Games with his wife

Once in one of the serene of days when he got home from work, my wife asked me how's my ass. "So - I thought - again strap" Strap Buy.We are looking for a long time, we even tried a few times, very much to my better half wanted to try as fuck man, or rather I have my hubby. I do not bring much pleasure, but to her, seeing her eyes glowing from the feeling of owning her man to complete the program, I was ready to suffer a bit and to give her such joy occasionally. So I had to say that good and getting on my ass if she wants to, then in the evening she in full its disposal. It already bloomed, kissed me and leaned to his ear so mysteriously said: - I've come up with one game only promise that it will fulfill all that I want, "Aw, Snap, that's interesting," - thought ya.I said that if anything. dreadful and terrible, is not there, I promise. If I know that she zadumala.Vecherom sending me to bed with instructions: - Take off your clothes and zhdi.Ona ran to the bathroom, it was not fifteen minutes, I for this time not only changed his mind, a member stood as stone. And here comes the little woman in black stockings, while wearing the strap, and the rest in the hands of the nozzle on it. I must say that we bought a universal strap with interchangeable nozzles, well, they bought three pieces at once one another more, it insisted it with words, and suddenly you'll like, so then run to buy more. Putting heads to bed, she said, smiling as I did not changed his mind about his promise. I proudly replied that his promises are not broken, and she knows about it. Turning me on my stomach, she began to kiss my ass, occasionally touching the tongue my anus. From this I was excited more and tried to grab her hand, but she is not allowed, saying that today make herself without my help. Gradually screwing tongue in my ass, she drove me to distraction, knowing me such affection like she enjoyed it (I later learned that this was intended) .Horoshenko all moistened with saliva, she introduced me to the finger, a little wiggling there, he pulled out, walked again, tongue, put his finger again, all such alternations accelerated until at some point I realized that the pope I do not have one finger, but three or four. Suddenly, she said: - Get up to koleni.I I thought, "Well, that's all the buzz broken off," Like I said, I strap is not very deceiving as opposed to language and finger. Kneeling, I heard: - Face to mne.Povernulsya and saw in his face the strap, which persistently tried to climb into my mouth, so that's what she was, I opened my mouth and uslyshal.- Well, little slut now and you know what it feels like to suck chlen.Ya surprised to hear the voice of his wife, usually mild, and here overbearing and strogiy.- suck deeper - roughly said zhena.I with these words began to stick my head on this term, she increased the speed and depth, a member already rested my throat, but she did not think to stop. I tried to pull away, but it was not there. Grabbing me by the hair with both hands, she would not let me, continuing to grind a member of my throat, and he slipped surprisingly easy to somewhere in the larynx. My face boils down to her belly and egg strap on the chin, pulling the member with the words: - Well, how do you like it when you are so deep in the mouth, and this is just the beginning - with these words, she continued to fuck me in rot.Samoe strange that I all loved it, and more and more, I was glad to the fact that she took the smallest member of the three, the length they are the same, centimeters by twenty to twenty-five, but the thickness of each successive was thicker in the first two and three times. Pulling once again a member of my throat wife began slapping them my face, his lips saying: - Oh my whore you like Since she spanking interspersed with planting of a member of my mouth, I could not answer, but she was my answer and do not needed. Tilting my head back she asked: - Well, that bitch you still keep your promise I just nodded, his wife got out of bed bag, he threw me and said: - Then dress and bystro.V package were red stockings and lace thong of same color. Something like putting all this, I stood in front of his wife did not know what to do and felt like a real slut, all the more so in my thong economy is not placed eggs hung from the side, standing member protruded sverhu.- Well, and now you look like a whore - stated his wife, and ordered - now arise cancer I'll fuck you in your little ass and try turf shlyuha.Vstav on my knees, I felt like my ass is applied grease, then rested my anus cock wife sharply pressed, and he I slipped. I almost cried, the pain was wild, he tried to jump in front of did not work was a closet, and behind me tightly held zhena.- What a whore you think so, than in the mouth, and the ass, no, I took the biggest wow would you break the hymen and the small as a finger or two, anything you do suffer a slut in my patient, right? the pain gradually go away, although the feeling that ass torn on fascist cross, no. And then his wife started to move, the pain almost was not, with every move she walked deeper and deeper, until it became abut my ass, taking me by the hand by the hair, she began to fuck me, dick nearly jumped out of me and it is planting his back, each time increasing the speed, saying: - well, what a slut you like to change the speed, depth and power of punches, but I was surprised to see that I like it, grew warm, and for some strange feeling, as if I make a blowjob? the inside member, spitting on everything I am fully focused on this .Through a while I found myself on the fact that his wife began podmahivat as the last bitch, moan and to ask for more, more, more deeply, the wife suddenly pulled out a member slapped me on the ass and fluff planted it back at me as if something had exploded from the inside of the buzz I did not get never in my life. She began to repeat it on every movement, took out, clapping, thrust, and me as a burst of pleasure from within, how long it lasted, I do not know, just dropped out of the reality. Suddenly I realized that I was lying on his back, pressed his knees to his chest, and his wife, taking off the strap, sit on my cock back to me at the same time vsazhivaya hands of a member of my ass, she jumped on me, sync with your movements fucked my ass in his hands a member, of course it could not last long and I had finished, my God, I did not finish because never in my life. A little more and I would have lost consciousness, opened his eyes, I could see right over the face of the vagina of his wife and heard the angry voice: - Bitch, I have not yet finished, and you have dared, slut so let's keep the language until I konchu.I she sat down his pussy on my face, I enjoyed the language inserted into her vagina, and she konchila.Ya ... completely forgot about what I had done to wife, and now it all poured into my mouth mingled with her juices, all of this was so much that I almost choked, but delicious cocktails I have not tried it. His wife, waiting until I did not drink and licked the remnants around the vagina, lay down beside him and said: - Well, that repeat in some other way, I fucked you yet again finished desyat.Ya just nodded, she added: - I still have a lot of pans on these games with my slut.