22.02.2008 conversation
It - Let's meet for a walk?
He - well, I do not know ...
It is - you do not want to see me?
He is - what are you? Of course I do ... just do not know how to tell you ...
It is well said, I listen to you carefully!
He - I want you to be not just a friend, a loved one, and your boyfriend, so ...
She - ... I do not know what to say ... there are no words ... let's meet and talk ,?
He - well, and where?
She - well, as always, tomorrow, at the store at 17:00, you all right?
He - kaneshno)))!
23.02.2008 day of the meeting:
She hurried to meet him as always being late is not a lot, because it was necessary to put himself in order, and are not obedient to her hair it was hard to do quickly. Passing the road, she saw him ... he was standing near the store and waited for her, smoking a cigarette, but when he saw that she once threw approaching. When she came closer, they hugged each other and holding hands walked along the main street of the town is not big.
The weather was good, just to walk around in a nice campaign and talk, because it is so lacking communication ... talking about everyday matters, he decided to tell her what was silent.
- uh ... you know, I really like you, not as a boyfriend or girlfriend, but as a woman, you are very nice, you have a beautiful figure, I would like to have with you a more intimate relationship, how you treat me?
- uh ... well ... I do not mind our relationship, you're nice to me, so let's try ...!
- excellent! I'm so happy…
When you finish talking on the subject, they have continued the way is not known where ... A few hours later it was time to say goodbye, and walked her to the house, he said:
- When the next meet?
- Well, come on Friday, come to my house, come?
- Yes, of course I will come, how much?
- immediately freed from the cases.
- Yeah, wait changed yet.
- see you.
Light suddenly fallen from happiness, they went home separateness, certainly thinking about each other ...
She languished in anticipation ... he is not a long time, why ...?
Maybe he changed his mind, or something like that had happened ... but her thoughts were interrupted by a faint knock on the door one last look in the mirror, she went to open it, but his hands did not want to listen to, because she is very worried.
-priveet, come, I've already been waiting for ...
He took off his winter jacket, which is very fond of her, but most of all liked the fact that it came from a great flavor, it provoke and excite her. It is only now noticed how he's cute and sexy. He, in turn, noted for its well-built figure and a very attractive person, and in fact they were friends, did not notice it ..!
It took not much time and he decided to tell her about their emotions and feelings at the moment, hugging her waist, he whispered to her.
- you're so SIMPATYAZHKA it's true * gently stroking her thigh *
- aaa ... paws, I want you !, I do not know what came over me, but you're just adorable
- let's go to bed ...
- let's go…
He got up from the couch, and picked her up, carried her to the bed, she certainly was ready to have sex ...
He laid her down and began to remove her clothes, and at that moment, when she was in his underwear, he undressed himself and lay side by side, putting his hand on her crotch, he felt the damp fabric of her black panties, from this it and so ready to fighting cock stiffened as if anew, he pulled off her panties and began to gently penetrate her vagina with their soft and yet strong fingers, from which she rolled her eyes and enjoyed his caresses.
Soon, without ceasing to thrust his already wet fingers into her, his other hand began to pull at her left breast while kissing her pale lips, from that it felt a wave of pleasure wave, why he stopped her to stroke and with a satisfied smile went close, stroking his other. A few minutes later, she was again excited and ready for a new adventure ...
She jumped sharply at him, and he felt a hot, hard, but already beloved member. She tried as best she could, because it really wanted to give him no earthly pleasure ... He, turning her back, lay on top, so I felt that is about to come down, yet not a lot, and he barely had time to pull his cock out of her. Cum filled in the stomach and chest of his girlfriend, both exhausted, they were embracing ....
A few months later:
- I love you very much, you are to me the most expensive and the only girl, I wanna be with you until I die, and even in hell I want us to be together ...
- Yes, I love you, too, and will be together until death does not break our lyubof ...