I never thought not to guess ...

One day walking around the yard sixteen Dima met Jan - girlfriend of concurrent class. How strangely smiling Ian offered to go along to the kiosk to buy cigarettes. Dima has long enjoyed a little plump with big breasts Jan nepovozrastu but to his regret, she met with his senior year Timur who was a storm in the area and their years already had visited in Collon for nesovershennoletnih.S hesitation Dima agreed to the proposal Jana although very afraid of the Timur a few days ago, when Dima came back from school and he called him when Dima came began to extort money from him.
Money, Dima was not convinced of this Timur forced him to ask forgiveness for it in front of all his friends who roared with laughter. Next to them on the gray six podehal Victor Margarine - it was a real thug, in appearance he was about forty years old, all arms were tattooed. He called Timur it's time to go, and so he sat in the car. Then Timur ordered Dima to kiss his shoes. Completely humiliated Dima suddenly refused and wept on that Timur said that since it straightened and got into the car. After that Dima was afraid to go out.
Therefore, going by Jana brick five-story building he constantly looked around - there does not seem near to his abuser to have time to time by it slinyat.Vozle its entrance Ian stopped and said that she needed to drop home for the money, and offered to climb to her home. Ostavatsya outside one was scary and Dima immediately agreed. Going into the dark entrance, he heard what that sheroh and then the lights came on and Dima saw an entrance Man and his friend Jana earrings - red monster with a horse's head.
- Chmoshnik Well, go talk - Timur pushed him to the stairs leading to the basement.
Dima became numb spuskatsya until he was in a bright indoor lighting fittings, which had a few sofas and one of them sat Vitek Margarine - it can barely be seen because of the cigarette smoke.
- In general, so - I began Vitek - Timur money you should come for good, grandmother took out and go home.
- where I got the money - a trembling voice murmured Dima - and ... I do not have it, please let me go!
- they do not have to? - Dima jumped razyarenny Timur - what do you want to say that I'm lying? - With these words Timur suddenly quickly but lightly hit Dima kicked in the chest.
- Stop lace, - said Victor Margarin- can he just do not have the money right now, where he'll take the money? After all, is not it? You have no small money?
- No - Dima muttered sheepishly.
- So listen - continued Vitek - you otsosesh to us now and go on all four sides should count no more, okay?
- Otso ... what ?? I'm a boy, let me, I'll get you the money later - but squeaked Dima Margarine got off the couch and rastegnuv pants and stood in front of Dima pressed both hands on his shoulders - just me - he said, and obeying Dima knelt.
- Get it! -prikazal Victor, all the others enthusiastically watched the scene.
Dima trembling hands pulled the panty elastic and pulled out a medium-sized member of the suspension margarine. He was warm and tender to the touch and smelled of urine from what Dima bit dizzy.
Well, let him masturbate, do not make me nervous - Margarine whispered tone brooked no argument, and in the appendage to the above gave Dima slightly hand over his face.
Dima began to pump the process that grew in front of him and has already committed itself movement toward Dima ruke.Vnezapno member approached directly to Dima's mouth and began prikasatsya head to his lips. Hands Victor fell on his head and he said - that you do not understand hints fag, suck it!
With tears rolled Dima opened his mouth which immediately slipped throbbing cock Vic. Dima coughed as the member fills the mouth and poked him on the throat. - Poor suck pidorok - with these words in tears Vitek took Dima's head and began to make reciprocating motion pelvis pushing member deeper into the throat of his victim. Dima became zahlebyvatsya and drove to her throat nausea but then his mouth began to fill Vitka sperm which at this moment was again pressed his hands on his head to himself.
Mouth Dima was wide open and his mouth and nose rested directly in hairy pubis rapist. To detain him in this position a few seconds Vitek took limp dick and Dima immediately threw up on the floor in front of him.
You are what is blevanul podsosok? As I am now in your mouth will give? - Angry again Timur - Vitek, I do not answer for myself now arrived this pidarka he irritates me!
-Easy Braid all get, hey small but well snmay his clothes quickly!
-You said that you just suck and release ...- again tearfully stammered Dima
-So what? Now I keep every word fag? Previously, it was necessary to think, you are our nipple now going to do to you that you will want to work - you will get home quickly and will upiratsya ... Lace! What will happen if we slushati will not?
- Timur quickly came to Dima was silent and punched him in the face. then again in a few seconds. Leaping to his feet shaking hands Dima began to take off her clothes. When he was left alone in the white trunks Vitek ordered him to stop pulled out a pocket knife and began to cut the gum pulling on it panties. Tearing them with him so Witek laughed - won some ass you have any Devchenka envy! Licking the middle finger of his left hand, right Vitek took Dima's neck and bent him and his slimy finger immediately tickles touched Dima's ass.
One movement thrusting him inside Vitek began cranking it out there, and soon pulled. Now Dima felt like the hole to attach it to something more than a finger. Having pressed Vitek immediately introduced until the end of his dick in his hot hole, Dima screamed in pain but it jumped Timur and so glared at him that he immediately shut up and bit his lip.
After he finished Victor Serge replaced freckled freak. His cock was much larger and with difficulty got into already developed Vityok hole. Quietly moaning from the pain suffered and waited for Dima when it's over. Despite the horrible feeling in the ass his dick got up and it did not go unnoticed.
- Janka come you look at it even worth pussy - After these words of Timur Dima realized that she, too, was watching his repossession and he felt even more ashamed.
- Timur fucked Dima especially fiercely probably because they waited a long time for their turn but finished fast and ordered him odevatsya. Without giving buttoned pants and dress shirt he pushed him out of the basement and with a malicious smile, slammed the door with the words - I'll see you baby! All in semen and disheveled clothes Dima trudged home ...