Gubachev comfortably seated in front of the tube with handcuffs strapped Zhorik ... under the buttocks planted it collapsed flat sweater, and his legs buckled Oriental (a habit left over from the time of training Jiu-Jitsu). It was about six hours: at vidnevshemsya outside prospectus beginning to thicken part-plug (car noise was barely audible over the triple-glazed windows).
Zhorik moaned softly and opened his right eye.
- Well che, tell me - Gubachev lit "Coffee Cream" and solemnly began looking at the intricate pattern of the lighter. - Listen you want, and then decide what to do.
- A Th tell something? - Quietly he asked Zhorik after a long pause.
- All tell. Details. As it was.
Zhorik licked his swollen mouth. Almost punched through lip was bleeding. He wanted to ask for a smoke, but then changed his mind from superstition, turned out something like a last cigarette before his execution, and to die oh how not like, the more so stupid.
- Well. We are, in short it agreed to meet on a weekday.
- When the deal?
- Well, that, after I drove her to a restaurant. We agreed that she would write to me on soap when it is convenient. And I have this day to agree on the room, and we are right in the morning to go and I'll tell my wife that as always at work.
- So, and what?
- What. I am, in short, arranged in the same hotel room rented for the day. There near the market. We met up, bought a bottle of wine, she bought on the market grapes, she likes grapes.
- Yes I know. Then how was it?
- Well, more like. We came back. There's one hitch left. I forgot to say that we need to bed in the room was wide and gave us a good number of such, civilian, but with two single beds, and even with not budge, and the sofa was still there. At first I wanted to ask to change, but we stremayutsya much because at the bottom there is a passport our requested and passports, it was clear that she was married and I'm married, and things like that, so it was us uncomfortable down again down and find out there is something, we decided to let the case, and for good reason. Zhorik paused, staring at the floor.
- Well, well, I'm listening to Che on it? - Gubachev stubbed out his cigarette.
- Well, next. Washed grapes, wine, I discovered it, by the way, turned out to be crappy, fake. Telly included. There it is, figure skating in general. Well, a little drunk. We sat on the couch in this small, both on the bench anyway. Then I hugged her, we began to kiss. But I have at the moment is very nervous started. I began to think, on the dick that's all I do, come here.
After all, if. Well, in general, if you know, then. Well, in short, I have somehow got sick at all that is. But it was too late, because it is, in general, it is excited, in short. Separated, well, not completely, to his underpants and a bra, and I began to unbutton his pants. I generally got up, but not too much so. And she says, go to bed. We went, and I stayed in shorts, because ashamed, she will see that I have bad dick is, here. Well, then she went and said, Give me my bag over there, there is the gum, well, condoms, that is. That, and I've heard about Gandon, in general I still opal, because I do not like in the condom, that is, I have them well, in exceptional cases, use, and I told her about it said, and I say that, well, you - Baba family, I - also, all clean, so go ahead without these. Here.
- And then?
- Farther. Well, she tensed, in general, due to the fact that I did not want to Gandon. Oh, and there's me standing completely stopped, it is, in short, became in his mouth to take.
- Thus, in the mouth. And what?
- Oh, nothing, just a little at first stood up, and then again. I then offered her lick, lick, I generally cool. We went back to the sofa, she lay down, and I began to lick her, and she had finished rather quickly, so violently, with a shudder, and I've licked, she went mad and said, Oh, super! And when I began to lick, in general, she was very excited was, I had to pussy it touched, it all flowed, my whole face was in her juices, straight mouth full of lubrication literally and pussy it smells like, well, you're it in general, a very special smell, it is not so strong, but very such with nothing can not be confused. Zhorik paused and closed his eyes.
- Farther! - Mouthed sloth Pronunciation - Next! - He abruptly straightened leg - heel Zhorik hit in the ribs, he cringed and whined.
- Well, on and on it, it is shorter, again began to suck me, and I was terribly ashamed, and unpleasant to see how a woman takes in her mouth nestoyachy dick so wrinkled, and all of it in her loose in the mouth is placed, it tries, as much as howls, and I, well, lying and looking, in short, I offered her at the same time, that is in French, it is on me lay down, and I told her, too, lick began, and again my whole face was in its lubrication, and I I feel, gets up, tell her: what if? she says to me, it is better! Now, and I almost got up already, it is, in short, sat on me, well and put myself, but once we started, it just shook me a little bit, he again went down and fell from it, in general. Well, I must say, it is with concepts so behaved, that is capable of quickly tries to send there, but it was such a gentle, comforting me, tried to, in general. But I like to say, in general, everything that she did not sincere to me as it seemed, well, I do not know, in short, it is, well, here, for example, she nipples themselves wine greased and gave me to lick them, but it seemed to me that it's actually inside the cold kind of, well, like a prostitute, something that simply headstock their work out, and her on dick to the client, that is, internally she had even hates, may well, despises say, here, and I have had the same feeling, and dick I never was, I still wanted her to lick, but she has already started to get angry, well, annoyed was upset, she said: I want your dick, that you, I do not you like me? Why do not you want me? I was ashamed, I once tried to be excited, but it was worse. In short, I say, let's take some rest. Well, I hugged her so, and we fell asleep. Actually as I was dozing, and she even fell asleep like a little while. And I was trying to relax.
Well, about an hour and a half had passed, I guess I kind of settled down, dick and I got up like, and she was asleep ... Well, I woke her as gently and immediately climbed on her and began to fuck ... And she already there is again all wet ... But there was this narrow bed mattress ... there some mudatsky it from our sliding movement began, and it was inconvenient to me, I's fuck her, and crawl on the floor itself is literally, and that's she was beginning to finish, and I have just this moment of time - and opal again, as a punishment just, well, I feel it already is, in general, zadolbalas with me. And I, too, hate myself. Once again I tried to insert, but it bends right in the pussy - and falls. Never I was not like this! Fuck all. And I was drunk and all. And then this chick, well, everything as it should be - and it is not necessary at all! I then said to her: go to bed again. Come on, I put her on the couch with cancer. Podnadrochil again, put in, fuck it, and he, bitch, stand up twenty seconds, and then again bends and falls out, I again and insert him nadrachivayu, and all over again. Well, it has, I see, can not come, although there was a moment when I fucked her for a long time, but it has dried up with the disorder. We even drank wine, I say, let's go have dinner then, and it is already the case in the evening. Let's go to the cafe there. I took a beer and her. But I do not eat with disorders like. We sat and patted for life. Then she says: Well ... go back to try again, now can you get? Well, I nod like so cheerfully, and the changes to the full. They came, I wanted to suck on her toes on my feet, I'm usually excites much, but look, she walked barefoot to the bathroom floors and there is dirty, what now lick her feet still plague which will pick up, so I did not. A dick in me quite be stopped. We have it .. so that the bed of the ugly not to suffer, on the floor a bed sheet, I just lie like a corpse or something, damn it all winds, became his fingers pussy shoves, fingering clit, moaning: Why do you not want me? ! And what shall I say? Although head against the wall beysya. A case by the evening. Then I took the evil. What kind of garbage, really ?! Well, I tell her, just lie down and I caress you. She was so obviously evil lay, well, let's supposedly impotent, well, she did not say, but his expression was evident, but I thought they drove and kissed her gently so that all places. And then, like I got up, finally. She immediately climbed on me and had already been very little, it is time to go home we were, that is, well. She climbed, once we started, and I smell it, bitch, again shed. I then tell her, let's back. Well, she said so without enthusiasm already, but turned to me ass. And I put it. That is, to me at that time was already do not care at all, all of these circumstances. I kind of just saw in front of a woman, which must otebat and everything. How damn. And I began to fuck her. And he finished powerfully, so I took out when finished, she handed me sdrochila. And since we all went fine. So we began to meet and fuck a lot. Well met, though not often.
- A cigarette case? - Quietly he asked sloth.
Zhorik started.
- And that cigarette case? About cigarette case I did not know anything. It is then, well, not right away, that is. She showed the first picture.
There was a general that, Sorge. A cigarette case I saw later, when we Neklyudova corpses dismembered.
- How many corpses were not you remember?
- Oh, there were many. About fifteen, I think. Family something they big. And all the drinking. And smoking like a chimney. And the elder grown in barrels. One day an old man Nekludov pinched scrotum hatches washing machine. We banged it first. Sanya him in the head with a pipe wrench as a given. And the children they like zombies, pale, slobbering and trembling so finely-finely. We have them in the kitchen withdrawn one by one and cut their throats jigsaw. A Marinka vyebli on the floor in the living room. And then the accordion in the poison in the ass pushed and pulled a face pack on. Here.
Set the silence.
- Let me, you, darling, kiss. - Embarrassed, he muttered finally, sloth, and pulling his head Zhorik, juicy and long became passionately kissing him, constantly sighing.
Zhorik limp. he unzipped his pants and began to masturbate with his free hand. On approaching orgasm announced the mooing. Gubachev the hour leaned over and pressed his mouth to his prick, swallowing semen. Catching his breath, he stood anxiously checked the cell, if there was any calls or messages.
- Fuck fuck me? - Asked Zhorik, freed from his pants.
- Required - Smiled sloth - But first kill.
He picked up a nylon cord, went to Zhorik behind and quickly throwing a noose began to choke. The first moments Zhorik sat quietly and even smiled, but then his face twisted into a grimace, he frantically twitching, huddled sparrow, of weakly erect penis poured urine. Continuing choke Gubachev with uterine growl a bit off his ear. Soon Zhorik trailed off, his face dark, tongue came out. Gubachev cord tied tightly in his throat a few nodes, unhooked the handcuffs, turned over the body on the abdomen. Following this, he took off his pants and rubbed his okay standing member of the luminous composition of the bubble with foreign labels. Sitting on Zhorik, he introduced the term in his rectum.
In the yard a dog barked.
The phone rang in the hall.
And then the explosion.