The construction team

As a student, you were in the construction team? when the late evening all exhausted but happy ship packed to the limit in the bus ... and you Zaprygivayem on my lap ... yes it is a fact to someone like myself and who take most of the day. High brunettes your type? when he brazenly and shamelessly you all his sharp narrowed hazel eyes? like strips ... ... and now estimates the arm around, having thrown a hand on his shoulder, it's nice to feel one of his hands behind his back, the other just above the knee.
And yet here are so nice in a stampede ... to cuddle, men smell, feel the softness still moist after bathing in the river, the hair on the neck, back of the head, a little bit of stroking, fingering ... and feel as the breast through the lungs shirt resiliently rested on him ... and a village bus so sharply puts at every turn, he pushes you, so much, so powerfully that your lips touch his hair and ass jumps on potholes so that through his jeans already feel like hardened ... and crushes on each bump the rural road, cornering and easy to roll.
And he presses harder, stronger, and even a little flushed ... and lays down jacket on your lap ... and his hand under his jacket ... oh ... insolent ... unbuttoned jeans and a snake on hand to first gently ... may even timidly, and then ... when the snake on his jeans unbuttoned at all - so passionate fingers over her short shorts ... and bolder still, feeling like you she clung to him even tighter ... so that only his eyes do not see .. .and he covered his, showing everyone that you try to fall asleep on his shoulder ... and he emboldened, already unbuttoned button on your jeans and the whole hand under her panties to get ... ... and quietly and powerfully ear to you, spread your legs stronger...
And you obey ... under hypnosis, and feel how skillfully fingertips passes through the pubis, last night just shaved and then lower and lower ... on the lips so passionately and tenderly ... and open them feeling like they were wet .. . and the tip of your finger on the hillock, in exactly just like you're rubbing itself when left alone, when to pains, colic want to Man.
And where he learned ... it does not hurt, but not weak start to caress and so there is a woman? and get up is when so many people ... and almost everyone is familiar ... what are you bastard, what are you bastard ... well, except as may be, when a little more and I'll scream ... and he, feeling pulses and hillock swells on the clitoris stronger and stronger, so that the lips is about to fall through your moan ... and tighter around the waist cuddle.
And once again powerfully ear, push the wider ... and a finger in the cave, and quickly they quickly have you got there ... and deeper, deeper still ... as if no finger ... and what else, hot and thick that so abuts and presses in your ass like no jeans for you ... if that's it, yes there ... now ... oh, what am I? and he ear: Have patience, we now come ... blushed, and pressed so that nothing more is not necessary to whisper ... and so it is clear when a dense and dark forest around us, and so it is clear that I will Notification ... there where your finger will no longer ... and tongue caress there later, at the end ... and get you into the thicket just right ... I will bring vebu ... and in full ... when before thee this girl directly into the hands of flows, and almost finish ... be patient, be patient, see the village have already moved.
Uh, how do you want ... like a pussy filled with juice stronger as all the fingers in the grease as throbbing clitoris between my fingers as stenochki passionately compressed, when I try to penetrate deeper between them ... and another, even deeper in love with you .
You're going to obedient when we arrive? and let me everything I want? in a dark forest ... when we are alone ... this girl ... which is all in my power ... ... and she wants me to her several times, and maybe all night ... a short summer night for two, like a fairy tale ... so my little one? as well, that you all understand without words ... you can stand? and I'm sorry I did not take the gum with you? without them it will be more pleasant? you want to feel like my tongue will walk in what is now caressing my finger ... like when hot and strong in you to stop? for most cervix? and finished it, do not take out, and they once again ... stenochki your help because I? and caress it? so you know how? and ass, when a star anus lubricated with grease from there? and gently and strongly, holding you, and hand on the clitoris ... and then bathe together naked in the warm river? When you see you naked it hardens more ... and new ... and then into the mouth when a man cums ... and looking into the eyes ... and makes you all to the program ... a ... you do everything how to? and able to stand up with me in the morning? Well finally arrived and my ... for me ... and you firmly by the hand ...

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