It all began absolutely recently, four months ago, when we met with Anna, a long time we met her, in general everything went according to the usual, willfully scenario ...
Unfortunately, our relationship nor how could not achieve "peak"I begged for a long time, Anya, "to surrender " me, but she strongly resisted, and bore our rapprochement at a later date. That's the end was coming academic year, and the current has long tradition, we as a group (when I was in radiotehnikume), went to the apartment, our teacher, her name was Anna Andreevna, she was very young, and at that time she was barely 25 years. The party was already in full swing when I noticed that Mike (a former classmate of Ani) "Jell" to my girlfriend. But perhaps because of the slightly drunk, I did not attach any importance to this. A few hours later, Akhmatova said that the time has come rasskhoditsya, and we all went for a walk a friendly crowd, we walked for a long time is not yet himself Misha invited everyone to his country house, the AA slightly broken, but later agreed to go on dacheyu ..
A little about Akhmatova, or as we call it AA, she was a very beautiful girl, with a round ass, big breasts and very beautiful face, the highlight of which was her eyes, they were blue, looking at them, I saw the surf, and blue I wave like heaven.
The time was long past midnight, and we were all a little drunk went to the rooms, they are surprisingly in the house were so many that the AA, we were given an entire room, with a large sofa. This day was probably most responsible for us to Anya, we agreed that as soon as the end year, we zaymёmsya so than recently wanted Activities.
While I was running around the room, and looked where my bags had not seen me come into the room, Misha, and asked Anna to help him, which is the cleaning of rooms.
Returning to her I did not find Anya, I waited a while and then went to look for her. Trying to enter the room Misha, I saw his girlfriend Kate was going home, I told it and they strongly quarreled with him, and she decided to leave. I went back to Misha to find out what was the problem, but as soon as I reached the door I heard my dear razgavor Misha ...
-Mish, you with me-well hard dyshya asked Anya, -Very
Through the crack I saw Anya caved before Misha crawl his ass on his cock. I watched the scene about 10 minutes I had no idea that Anna was capable of such Misha fucked her in all positions ,, and lying on the blades and on all fours, and cancer ...
Anna dutifully licked his lumpy penis. I have long could not look at it and went to wander around the house, without knowing it, I wandered into the room Akhmatova, she did not notice mneya, and as if she could see if she was sleeping when I went.
I saw AA completely naked lying on the bed, for some reason, the blanket on her nebylo, I do not know why, but I also undressed and lay down beside him. My erotic fantasies were rampant, and standing on all fours, on Akhmatova, kissed her on the lips, gradually descending lower and lower, when I kissed her beautiful breasts, then she woke up, she screamed, I was very scared. and clamped her mouth, Akhmatova tugging and twisting trying to escape from me, but I held her tight, and then I zavizal her mouth, tied his hands and tied to the bed.
Akhmatova apparently detract from that I did not do it, but I have only heard the lowing. Rzazdvinuv prelesnye her hips, my eyes pictured her magnificent vagina, I began to lick it. After some time, my prisoner is very excited, and do not even unlocked and naobarot otimet asked me to her in the ass. I carefully untied Akhmatova, it is as if nothing had happened and turned back to me and pressed her, probably the most beautiful and round ass on the ground, to my horses.
-Well davayzhe- detract from it.
I put his head and strongly nadovil, my cock quickly provola in her female flesh, she moved pelvic everything bysro and faster, from what I could have finished in the first 5 minutes of sex, I asked her to move the smiling on the slower, he was happy to obey me we rapidly finished their cries she nearly woke up the whole house.
After lying for about ten minutes, she again climbed on me, now I'm completely open review of her body, she gently introduced member of her vagina and fell slowly, she was lying on me kissing my every body, not forgetting to move on my column. I did not expect such razvarota events with my prisoner, excitement in my head come different ideas, our bliss is already coming to an end and I was thinking how to finish all this fun, and do not know how but still came up, I made her otsasat I , she agreed obedient servant, cum in her mouth, we had razaytis.
Up in the morning there were still a few hours after returning to my room I saw Anna sleeping, she was so beautiful that once again I was struck by a depraved ideya- rape Anya, cos I ripped off her blanket, grabbed the panties, they easily came down with it velvety body, she did not have time soprativlyatsya, I tied her taped mouth cancer ipostavil I fucked her in all the cracks, I raped her as the last dlyad, in the end, I tore the plaster from her mouth and asked ...
-Bono? I -zaoral
-Yes-and, through tears krichala- it seems that she understood, and he said not a word more.
A few weeks later, we began to meet again with Anna, but I often came to Akhmatova ....