... but his thoughts were spinning in his head "Fuck it !!!"
After the walk I decided to act.
I called her and began stroking first .... slowly approached her pussy. When touched, she screamed and turned his back to me closer. I began to penetrate her finger. She was standing with his tongue hanging out. "Like" - I decided. Member I have stood as the count !!! It's like pervosti Woman. I pulled off my tights and panties. He got up on his knees and turned to her pussy Dink. They all flowed! Actually, almost dripping. I put a his penis and lightly pressed. She screamed and pulled away. I called her again and launched a new Statement. For the head of my cock went inside. Inside I still trembled. Then I slowly put it. Inside it was hot. Hot than in girls. I stroked her sides, and that the said tender. She stood, as if waiting. I started to move. Feelings were super !!! Soon I came, but did not want to pull out, and the member does not fall. Excitation was at the limit. I began to fuck Dink again. After I finished the second time - a member became complacent.
I sat on the floor happy, and Dink turned and began to lick with my penis. I stood up again. And once again, I fucked her.
In general it was SOMETHING !!! One week until her aunt was not at home, I fed, walked and fucked her dog Dink. Now that the parking would be an aunt again drove to the trip.