Role play with sexually giant

I met Alec Mamatov on the internet by chance, talking to one of the forums devoted to cars. I wanted to buy and choose the model and details Alex explained to me the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign automobile industry.
He even promised to help in the purchase of the car and asked for my email address.
I have given, but to my surprise in the received letter was not a single word about the machines.
But car expert was talking about himself and asked enough questions to me immodest.
At first I did not attach much importance to this and responded quite sluggish on his message, considering it annoying and anxious waiting for the guy that he is about to ask for an image of my naked body as requested so that the rest of the virtual drochery flooded the network.
Little did these idiots on the Internet?
But Alex did not ask anything, being intelligent and interesting conversationalist knows how to win.
And after a while I became interested and already she climbed in the mail or in the "ICQ" to talk to him.
To my surprise, Alex was a good poet and sent me inspirational poems about nature and the sea that sweetly touched my sentimental soul of his spontaneity and sincerity.
We communicated quite different topics and a week later exchanged photos, talked to like Alex, "present with whom you talk."
Looking at the photos I sank serdechko- such high and interesting guys I've always liked. In addition, behind him stood a beautiful foreign car, but somehow I feel a chronic weakness for beautiful cars ...
Then Alik suddenly sent me a test, which were very frank questions about my sexual preferences and requested to respond openly to them for herself.
There have been questions about the number of sexual partners, poses fantasies ...
Generally speaking, all that I did not tell her Yurik.
Initially embarrassed, I still was the answer, and this thing I gripped so that I was sitting at the computer for two hours answering detailed questions indiscreet strange erotic test.
And the last question "who would you like to work out sex, write his name", not thinking quickly nashlepala- "Alik" and closed the test, but the screen blinked and it appeared deadly words "YOU Raffle! TEST RESULTS WERE SENT TO SENDER "
And there was the address of Alik ...
I almost fainted!
Then I did not check the mail a week, becoming crimson at the thought that my casual online acquaintance learned about the secrets of my sex life.
But then ... Then I climbed up and found a dozen letters Alik with poems dedicated to me and asking for a meeting and could not resist, agreed!
Agree Do not know why, because I have a boyfriend and have Yurik, who worships at no soul, but ...
In short do not ask about the rationale of my action.
Women's logic in general, he loves to talk, my immediate supervisor to all sorts of strange in his opinion the actions of his subordinates.
And he says it and the girls and boys, which leads to some thoughts, but to hell with him nachalnikom- will talk further. In general, he persuaded me to meet the wily seducer.
I wore make up favorite, enough open T-shirt, skirt and ran toward adventure in the cafe, which is located in the center of the city and where my random znakoy appointed me to meet.
Meeting or a date? What's the difference...
Walking, I caught myself thinking that even slowly to the first meeting with Yura I was not worried.
And when I sat down at a small plastic table and ordered coffee saw his springy gait setting in a cafe, my heart pounding.
Alex was nice, tall and broad-shouldered brunette in a tight-fitting T-shirt that clung boldly powerful torso. Going into the cafe and saw me, he smiled broadly revealing number of snow-white teeth and waved in greeting, muscular hand, densely covered with black hair.
When he made his way to her table, then accidentally touched a chair beautiful girl sitting in the waiting order.
The girl turned around and Alex broke into a disarming smile told her a couple of sentences, apparently apologizing and she coyly smiled, straightening curvy hair.
She watched him with interest, and I hate that look pricked. I know the meaning of such languid glances podvipivshih girls and to my surprise felt something akin to jealousy.
-Hi Marina - he greeted, sitting in front of a dazzling smile and showing an even number of teeth.
I wanted to answer, but looking into his eyes she just melted into those big, black and a little sad eyes with long lashes, as if they were false and turned aback and blushed like a schoolgirl.
-Hello Marina- he repeated
-Hello aliquots still squeezed out of myself and I again made an attempt to look into the bottomless eyes of the young man and then fail, as if realizing that confusion Marina and put sunglasses.
-Are you in life better than he said foto.-
-You too ... -nachinaya gather my thoughts I said
-Champagne for dating - Alex asked, as if catching the gathering awkward and beckoned the young waiter. I nodded.
After a few sips of champagne, which made my head dizzy I asked looking at a hefty hand Alik.
-Do you rock? Large muscles ...
-Denmark otvetilon:
-My brother has a sports club. So I use for free ... We have to keep in shape. And here you have a great figure! Not hudaya- not like skinny
I have not been able to conceal a smug smile and once again lowered her eyes
-Excellent juicy ass, big breasts and full of sugar gubki- he continued covering a large hand involuntarily vzdrognuvshie my hands and said:
-I imagined you naked and lost his head still when you first sent me your picture. Now, when we saw each other konfenditsialnosti agree on our future meetings. After all, we liked each other, eh?
I shrugged, sipping a breath hissing champagne.
-I like you even more, when it comes down to it ... But only you and I will know about our meeting. Do you have a guy who does not love to dream, and I have a bride who totally rejects the role-playing games, and I love them very much. Meet can I do at the cottage or at home you have, for example ...
-No. Not in my house - I shuddered slightly from oshalev haste Alik and presenting my jealous Yurik finds us together ... Uzhaaas !!!
-So is my cottage. Well, let's try?
With that, he took off his glasses and looked at her black eyes straight into mine and I once again drowning in the whirlpool. I choked, as if I sucked Giants whirlpool.
-Yes ... -Slightly pause I said, subconsciously feeling that I could not refuse this assertive guy anything.
Before my eyes was the figure of my Eureka, but I firmly shook his head, and drove my way of men, with whom talked for four years.
-You will not regret. I'm sure we match each other and give each other pleasure ... It will also be just a game! By the way my penis length dvadtsad seven centimeters and a diameter of six, you love big sizes. Not every condom nalezaet. And can stand all night. You'll be pleased. In addition, you as understood from our conversation in inete- I have a good imagination, not to miss pridetsya- said Alik hot breath in my face and glittering eyes.
Remains Eureka faces in my mind after these words quickly faded,
, But as remorse ...
-Wow! You're a sexual giant - smiling I said feeling a little drunk.
Alex grinned smugly and continued to stroke my arm, on which ran shivers ... and continued:
-He will be fine will look next to your breast. She's the fourth size? You can see?
And without waiting for an answer he reached me his hand and slightly pulling the gate of my T-shirts looked on his chest, which I stuck out a bit.
What can you do? She always wants to enjoy! Even if it is not the fourth number, and the third ...
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that for these watches is the girl that Alex accidentally touched and if in retaliation for her wet eyes leaned forward to Alik detail saw her charms.
In the end, I thought, why should I be ashamed? It went well and he toplesc on the beach and nothing ... just getting too hot from the predatory gaze of men ...
Meanwhile, deft hand Alik quickly sklznula for lapel shirt and slipped between figured bra and delicate skin right breast.
I shivered from the touch of the warm palm of your nipple, which quickly stiffened, and a strong hand and a pleasant little mash it quickly slipped out of her bra.
-Almost a quarter of the size of my favorite ... Well, let's start to have fun? Agree? In addition, I have the next day's birthday, do me a gift, I milaya.- impatiently asked Alik eyes shining.
-Well ... What should I do - I asked playfully finishing his champagne.
-Oh, nothing, just obey me and everything. Now we're going to see me ... -with these words, he grabbed her arm and dragged him toward the exit. I barely had time to run in high heels for Alik.
Outside Alik took my ass instead of the waist and led to the road. It can be dragged to say.
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed again that the girl stares out of the window after them cafes.
-Where are we going Alik? - I asked, trying not to wag ass and trying as quickly as possible to get away with lit street. Suddenly, they see friends, I'm a little drunk go to Caucasians who unceremoniously paw my ass? Oh no !!! Again he was imagining a full and discontented face Eureka.
Hurry to where the dark! Faster!!!
-Now we play a prostitute and client. You stand by the road and will portray a cheap whore. I'll catch a cab across the street and you'll be there to. The contract with you for the night for three hundred rubles and drove you to do what I have done with virtually toboy.- Alex whispered in my ear
-And why is it so cheap? Three hundred rubles? - I was surprised, looking back
-You depict a cheap whore. First, I offer you a hundred, you have to play along with me and we potorguemsya ... I went to catch a taxi. Stand here! And take off your bra, to better suit the game obrazu.- said Alex again climbing cold fingers of my shirt and deftly pulling off my lace bra.
-Carefully, tear! It is one and a half thousand. How many times do I have to take three hundred - I cried releasing hands from the straps and slightly blushing at the thought that Alex again see my bare chest.
Alex smiled enigmatically and thrusting lacy underwear in my bag as quickly gone lighting a cigarette on the go.
I shivered, I began to walk along the road feeling with each step bounce her unfettered breasts bra.
Suddenly rustled the tire and it drove the black "Mercedes".
I hurried to her seductively wiggling hips and bowed to the driver's tinted window, watching his reflection in her barely covered breasts with protruding from the cold through the shirt nipples.
The door opened and she looked unfamiliar face cropped smiling middle-aged man with a powerful expression
-Hi baby. New? You work? We are now with three boys go to the bath. Us company hour or three? About the price of a deal ... - he said, smiling inhaling cigarette
Looking closer in the dim interior I was horrified to see two more brutal men with the same persons
-No no. Sorry! - Hurriedly said I quickly moving away from the machine.
"Mercedes" followed her
-What is scrap? Ten ... 'continued pay cut short
-No, no ... -uhodya deep into the unlit streets I said.
The man opened the door and followed me.
- I do not like when I was denied ... What are you doing to break, how to relate to the client, why not serviced ??? With whom you work, larva? Pimp who? Baton or you yourself without a roof rabotesh? I have not seen you before, something ... - hurt grabbing me by the shoulders and stopping, he growled.
-Yes, Baton ... Sorry I recently here, and you have a lot. Would you be the one I would have to appease. Even free. Come zavtra.- not confused patter I said looking straight into the eyes of a man and slightly raising his hands chest.
Then I remembered that moment and wonder why I do that?
Maybe champagne gave me the courage? I do not know...
But there was shiokaya smile and he muttered to face fierce guy.
-Good baby. I'll come to you tomorrow at seven. Wait ...- he was already softer said and added:
-I if that Igoryok Samara name. I Loaf your roof. If someone obidit- call ...
He handed me a business card patting her chest, going to his sparkling "Mercedes" and left quickly signaled goodbye.
Before he could leave, as a drove signaled "a dozen" checkered, and out of the window, this time sticking friend hairy and muscular arm.
I went to his chest cautiously thereto. The window opened a crack and looked out of it and Alex beckoned her hand, saying, for some reason, with emphasis:
-Uh ... Come quickly come here!
I'm a little surprised at the accent, walked slowly and looked bent in making out the window, which sits behind the wheel of a young blond taxi driver.
-Hello boys! What is desire? Today we have a discount ...
-Oral doing well - she asked Alec, sitting in the back seat
-Nobody complained. Before you three are, you have seen them in the "Mercedes" - left dovolnye- I cooed, which begins like this unusual game
-Boob pokazhi- grunted in response Alik
I hesitated a little and lifted her T-shirt in the dim light of the street lamp swayed my slightly frozen breast.
-Fuck you give - FPIC Alik quite complete without taking off my charms
-All in full do ... My pimp Baton says that we have to comply fully with the desire klienta- povilivaya bare chest from side to side, I purred.
-Sit down. Three hundred rubles, and I fuck you all dyry- throwing open the door suggested Alik
-Something a little!
-Will you show what sposobna- pay in addition! Sit down!
I sat on the back seat of a taxi and rushed to the outskirts of the city.
On the way, Alex ducked my head into his crotch and my nose ran into a large mound on the jeans.
I wanted to bite the mound, for some reason I do not know, but when I see manhood I want it to squeeze and cuddle with full force.
But then his tight jeans, disorder and I boldly rastegnuv tight pants on his jeans Therefore businesslike running his hand back. I always do my Yurik complains that I ever tear off his genital organ. Me moved simple curiosity, he lied about the size or not?
If you lied, I stop the game and get out of the car.
But here is my hand came across a warm and gentle cudgel, which immediately hardened, I'm with her neboshim force he pulled out of his pants and gasped.
Before my eyes was a slight swing a huge dark dick with a big shiny head.
I'm making a ring around his finger and pulled out to the tips of their own fingers!
A member of the catching my movement, completely straightened up and stood in the glory vseё slightly bent back.
To tell you the secret, male genitals remind me dear and good little animals who love to be stroked and caressed. Ears to attach these kids and be a complete set.
And even more they love to kiss these lovely creatures.
I usually displayed as them pretty confident ... but here I could not help admiring exclamation:
-What it's huge!
And Alex, using my mouth open to put his head so fast that I barely had time to open his mouth even wider and moaned surprised by that member sizes.
Then the car stopped and I released the displeasure of the lip of this handsome man.
-Vyhodim- said Alec, slapping me on the ass.
We got out and walked toward an old timbered crowbar, lonely lurking on the outskirts of the city ovrage-.
Alex again firmly grabbed my buttocks and I was not in a hurry, in a cafe.
Man's hand on my ass and taste on the lips of a member of the so excited and worried about me, I felt the familiar throb between her legs.
Going to the old house Alex opened the door and out of the doorway at me suspiciously looked wrinkled old woman.
Alec took me by the hand and walked past her, I heard the old woman hissed after us:
-They come in large numbers here. Trading on the market and their shameless whores, lead sellers, every day ... Now again the entire night by fucking moaning not sleep!
I turned and opened her mouth to reply, but Alex pulled me by the hand and
we went into a small room with old furniture and dented armor-clad bed.
Alex spun me and literally tore my T-shirt by Cavalli, threw it into a corner as if it was a pack of condoms which were filthy rags and put me on my knees, undid his pants and pointed me in the mouth of his club. I looked up at him.
-Suck. Suck vigorously. You wrote in the questionnaire that you like role-playing games. And you are now a cheap whore, which I bought. Fulfil dengi.- he said, smiling smugly.
Here I have the light bulb could see this hilly miracle.
Member was great! Neither before nor since, I have not seen such a size.
Its size can be compared to a monument Tsereteli and small busts that adorn the squares of our cities. It was just huge and slightly bends to the right.
I breathed with delight this aroma was trembling giant. In general, I love the smell of a member.
Not the smell of unwashed bodies and urine, as many might think, and it is a member.
It's a kind of a musky smell that I'm just going crazy.
And now I rubbed the face of a club like kittens rubbing of his mother.
Then I enthusiastically shoved it into his mouth and began to suck careful not to touch the teeth and feeling the hurt ligament strain mouth as part of this tender flesh passes through the tight ring of my lips.
His cock looked like a joystick, which responded to my every touch of the movement of the whole body.
Alex was breathing heavily and muttering:
-I'll have you all night ...
And I ... I clenched both hands hefty body and holding his head in his mouth to force him masturbating and feeling between my legs I have all the red-hot as in the oven.
Unable to cope with them, I put her hand in the pants I groped skolzsky protruding clitoris and began to rub it, loud moan of pleasure.
Alex picked me up like a feather, and took off my skirt and panties.
-These are the figures I like - he said, stepping back and looking at me.
Then he threw me on the bed and hell zaskripevshuyu legs wide apart carefully introduced me to his club into the vagina.
It seemed to me that my eyes bulged and took my breath away, but after a while the discomfort passed I began to feel that huge cock get me to the throat, passing under the skin throughout the body, and my partner leaning squeezed my breasts at me and He whispered in my ear something in their own language.
This went on for quite some time and I became conscious of the words Alik:
-Tishe.Tishe already knocking on the wall. Do not yell like that.
I opened my eyes. Am I screaming?
Meanwhile, Alex yanked flipped me on my back and buttocks apart stared me in the ass, I thought my knee.
But turning around I saw it was not knee and bolt drilled me a few moments ago and was afraid that this chlenische just break my ass to pieces.
As if catching my excitement Alex said:
-Do not worry, dear. I'm very experienced anal affairs. You breathe in rhythm, and I will enter into you as you exhale.
I began to breathe and Alex put me in the ass finger and pushes them. I liked it and I began to be fed back nasazhivayas at him, and when my occasional lover slipped a second, I reached out to the vagina and began to masturbate.
-Breathe, breathe - whispered Alik moving fingers, leading with his stick me on the rump.
Then firmly he grabbed my strong hand for the stomach, and again stared at his huge head into my anus.
I breathed in and felt the pain of what this member of the monster slowly stuck his head at me.
I could not move, and the cock slid deeper and deeper into my ass.
Unable to hold back the pain, I moaned loudly and held out his hands to stop the movement of the locomotive hairy, but Alex made a move backwards, and I helplessly sprawled like a butterfly on a pin.
First Alik member moved to my ass causing severe pain and I tried to take a position, to reduce discomfort. I even pushed the buttocks with his hands, so that this mutant did not break my anus, but it helps a little ...
Before that I was engaged in anal sex with different partners and they all stayed at my slightest displeasure, but this Alik did not even think about it! He roughly gripped my chest and grabbed me by the hair, it hurts my head cocked up.
-SBI Zhii ... ... ooo ... mentha ... I groaned, tugging at each syllable.
-Are you Russian whore! - I said Alik strengthen the movement.
-Say, "I'm Russian -shlyuha". Skazhi.- he demanded, breathing in my ear.
-Ya Russian whore - I muttered.
-Louder - he snapped.
-Ya Russian whore - I shouted, and Alex contentedly let me go and I put her head in the pillow crumpled.
After a while, the discomfort began to pass, and I was like finding the giant in my ass, I even turned back to look at the whole process, and opened her mouth in surprise.
Huge it was part of the piston out of my high battened down ass.
I am very surprised that it fit all, the clatter of my halves wrinkled and hairy balls.
Then Alex abruptly pulled his body turned me on my back and my legs lifted up high, put them on his shoulders raised.
-Ask me to fuck you! 'he said leading her splendid dark complexion and a continuation of my chest.
-Fuck me, Alex! Please ... - I said, looking into his eyes.
-Louder - he ordered.
-Alex's favorite! Fuck me like the last whore! - I cried and clutched his chest.
Alex snorted as a stallion, and again sank into my long-suffering ass, becoming rock me like a boat on the ocean waves.
He began to growl like a beast, but I answered him languid moans in time with the movements, stroking his hairy arms
Then he took out his penis and sent into the vagina.
This change places I liked, and I began to actively podmahivat this hot jigit.
Then he rushed back pin me in the ass.
So I've never really fucked, I amused myself with a vibrator, varying holes and give a great pleasure.
But there was a real member of the giant, and its owner was gorgeous, tall and muscular guy that I really liked.
I do not know who I liked more Alik himself or hilly and swarthy miracle, more like a thick tail than on the penis.
Suddenly collapsed beneath us desperately skripevshaya bed and we fell to the floor, but Alex did not stop the movement and fucked me on the floor.
Pausing for a moment, he turned me on my side and went on a delightful jump from where I was shaking like a jelly ....
Lying on the floor, I saw a dusty wallows near me a beautiful white bra clasp with a torn and looked at Alec, but he spun me on the other side and continued the process.
Suddenly he grabbed my hand broad face and spat at him.
It surprises me flinched in the face of the man I have not plevali- only kissed and I would like to express indignation over such treatment to me, but broad and firm hand rubbed the saliva all over his face, covering my mouth.
-Liked - panting Alik asked again put his fingers in my ass.
Pulling them he held them over my lips, saying:
-Lick ...
I licked it big and long fingers, and Alex again spat in my face.
Saliva flopped heavily on my schkeki and began to drain.
-Ask me to spit you in your green eyes-whorish he ordered, continuing gimlet me as a member.
-Spit in my face- I moaned loudly and arching received a fair amount of saliva.
Then he pulled his dick out of my grated hole closer to my face and began to gently tap on it.
I tried to catch his mouth head, but Alex cleverly cleaned it from my mouth and grabbed me by the neck and brought to their feet.
-Kiss them! 'he said, and bent down resoundingly slapped me on the ass.
I coyly screamed and began to kiss and lick hairy legs Alik, finding a certain charm that he treated me like a rag.
Alik easily rubbed his feet on my face was between the floor and the heels of healthy Caucasian and I kissed and licked them, holding his hands behind his hairy calf.
Looking up at Alec, I saw a completely crazy and mad eyes, what I saw on TV in breeding bulls before tupping.
I could not scared. Wildly roaring, it hurts grabbed my hair, punched me in the face and easy to pick up as a feather back to put up a big chair, standing beside the bed collapsed.
I knocked his head against the floor, and Alex several times strongly slapped me on the behind lying on the hard surface of the chair.
He parted my ass with both hands and spat back and shoved his pile. I screamed again, but apparently I only heard an old neighbor, and this sex maniac took my feet and lifted my legs up.
My head was between his legs, I stood on the same hands, and he is at this point frantically fucked me.
I do not know how long it lasted, almost immediately I had stiff head and I woke up only when he put me on the floor and put his red head in my face, actively masturbating.
I opened my mouth and felt a bitter, oily liquid fills it.
Sperm were many, and I swallowed it, almost choking.
-You nakonchal me a mouthful! I almost choked ... You're a real maniac, I have such sex has never been ... 'I said wiping her lips and looking at smiling Alik.
-I told you that you like ... I'm sorry honey, if I seemed rude to you, you make me very excited and I could not hold back! Next time I will be softer. Dress nice, must go. And I do taxi vyzovu.- said he kissed me on the cheek.
... At my home Alik stopped a taxi and gave the men a sacramental phrase:
-Till! I'll call…
One week I was waiting for a call, even found an excuse and had a fight with his Eureka really hoping to see and continue to communicate with a cute Caucasian.
Well, I could not see my boyfriend then, I was disgusted with it!
That night I dreamed of black expressive eyes Alik and his muscular arms covered with black hair ...
Then I began to write him a letter by e-mail and knock on ICQ, but there was no answer. My sexual giant disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.
Then I wanted to forget it and even tried several times to delete the photo, but my casual acquaintance, so friendly and beamed me that his fingers could not press "delet" button and I almost burst into tears ...
And now look at this picture and tried again unsuccessfully to remove it, I wrote this story in one breath.
And now I have to finish because Yurik gone and he can not adequately evaluate my detailed story about the unusual meeting with a fraud Alik Mamatov ...