In my harem - only mother

I triumph. I am the Sultan!
A mother - a concubine ... sofa,
According to my order,
Dec. Apparently, never
Albina went to bed
In such despair. (On mother
I looked with pity, I confess.
But voluntarily give
From the role of her husband, Mr.
Even he could not). Albina
I tremble with shame and fear,
Make the bed for the sultan,
Who came into his harem
(Well, that is - for me). all
Excited woman ... Hands
They trembled at the sweet Ali. Flour
Imprinted on the attractive face,
Her thighs blubbered ...
He stroked her mother when bent
Smooth sheet. shook
My Concubine whole body.
I ran a hand boldly
At a bare leg. He took in the ass.
Albina looked timidly,
But she said nothing, continuing
Bed sheet spread. Which
Mom ass! Most juice!
Well, perhaps I could have imagined,
What is so easily screw up
I will allow a mother
Hem to the navel?
And it surely
I did not think and wondered ...
Adjusting sheets, Alka became
Beat down pillows.
I kept my old lady
Massaging gorgeous ass.
So far, through the panties ... Bathrobe
Mother did not dare to pull up,
Though it was very embarrassing ... Body
It belongs now
Son, sucker. Albina
I lowered his pants a little bit.
Of course, they could pull off.
But he hesitated. Like a cat with a mouse,
Played with Albinkoy ... I Golyshko
See your mother have time!
Do not just portray Psyche
We'll have her in front of me!
More on the sexual organ
Slaves Ali admire!
"You will soon !?" - I'm interested in
My mother deliberately rude.
Silent mother's lips
I whisper something to a justification ...
She suffered! and suffering
Obediently his girl
Aggravate. In her ear
Whispered unholy and mocker ...
"Admit it! You're lustful?"
Silent mother. were tears
In her eyes. "what poses
You prefer? Confess!
Well?! Answer is - do not be shy.
You like cancer? Or how?".
Mom blushed like a poppy,
But no answer ...
"Albina! You got me!
I forgot something? You are mine!
Slave! Whore! If I
Velu - you must answer!".
"Sorry..." - Trembling, whispered to his mother.
And I wept. On cheeks
Tears rolled ... No, madam!
My tears will not catch ...
You, Mom, today you'll understand,
Who gave birth to ...
"So you depraved or not?"
"Debauched, depraved ... Misha ..."
"Then answer you ... nice
When the partner pulls in his mouth?
More answers ... big belly
You fuck does not interfere?"
And the mother does not meet again ...
"Are you a pussy! Deaf and dumb?".
Silent ... Well ... I see ...
Without flogging we can not do ...
"Come on, slut, turn ...".
meekly obeyed
My slave ... No, do not pity
I felt it at that moment.
Why feel sorry for her? muzhik
I, in fact, or not?
Questions asked, but the answer
Is not got no one ...
And I like the strict Mr.
From trouser belt became removed.
"Get down pants, ebёna mother!".
"Sonny! Darling ... Do not!".
But I do not consent mercy ...
"Shut up! You deserve a spanking!".
Lifted her robe, his frill
Albina wiped tears.
(Aleli cheeks like roses ...
According to him smeared make-up).
Yet mother sabotage
Do not stop. it's a shame it
Drain cowards ... "Come quick!
And that anger the no joke!
Pretty pose schoolgirl!
Rather play the virgin break!"
With a sigh, he lowered himself to his mother
Simple white funk ...
Overstepped their son ...
Is damn gorgeous ass.
Nape feeling my opinion,
Alka sob in three streams.
Watched unceremoniously I
imposingly lounging in a chair,
On my mother's ass. ashamed,
Albina pressed her thighs,
To her red curls,
That grow between the legs,
I did not see .... However, the tuft
Thick hair like a fox tail,
With sweet Mamochkin recording
From my eyes could not hide ...
I'm so funny that his mother be ashamed ...
All the same, I see soon
"Wealth" female. shame
She still can not avoid.
Can it make stand
Co ... face me, and inevitably
Albina show me tender
Flower, ready for pollination.
I nevermind her cramped!
My modesty exciting ...
"Get down!". Albina down
Hem of the robe. awkwardly
It lies in the little bed. "Come on!
Where's your ass?". I went up,
Strap playing, waiting,
While my slave again
Hem raise. At a glance
Mother understood, and my order
She performed at once,
Before buffers raised his robe.
I went up and a lush ass
Whipped with a belt. First weak ...
Then more! Wailed a woman,
When my strap obzhog
Two white buns. "Son!"-
Albina cried. "Do not!".
But again, on my mother's ass
I walked obliquely belt.
I do not miss. After all, the target
Quite a decent size.
I broke and too!
Whistles belt. Yet! Again!
The pain writhing, mother,
Forgetting about the shame (it really hurt ...)
parted involuntarily
Charming thighs.
I began to lash Albina buckle,
To wider legs arranging.
Throwing them, the mother showed
His pussy ... She's gorgeous!
I looked at it meticulously.
Parted labia.
I took the clitoris between your fingers. Rough
He began to pull at it and crush.
Albina understood to fuck ...
Her pussy in now, I'll ...
She was not wrong! Udu
Dahl will, unbuttoned his pants.
Got cancer Albinku stand.
I introduced the penis slave behind.
But a lot of honor of the old whore,
To blessed her womb
His choicest sperm. Sweet!
Oh, how sweet to me ... extracts
From phallus mother. I get
He was approached by a person
And cheeks its end
Luplyu it. Well, it ... ... Cumming
Mom Member Ale in the mouth insert.
Get down! Mom swallows.
She understands,
What did her honor
Anyone who has recently called my mother ...