A computer

I am 28 years old, I said to my customers classy whore. I want to tell you how I became her.
I married my husband at 21, my husband and I lived like all normal family, until such time has not yet bought a computer and not connected to the Internet. Husband course climbed on porn sites. It was a cold winter and boredom we had sat all night on the flight at the computer. It is not strange but I liked watching all this debauchery. We came off a few times to have sex. We started to try everything they had seen. Each time we tried increasingly depraved things. One of the first is that we tried anal sex. At first I was not happy, or rather I did not like, but we had read that the pleasure you start to not once, but twice, after 10-15, the husband convinced me to pursue it. I do not know after how many times but once I caught myself thinking that I want to fuck me in the ass. Andrew was the name of my husband, I knew that I was very excited pictures with group sex. And if you want me to knock out something, then we saw them. He constantly urged me to try that be new, I basically did not mind because for a long time did not have to persuade me. Andrew liked one picture, the girl had pierced nipples and lips Clete. He said I would not want too and I pierced he gave me a small chain that hung on my Clete. To be honest I even loved it, it brought me a lot of pleasure. Especially when walking. Andrew liked when I was paying attention to the other men, he was engaged in my wardrobe by buying short skirts, beacons and sexy evening dresses with high slits. He often asked me not to wear underwear. And sometimes I had not put on her panties and leave them in a prominent place so that he knows that I am without them.
One evening, I do not remember because of what Andrew but to something find fault and said jokingly that I should be flogged. And I take it and say, risers. He pulled the belt from his pants and told me to lie on the bed. I do not know why but I'm excited and I went. I noticed that Andrew is also very excited. He said that will cause me 15 hits and me until he finishes did not get up. You will not believe but I had finished when he smacked me, although it was painful. Of course, he did not hit her very much, I think so. When he finished, he asked me to caress his mouth, and when I took it in his mouth he had finished. He said I would agree that he smacked me, I'm a hundred objections but he offered on that I could not refuse. He said that if I would agree that he would not mind if I want him to change, but with the condition that I would tell him everything as it was. From his words, I almost did not finish. Before my husband nor I who did not have so I certainly fantasized as it can be with another man. And I agreed. He began to flog me a belt almost every day, gradually increasing the number of strokes. Not to say that I loved it but to be honest I sometimes also lead to impotence, because it is not just me flogged and punished for that be. The only thing that I asked him to tie me because I suffer so voluntarily and not to stand was beyond my strength. And I still did not work try another man.
One day my husband and I went to a restaurant on the occasion of the holiday. I specially dressed very sexy in hopes of attracting attention to himself. And I caught it. Ate honest I was even frightened, as attracted the attention of not one but five, they noted stag. I was invited to dance alone, he introduced Nicholas. I do not know who they are working but they were high and inflated. When we danced Nikolai asked not mind if my husband that I dance with him, which I lied that it was not her husband and colleague invited for dinner. When the others heard it began to order the slow dances and inviting. They began to hint at the fact that I do not want to continue the evening with them, and the dance just groped me, seeing that I did not resist the almost undressed. Between the dances, I asked my husband if he do not mind. He said that if I like it not. Emboldened Vadim culprit hen asked that I gave him my panties. Explaining that this is his last bat. I broke down first, and then I thought, why not. And he went away to the edge of the area and asked me to take them off cover. Vadim was delighted and said that he would pay me three hundred leopards if I agreed to spend the night with them. And he wrote the address on a napkin before leaving. I do not what is not said, but decided that I would go and come to the table told my husband that I want him to change. He is certainly not very pleasant but there is an arrangement agreement.
I handed him a napkin and told him to take me there. I noticed that her husband was very excited by the fact that I would soon be fucking five men. Arriving on the written address, I said that he was waiting for me and drove home. Although I knew that it is not where you do not go away and wait for me. To be honest I was so ashamed that I am here as the prostitute go to five hungry peasants, but I was even more plants. I'm So let juices between the legs that before they call I had to wipe this cloth so as not to run down the legs. It was only then that I remembered the chain and rings in my private parts. But I decided that come what may. And I called. When the door opened, Vadim, who was the owner of the apartment, already cheered with joy. And inviting, immediately put his hand under her dress, knowing that there is nothing there. At that moment I felt like a whore, and I was very excited. Vladimir asked me to undress here to make a surprise to the guys. Or specifically that I change my mind. I tried to refuse but he said it will add another hundred if I do. I said that I was not here, he will not give out money. In the end, I agreed. He was so pleased with my rings and especially the chain. But the room was waiting for me a surprise, the guys were not there five and eleven. I was so scared and I was very ashamed.
What I like so naked men standing in front of a crowd. Vladimir introduced me not forget to say Please love and favor. My mind flashed that is very appropriate insert. But the guys are not strange cultural offered to sit down and have a drink, they literally ate my eyes. By making me compliments about my chest and my jewelry in my organs. Once I drank a couple of glasses, and even said a toast to the hero for the day Vadim took me by the hand led him into another room, but the guys objected saying that leads away such a beautiful girl and moved all the plates and glasses on the other side of the table, making it clear that he took me here. And they brought me to the table, sat on the edge of the table and pulled out his unit, otherwise it can not be called as a stick of sausage. I asked him to put on a condom. At that he said that I could not pull it. And pododvinuv my ass on the edge, and put a single movement pushed it into me. Such occupancy I have not felt it was a feeling that I have it somewhere deep inside. And when he began to fuck me, then I wrenched my pussy literally inside out. Others smiled and gave various tips on how to fuck me. I leaned on his elbows did not neglect to take advantage of others. I squeezed his chest and pulled the rings. And Nikolai supported by the first acquaintance with me put me back on the table and put his penis in my mouth.
And gently straightened my hair took me by the head threw her over the edge. It turned out that I could take on both sides. He introduced his penis in my mouth and move it there moved it further into the throat. I became ill, I was suffocating gag reflex but Nicholas was all smooth and then shoved his cock down my throat. Truth after some time, though it was hard because I could have adapted the throat and mouth were on the same line. I was not paying attention to the other ... I was just not up to it. For the chain is constantly someone pulled. From the realization that I fuck like the last whore on the table shook me such a strong orgasm that I have for a while disabled. The first finished Vadim and pressed finished with me. Coming from me, he wiped the sperm tissue arising from me and loudly said, who's next. And his place immediately took the other. The boys changed places constantly fucked me two I got lost in the accounts and who do not care about how to take out his penis out of me. I do not know how much I swallowed semen. Cum dripping from my ass and dripping on the floor. In my self for a while it led what mene put a pillow under her ass and began to fuck in the ass and it all started again all wanted to fuck me and there I was saved only that in me constantly and finishing with a lubricant had no problems. Who of the guys came up so as not to hold my feet to tie each to a ring on the nipple. It did not last long though because I could no longer keep itself legs and rings can simply tear the nipple. The clitoris has suffered because of him constantly pulled. I do not know how long it lasted but I begged for mercy. Mene helped to stand up and Vadim took me into the bathroom and take a shower helped. I asked him to bring me a dress. Because I was still on his feet flowed sperm. And I have it from time to time wiped.
When I came out of the bath almost all already left Troy remained apart from Vadim. I said that I would go but I was persuaded to turn gray with them and drink. They thanked me for the cool sex and Vadim gave me 500 bucks.
Overseeding closer to Me Vadim asked to make his last gift, and let him take me in the ass. I imagine that this monster would fuck me in the ass and so overworked refused to lend him to transfer it to another time. And he left his phone. When I got Andrew and I thought was waiting for me at the bottom. Once in the car, I kissed him and asked that be that would wipe their feet put under themselves. Andrei course immediately began to ask me that as a yes but I asked for mercy and tell all later, the only thing that I said that there were 11 people.
After that night I started to call the participants and they are not alone and offering good money call to spend the night with them. Some suggestions I rejected and some agreed.
Now not a day goes by that I do not who may be called. That's how I became an expensive whore.