Junior host

She was on her knees.
Before knees spread apart his beloved Master.
Its owner was sitting on this chair completely naked, like a king, for which there is no prohibition.
His posture was relaxed and even careless.
He watched with interest down on his obsequiousness suchenku.
That timid glances at his sole master.
She was submissive and servile.
And she worshiped.
He did not worship his master, who in his own way loved and honored, as befits a bitch.
She worshiped his dick.
This small owner.
His master.
She stared at the dick to those who look.
She missed him terribly.
And she was impatient to get this handsome man in his mouth and caress as gently as she could.
All that she could, she gave it a younger boss.
Perhaps only this, this tenderness and pronounced so genuine love, it confirms its recognition.
And its purpose.
It was created for this great dick.
SHE for HIM.
Her holes were the means that brought pleasure to this magnificence.
By awarding her that touched her flesh, her body.
Her lips.
These fucking, slightly plump lips.
Which tirelessly ready to lick and in every way to please your pet.
Her pussy, touching the head strikes the uterus.
Her big fat ass.
She was waiting for all this.
I waited and crazy with his desire unquenchability.
She raved that the youngest Master.
She saw him at night.
She remembered him for all the days.
The smell of grease it pursued her imagination, and she raged on, he could not control his desire.
Since sometimes she unconsciously licked her lips, and she felt that this unique wonderful taste lubrication is now present on her lips.
Her hole ached, and requested the body of this award.
Awards to be marked thereby by a dick.
Its owner knew all this.
Moreover, he is now very clearly seen on the face of his whores.
Indeed, in these moments, everything is so clearly can be read on her face.
In the eyes glittering with excitement.
And aspirations just dick.
The parted lips.
Winces become noisy breathing.
Dry lips, because she is worried.
She's like a cat that goes around the bowl with cream, and did not decide to start a feast of edge.
But she never did it without the permission of the owner.
In this she is now fighting with them.
She wants to pounce on the coveted dick and satisfy your hunger.
And she can not do it without permission as would be punished for his act.
And the owner gives her permission to do so.
She gets what he wants ...
She must
Say the words that can be seen without words.
Boss little to see.
He wants to hear it.
And she agrees.
Move to the knees closer to the Master's feet.
Without taking his eyes off Svoge object of worship.
Her hands lie on the thigh master.
She tilts a little face.
And the head risen thick dick turns to her lips.
Her mouth open, and is about to fly off with the first word of the dry, the dried breath, lips.
But no words.
She looks at the slowly swaying in front of her face a big head.
Her nostrils excites the smell of grease released.
It is crazy.
You just have to say.
And she did not pay attention to the aspirations and already impatient gaze of his master.
Who gets angry from such ugly conduct its cheap girls.
And she begins to talk with your pet.
"Hello, my sweet"
Her voice trembles a little, but soon it passes.
"I missed you..."
"I missed you very much..."
"And you???"
"Did you miss me?"
She smiles faintly.
"Prankster, I know you're too bored"
She gently pokes person in standing dick.
Barely touching the mouth and nose, silky flesh.
"You've missed me"
"And you want me"
Her voice gets a little louder.
She talks with him as with his old friend.
"You are so nice to fuck me in the mouth and ass, it's hard to forget"
"And you know, I want this ever"
She sticks out his tongue, and carries out a narrow path from the wet base dick to natyanuvsheysya bridle.
It again breaks away from the dick and looks him from pale pink head to the most eggs.
"This is our host can lie to me, he does not think about me"
"And does not want me"
"But you can not lie"
"See how you snapped to attention"
"You pull himself to me"
"And let our landlord keeps saying anything"
"What he does not like his whore"
"I do not think about the shameless slut"
"What I do not dream about my fat ass"
"And my fragrant pussy"
"But then you ..."
She leans lower lips and barely touches the head just below the hot flesh.
"You ... my home ..."
"You can not lie"
"It's a one, right?"
It inclines a person over by a dick and just turned his head to the side, she begins to rub against the trunk dick right cheek.
Then cheekbone.
Turning his head and cupped dick from the base, it holds them in his closed eyes.
Referring head lashes only.
She does not hold back and lifting his face obhvatyvaet big head soft lips.
Gently and slowly found himself on his tongue in her mouth dick head, licking tongue to allocate a portion of your favorite lubricant.
Again lets dick out of his mouth.
What the unhappy twitched and stretched even more.
She looked with love on this beautiful dick.
Now he was in front of it in all its glory.
With a large head, which just wanted to lick incessantly.
She constantly attracts the gaze tenderly pink skin.
Apparent transparent.
With the small fibers of thin capillaries that adorn the wet flesh unique pattern.
With a slightly enlarged loop-hole in the middle of this beauty.
Where have another piece of shiny yummy grease.
Her face appears again half-smile.
And she begins to slowly drive the nose to the base dick with his hand.
From the eggs warm up the trunk of a dick.
Under most head it stops.
And slowly returned in the same way to the eggs.
At the same time encouraging his young Master.
"That's right, baby ..."
At these words dick reacts subtle movement.
OH if pushed, it tychas in something unseen.
He reaches up and under its own weight and elasticity slowly, lazily swaying from side to side.
Rostral can not look away from this picture.
Ee language passes through swollen wreaths.
Rostral licking the head and takes the whole dick in his mouth.
Slowly nasazhivayas it, it makes a neat pair of suction.
Rostral no hurry.
Rostral stretches pleasure.
And relishing it is a delight.
Rostral a few seconds produces a dick out of his mouth.
Ee eyes shine.
Rostral pretty smiling.
It rostral a third party on a wet head.
Ostavlyaya smears on his face a host of grease and traces of their saliva.
And her lips say: "O Lord! I wanted it so wanted ..."
"I love you"
"Do you hear? I Love!"
And his lips are closed again on dick.
Otsosy are quickly and clearly.
A tongue and lips impatient.
She begins to moan.
Suddenly, she abruptly pulls the dick out of his mouth.
"You're vyebesh me today?"
"Do not tell me NO !!!"
These words she says emphatically and sharply.
Late realizing that such a tone to her owner does not forgive.
It changes again.
Her lips are now soft and not pushy.
A voice is soft and tyanuch.
She says to those who vote.
"You are welcome..."
She showered small wet kisses from her saliva dick.
"I can not take it anymore ..."
Her face appears doomed.
His eyes glisten from the reality of what is happening.
A voice was trembling, and at some point breaks.
Esche slightly and eye tucks from navernuvshihsya tears.
"Oh please..."
"I very much want to feel you"
"Please fuck my slut"
It interrupts the word chaotic kisses, staring gaze on a thick dick.
"Where do you want now?"
"In the pussy, ass, mouth ???"
She did not notice how her voice is played as changing facial expression.
The words sounded louder and more insistent.
It requires at the same time trying to persuade.
Clovno she has doubts that these persuasions can not help it.
"Do what you want and how you want!"
"Just fuck!"
"I can not wait any longer"
She pauses, stopping view of the silent junior master.
Clovno waiting for an answer from him.
It was only later, it seems an eternity.
Lips, mouthed, she says again: