Biology lesson (Part 5.2). University. Konstantin

Time flowed. Life and work has gone its course. Tolia and Kostya came at a time every Wednesday to hold an elective. Toll a couple of times was trying to molest me, but I do it with a smile "otshivala". My goal became Kostya. But it all my tricks did not yield. I was even a little pissed off. But then I calmed down and stopped making attempts to seduce Constantine. Passed week after week, and that's tomorrow, in 2 months after the start of an elective, I along with the students had to go to the university.
Yesterday held elective Constantine. I was sitting as usual on the last desk and idly listening to what he was saying. Time quietly stole up to the end of a class, and then Constantine turned to me:
- Eugene S.! And on Friday, we have planned for elective tour visitors to our faculty.
- Yes! Very interesting! And how much we come and how do we find the chair?
- Come to 17 hours, I met you at the entrance.
- And over time, how long it takes?
- Regular tour lasts about an hour. So a maximum of half past six we finish.
- Excellent. We will definitely come!
Constantine gathered his papers and headed laborantskuyu. The disciples began to gather. I got up from the desk and went to laborantskuyu. Kostya was sitting at the table and cleaned his paper bag. Upon hearing that I came in, he looked up and said.
- I hope you, too, will come on a tour?
- What? - I asked in surprise.
- No nothing. Just for you, it will also be informative - his eyes flashed sparks.
- It's just perfect! - I replied.
Kostya rose from his chair, threw his jacket and taking off the table a bag and said goodbye, went out of laborantskoy.
"Interesting interesting! What is he hinting? Did he finally was led on me, huh?" - I thought.
I picked up my purse and wore a cloak. He came out into the corridor and closed the door, went home. On the way, I began to puzzle over what to go on a trip. If my guess is correct, then you need to wear, something unusual and at the same time, if I am wrong and nothing will not be there in an exotic costume I'll look like a fool. Not an easy task.
I came home. After dinner, I went to the wardrobe and started to choose "outfit". First on the bed flew black stockings with narrow lace elastic waist and him. Then, a light blue suit consisting of a jacket and short skirt with a small incision on the front of the left leg. Left to pick up her blouse and underwear. Then my eyes fell on a dark blue corset with straps for support stockings. It is conveniently fastened in front with velcro and fit the color of the suit. And as the top button of his jacket buttoned on the chest, the impression that there is nothing else for it. And to complete the corset Attached little panties on a thin rope.
I put on all over and looked in the mirror. It turned on the one hand strongly, and on the other very sexy. Only something was missing. I walked over to the sideboard and pulled out a box with jewelry. I pulled out a short gold chain with a pendant in the center of which glistened a little cubic zirconia. I put the chain and looked in the mirror. All! So I go. Pendant excellent lay on his chest, just above the hollow of my chest which pushes up corset. Only the shoes, but you can get it tomorrow.
I undressed and looked a little "telly" went to bed.
Morning and the day passed as usual. After school, I gathered the whole group, and said that all will go separately. Excursion - is voluntary. After explaining where to go, I warned that we meet at the entrance to the University 16:50. And ran home to change clothes and brush up.
After changing clothes, I took the black stilettos wearing them. Wearing a cloak, I ran to the bus stop. The bus came quickly and at 16:45 I was standing at the entrance to the university. Become "tightened" guys. Just five of the doors and left Konstantin, greeting, led us through the checkpoint and led him through the long corridors to the department. By the time students have been enough. We climbed to the third floor and entered one of the classrooms.
- Here you can leave your jackets and bags. We will close the audience, and no one here until the end of the tour does not fall, - said Kostya.
The boys began to undress and put things on the tables and chairs. I unbuttoned her coat and began to shoot it. Suddenly I felt that it was picked up from behind and helped remove it. I turned and saw the bones, which was carrying my cloak. When I turned around, his gaze crept downstairs and stood on my chest.
- Thank you - I took from him his cloak and folded in half, put it on the table.
Kostya walked away from me and invited everyone to follow him. All came from the audience, and Kostya closed the door with a key. Kostya went down the hall, and tour began.
We passed by the laboratories in which the students are engaged. He told me about the teachers of the department, showed a computer class. Constantine is very interesting and fun telling me how he himself studied here recently. The children listened to his enthusiasm and looked at the equipment with interest.
Almost immediately, I noticed that Constantine is constantly throwing his eyes on me. In his eyes it was read at the same time a kind of mockery and strange interest. I pretended not to notice his views.
About an hour later, Constantine completed a tour, and all moved to the auditorium of things. Kostya opened the door, and the guys in the audience burst into a crowd. I was about to enter, but he held me by the elbow.
- Eugene S., you now do not go away. I'll take the kids and go back. I want to show you one thing, and talk with you.
- Well, I just take away his cloak.
I went into the audience picked up his cloak and went out into the corridor.
Guys dressed, and Kostya took them to the exit. I was left alone.
"Wow! I think he pecked. Or I do not understand the peasants"- I thought.
I felt a little warmer in the abdomen.
"Wow! I'm looking for some!"
Then he heard footsteps down the stairs. From around the corner came Kostya.
- Thank you stayed. Come on.
He walked forward, and we came to the door with a sign "postgraduate".
- Come in - he opened the door and turned on the light.
I walked into the room and looked around. Opposite the door near the window stood two tables. One of them was Computer. Against the wall was a leather sofa, upholstery is already fairly Easterly, and opposite him at the other wall were two shelves of books.
Then I heard the door close behind him, and the lock clicked. I spun around and looked at the bones.
- Why lock to lock?
- It is to no one bothered us - Kostya evil smiled and put the key in his pocket.
- It is that secret? - I began to play the fool of himself.
- ...What secret? - Bone frowned, puzzled.
- Well, what would you like me to show.
- A! I will show you now. You put a raincoat on the table, and it will be in your way.
- Stir? This is something big?
- Of course.
He came to me in a tight, took my coat and threw it on the table.
- Hey, more careful! He pomnetsya!
- Nothing to it will not. But with you ...
- And that to me? You now explain to me or I'm leaving!
- Where you go! The door is locked, no one in the department anymore. So if you will scream, you will not hear.
- And why is it I yell?
- Of course you will, I will you to fuck in all the cracks !!!!!
He yelled the last sentence and pushed me onto the couch. I fell on him from all the fluff and looked at him. Kostya tore off his sweater and began to slowly approach me, unbuttoning his belt on the go and trousers. I sat on the sofa and looked at him. He came close to me and let the pants. They fell down. He was wearing tight trunks that barely contained his excitement flesh. I tore them down dramatically, and jumped in my face a long erection, which I caught in my mouth and suck it almost in half. I took it at the bottom between the thumb and index finger and slowly began to move his head, sliding his lips he "trunk". I looked up and looked at the bones. He looked at me round-eyed. I released a member of his mouth and began to lick his head. I heard him groan and voice
- You're really damn! Tolia told me how the fuck you.
He picked up an armful of my hair and force planted his mouth on the penis. I gave him a free hand. He moved his hand to my head back and forth. Spitted my mouth farther and farther. I caressed the tip of his tongue "thread". His breath with each movement was becoming deeper and deeper, and a member of the harder and harder. Suddenly he began to moan loudly and move towards a member of my mouth. I realized that he was about to finish.
Then I strongly jerked her head back and released his cock from his mouth. Kostya looked at me questioningly.
- Hey! What are you, I'm almost finished, but here such a bummer!
- That's it! Bummer. You'll end up, but I supposed to do that? Let's! Now it's your turn to work mouth.
I took off her jacket and undid the Velcro on the part of the corset. My boobs like this and waited. They rushed to freedom, sticking out up appetizing "the buttons" Nipple.
- Wow! What tits!
Kostya sat down and covered them with her hands and began to fondle them. I took his head and drew him to her and glared at his lips. His tongue burst into my mouth, and met up with my tongue. His hands became harder to crush my chest, and my fingers to twirl my nipples. I pulled away from him and sent his head to my chest. He fixed his mouth in the nipple, and with his free hand reached toward my thigh "pussy". My "pussy" filled with moisture, eyes closed, breathing deeply. Here are his fingers met the thin barrier of her panties and began to fondle my crotch and "sponges" through the tissue. From contact "Kitty" panties they instantly grew moist, and Kostya felt it. He gave a satisfied moan, his mouth still caressed my breasts. My mouth opened and it began to depart from the muffled moans. Then I felt his fingers between her legs moved aside her panties and finger bone penetrated between wet "lips". I spread her legs, so it was easier to work hand and moaned loudly. He began to tickle the clitoris with your fingertip. I moaned louder and pulled his hair down to my face "cave". He slid off the couch and knelt between my legs. I stood at the back, allowing the skirt to move the belt. Kostya pushed her skirt and pulled her panties on. There was a crack, and my panties flew off somewhere behind his back. At the same moment I felt his lips, stared into my "burrow". I screamed with pleasure. He began to caress my clitoris. His tongue licked, tickled the tip of his tongue circled around my "triangles". At the same time he began to push through a finger into the vagina. I began to moan loudly and clutched his hands in the back of the couch. Kostya pulled my finger out "Kitty" and, taking his lap my legs and lifted them up. I spread them wide and my "pussy" opened. Kostya began to lick my "crack" along the entire length, thrusting the tip into the vagina tongue. The familiar warmth was spread in the abdomen. I felt like my "mink" It becomes more wetted. I opened my eyes and looked down. Kostya looked at my face. His eyes were drawn question.
- Well, where are you!? - I moaned.
Kostya rose from his knees and put my legs on his shoulders, stuck his penis in my bosom. His searing member easily entered into me, pushing the damp wall of the vagina. I groaned. Kostya became powerful and fast moving. His long cock barely placed in my "burrow". His scrotum clapped me on the buttocks. My pulse and breathing quickened. I began to get bogged down in a creek. Kostya took my legs from his shoulders and took a knee, I led them to the head. My "pussy" It opened even wider. He slowly began to move the member from side to side. Then he began to jump out of the vagina and re-enter. I slipped my hand between her legs and began to caress the clitoris with a finger. Suddenly Kostya dramatically introduced its "trunk" almost all the way and began to move quickly and powerfully within me. I screamed and began to rub the clit faster. the abdomen was hot and lubrication portion harder to humidify my "burrow"Which became squish under the blows of Kostya member. Suddenly, Kostya plunged almost the entire length of his penis, and I felt like burning all inside, became a powerful incentive to fly sperm. I screamed and began to finish. My "mink" I began to throb. Kostya let my legs and fell on top of me. His mouth began to tear my chest. When every shot he stifled groan. I grabbed his hair with her hand and pressed his head to his chest, he tore his lips and tongue. My "pussy" He continued to open and close, and Costin member, pushing the last portion "squirrel" slipped out of my "mink". Kostya stood with me, and wearily collapsed onto the couch next to me. My feet sank to the floor, and I felt like my "pussy" forced a mixture of sperm and my "juice"That straw was the drain on the thigh. I slipped my hand between her legs and fingers smeared a drop on the pubis.
I turned my head and looked at the bones. He was sitting, lounging on the couch next to me. His head was curled back, eyes closed. His breathing became complacent. Then he turned his head and looked at me and said.
- Cool! Your pussy is so small that I could not stick to the end of his dick.
- Aha! It's just someone grew "polutorametrovy" horseradish, which does not fit the normal pussy !!! - And I patted him on the penis.
Kostya laughed.
- Well, as you?
- Do not flatter yourself. You still have to answer for his words!
- What kind? - He looked at me.
- And who's screaming. "I will you to fuck you in all the cracks!"
- Do you want what I would have fucked you in the ass?
- You finish first one "hole"And then I will think to give you at the mercy of my ass ... or not.
- Do you want more?
- And how! But with "fighter"- I pointed at his limp dick - you will not get far.
- And you might be interested in it.
- Good.
I got up from the couch and pulled down, prevented her skirt, and climbed to his feet on the sofa. Then went to the side of the Bones, and took the hand of his limp member, he began to caress his head tongue. I felt the taste of a mixture of sperm and my "Kitty". I started to lick his cock from the bottom up, lifting the tip of the tongue to the head, making several circular movements around the head and moving down to the scrotum. His curly hair tickled my nose. I felt his cock twitch slightly up and slightly tensed. Then I folded her lips curled and sucked his cock almost to the base. His head got into my throat to spasm. I heard Kostya moaned and his dick got even harder. Vienna swelled on it. I began to drive his tongue over them. Kostya took me by the neck and back sent my head down. Once again, I slowly sucked his cock until it stops. He groaned. I began to move my head down up and hand massaged his scrotum. His cock was already like a stone. I slid on his lips, wet with saliva, "trunk". I heard:
- You're amazing nipple !!!
- I know - I answered him and stuck his cock between the teeth and the cheek and began to clean teeth.
Several movements for one cheek, then deep swallowing and several motions for the other cheek. Kostya put his hand behind his back and began to caress my fingers "slit". He began to press a finger on the clitoris. I grunted in satisfaction and began to move his head more quickly, helping yourself by hand. Kostya groaned and put my finger into "burrow", Which again began to fill with moisture. I wanted to instead of a finger, there was his penis, which was already strained to the limit. I finished my oral sex and sat on the sofa. Kostya immediately attached myself to my chest, and began to stroke my hand "pussy". I groaned. His fingers penetrated me in the queue, and the pad of the thumb massaged her clit. I, trembling with impatience, threw his arm, leaned her elbows on the side of the sofa cushion and stood up knees on the sofa, put your ass up. Kostya does not take long. His cock rapidly broke into my wet and hot "burrow" filling all the space inside the vagina. His head rested on the cervix, but it seemed to me that he was pierced through me. I screamed, and Kostya, grabbing me by the shoulders and began to stick me to your red-hot "stake" moving forward. My buttocks deafening clapping of his body. Chest swayed in time with the movements, and flew out of his chest loud moans. His cock was moving in my "burrow" at a breakneck pace, and his scrotum bumped right into the clitoris. A few moments later, I felt much warmer in the abdomen, and I began to finish. My vagina was pulsing in time with the movements. My eyes were closed, buzzing in the ears, and his mouth began to fly moans. I felt the Kostya slowed down and his penis became, as it were, to move up. I turned my head and saw Kostya, legs spread wider than my feet, almost straddled me, and it was above my ass. Then he started the movement and its members began to move me from top to bottom. His head began to rub the front wall of the vagina. I groaned. So I fucked for the first time. This new feeling so pleased me that I began to moan even louder, breaking into a scream. Kostya began to move faster and faster. He furiously pounding his hot "instrument"That is freely slid in my wet "burrow". Then a second orgasm Nakata powerful wave. I screamed. My "pussy" It became even wetter and became squish under the blows hot "piston"Who did not think to stop inside my "cylinder". Then I felt the Kostya stopped and, without removing a member, tears down. He leaned on me and took me by the hand the hair, pulled my head over. I felt his cheek against his heavy breathing. And I heard him whisper:
- What a bitch! Come on! Move your ass! Fuck me!
I became podmahivat his movements. His cock began to enter into me all the way. Kostya began to moan right in my ear. I began to move even faster. My mouth fell open and I felt his finger began to caress my lips. I caught his mouth and began to suck as a member. Here Kostya wheezed, and I began frantically to move ass. After a moment, he thrust member with the power to stop and began to "unload" inside of me. I felt his semen clots began to burn my vagina. His cock throbbed in my heart of "mink", Forcing a new batch "lava". Kostya groaned loudly in my ear, and then grabbed the earlobe and began to nibble on her teeth. Ripple of its members became fainter and fainter, until he went limp, and slipped out of the wet "mink". Kostya leaned wearily at me and turned my head to one side, gently began to kiss me on the lips. Our tongues met and began to gently caress the tips of each other. A few seconds later, he pulled away from me and smiled and whispered:
- Thank you.
Then he got off me and sat down exhausted on the sofa. I turned around and also close collapsed.
- Phew - Kostya sighed.
- Che, evaporated? - I smiled at him.
- Aha! But it was worth it. You're so good at the beginning of the end podmahivat ass. Simply awesome !!!
- You, too, a whale, so fuck me! I finished a few times!
- I did my best. You got me so wound up.
- I tried too. Hey, here you can smoke.
- Of course - he got up from the couch, brought an ashtray on the table and flopped back on the couch.
I got up from the couch and went to the chair, picked up her purse and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. Then I put the bag on the chair and turned to face Kostya. Kostya looked at me. His eyes slowly slid down my body. I took out a pack of cigarettes and struck a lighter, lit. Blew smoke up, I looked again at the bones. He continued to stare at me.
- What do you admire?
- Like.
- What exactly?
- All. But especially your outfit.
- Impress? So, I knowingly prepared.
- You are specially dressed as?
- Of course. So I would like to put on tights and shoes more comfortable, and then on a long hairpin pass. You also gets high heel men.
- Yes. It looks very sexy.
- So how is it? Excited you my outfit?
- This is not very much. How did the two "stick" I threw.
- And what about the third?
- I do not know. Give me a break.
- Okay. Rest, while I'll be ready.
- Ready? For what?
- Now you see.
I walked over to the couch extinguished the half-smoked cigarette and returned for the bag. Kostya looked looked at me. I unzipped her purse and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. Then he went to the table and lay down on his chest countertop. She opened the jar and dipped in Vaseline finger reached out and slowly began to lubricate the anus. I relaxed buttocks, and my finger slipped into my "cave". I began to drive them back and forth, its walls ... lubricating jelly. Having done this a few times, I got up and turned to face Kostya. He sat on the couch and watching me with a round of surprise eyes. Slowly he jerked his noticeably potverdevshy member, trying to bring it into readiness. I walked over to him and knelt down.
- Let me help you, - I said, and took his already hard cock in her mouth.
His cock immediately responded to the caress. I began to slide his lips over his shaft down upwards. I put in the mouth tongue with a spoon and slid his cock in my language. Kostya began to moan. Then I started to make a circular motion around his head "axis". Kostya moaned drawl. I released his cock from his mouth and began to caress the tongue and lips of his scrotum. Here Kostya grabbed me by the hair and dragged her over. I fell on him, and he grabbed her hands on my chest and began to knead her wildly. His lips and tongue began to caress the hard bumps nipples. I slipped my hand between my legs and felt his hard as "scrap", A member and began to caress his hand. Kostya continued to fondle my breasts. I felt like my "mink" It began to fill with moisture again.
- Kostya, wait, - I whispered in his ear.
Kostya stopped and looked a question at me. I got off him and went to the table. I bent over, resting his hands into the countertop, and looked at him. Kostya quickly jumped off the couch and in two jumps jumped me. His gun burst over me, tearing me in half two. I tilted her head back and screamed. Kostya became quickly and powerfully moving his cock. My eyes closed, and I began to moan with each stroke of his "steam hammer". But after a few moments, I jerked forward and jumped out of his penis. I turned quickly, not allowing me to learn again and scooped from the jar jelly, became lubricate his penis. He stood and breathed deeply. When he became a member of literally slip out of my hand, I turned back to him, bent down and took his cock in his hand, put his head to the anus.
- Just do not rush - I said and relax the buttocks.
I felt his head slowly began to push my input "cave" and penetrate inside. When I felt her head came into me, I stopped Kostya hand, resting it on his chest. Then I slowly began to swing back and forth, gradually increasing the range of motion. His oiled dick began to penetrate deeper and deeper into my ass. When I felt that my "cave" well oiled, and most of it "guns" got into it, I turned my head and said:
- Well, now fuck me as lustful bitch !!!
Kostya put his hands on her waist and began to fuck me in the ass. His cock was moving freely in my "cave". At the bottom of the abdomen was familiar warmth spread, and I groaned. Hearing my cries, Kostya began to increase speed. His scrotum was the beat right in my "pussy", Enhancing pleasure. I moaned even more. My breasts dangling in time with his strokes. Then I felt him touch my thighs buttocks. His long cock fully entered my ass and slid freely inside it. Here Kostya jerked member back and completely jumped out of "cave"But burst into the hole in a moment later. I screamed. His cock was hard and powerful to move into the vagina. member head beat on the cervix. I moaned loudly, my head rolling from side to side. Here a member jumped out of "mink" and tighter second burst again in the ass. I felt my hand loosened, and I fell on the table-feeding. I felt like a red-hot "scrap" hammer my ass. I held out my arms back and spread her buttocks. Kostya again changed "hole" and I began to fuck me in the pussy. My "mink" It was so much wet, I heard her squelching under his blows. Here in his head burst fireball, and orgasm shook me. A moment later, I again felt his cock in my ass. I screamed with delight, and a second orgasm shook my body even more. My mind was dizzy, I felt moving inside me hot "piston" bringing me a thrill. Third orgasm covered me when I have ceased to understand in what "hole" fucks me Kostya. I turned into one big "hole" where huge dick moves freely. Then I felt the Kostya pulled me off the table by the hair. I straightened, but the bone is strongly pulled down her hair, and I fell on my knees and tighter second his slippery dick, parted lips, burst into my mouth. I heard Kostya and I cried, throwing back his head, released a member of his mouth. At the same moment, my face hit the hot jet of sperm and began to run down her cheek. I began to catch his mouth "shots" of its members. Sperm flew out of his penis, which was throbbing in my hand, and fell into my mouth, forehead, hair and cheeks. Kostya screamed loudly when another piece spilled from it. Member of last started, and I began to lick his head. Cum slowly dripped down his face. I began to smear her cheeks a member. Kostya stood there, smiling, looking at me from above. When he was completely limp dick, I let go of his hand and stood up on his feet. I felt my ass rastrahanaya gradually began to take its usual form. I smiled.
- Well, as you?
- Terrific. This was my first experience.
- You've never fucked in the ass girls?
- Aha! That was great. Much steeper than the pussy. A member so tightly compresses. If this was the first "stick"I would have finished much faster.
- Great! So I sort of had deprived you of virginity. You owe.
- No problem.
- Yes, you still broke my panties! Now my "pussy" freeze on the street.
- Well, I'm sorry, I'm so wound up. I'll get you a car. It is impossible that such a "pussy" a cold - and he stroked his hand over my pubis.
- Hey! Do not do that - I brushed his hand away. - And I want more!
- Okay I will not.
- Where you wash basin? I need to wash. And with such a person, I long to not finishing the house - I pointed at his face, which shone not yet dried semen.
- Come on, I'll see.
I put on a skirt, tucked in the breast corset and slipped his jacket and hung her purse over her shoulder. Kostya put on pants and a shirt. Then he opened the door and looked out into the corridor. He waved his hand at me, and we went to the end of the corridor. I went to the toilet, went to the sink and let the water. After washing, I took a handkerchief from her purse and wiped her face. Then out of the closet, and we went back into the room. I picked up the cloak, and Kostya helped to put it on. Then we went out, Kostya closed the door, and we went with him to the exit.
We went out into the street and began to catch Kostya "private trader". A minute later he had agreed with "a carrier", I gave him money and helped me get in the car.
- Maybe somehow we repeat?
- May be. I think - and gave him a smile, closed the door.
The car roared the engine, drove off.
Fifteen minutes later, I was raised in the home elevator, and grinned maliciously.
"The only pity is that the video could not be written"- I thought.
But here there was a crazy idea in my head, and grinned again, I stepped off the elevator on the ground.
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