Weather could be called "frost and sun, a wonderful day"If only it is not late in the evening and shitty mood. Andrei left the crowded streets in a huge desert park on the slopes of the river - do not want anyone to see. Three weeks since he broke up with his girlfriend. But seriously intended to marry, we met six months ... In the beginning it was the best way possible, but after a couple of months after they met became apparent unbearable feature of her character. And the more - the more. Pathological, on the verge of paranoia, jealousy. Moreover, it is absolutely unjustified! Four months Andrei suffered first reproaches and tears, trying to explain that it does not change and does not intend to, but after a few ugly tantrums and scandals, also publicly, broke up with her once and for all. Three weeks ago. One week it is still called, arranged tantrums by phone, accusing him of all sins smetrnyh. Then, realizing the futility of it, he stopped. But the mood was still crap ...
Having gone deep into the park, Andrew leisurely walked through the deserted alleys, grimly thinking about the vicissitudes of fate. He stood for a few minutes at the observation deck, looking from the height of the steep slopes of the opposite bank of the river, he went further. At the turn of alley, raising fur collar, he looked around and saw two tall figures on the site, where only left. I looked closely - like, girls. Tall, slender. One in a short fur jacket, the other - in a thick, "inflated" jacket - puff. I flashed the thought, instead of whether to meet, but the mood was not to try, and Andrew leisurely walked on, looking back at times. Girls too leisurely walked down the avenue, talking about something else, not reducing and not increasing the distance, obviously not paying any attention to him. Once he noticed that one of the girls says on the mobile phone ...
Andrew was approaching summer "green Theatre"From which the exit of the park and to the nearest metro station was 10-15 minutes go when pompous columns of the entrance to the theater is the separated three tall, but obviously female figures, steel across the alley: two on the edges, one in the middle.
- It seems that waiting for her friends, going back - Andrei thought. - Or the planned demolition!
Approaching, considered: the sports store, high. He, though he was not a giant, 175cm - not much for a man, but the smallest, too "dutoy" the jacket was not lower than its growth. Another, in a short fur coat "a la Maiden"It was obviously 180, and the third, in a long shaggy coat with a hood, all the growth was basketball - at least half a head higher than Andrew!
Looking back, I was surprised to see that the girls who followed him have drastically reduced the distance and were only a few steps behind him! Both also upgraded its growth!
Stood in front of did not pay any attention to Andrew, looking at the other two girls. But when he passed by in the middle of the mall facing girls in "Quilted"She suddenly and unexpectedly thrown in the direction of the left hand, firmly grabbed his lapel coat and turned to him. At the same moment in her right hand she flashed a small gas canister. Andrew only managed to open his mouth, to anger, but did not have time to say a word, got two short in the face "zilch". It did not say anything, he was held for devchenkoy lapel, waiting for cramps in the eyes, and a terrible cough ... But no cramps, no it was not coughing. But terribly wanted to sleep! So much so that his eyes began to close themselves, legs give way. Andrew had time to notice shagnuvshih to him from all sides of the other girls, who took felt his breast and collar coats strong hands - and fell into darkness ...
Further, he remembered vaguely, in fits and starts. His somewhere conducted, stopping when he fell asleep and absolutely could not move the legs, "basketball player" him up tightly grabbed by the collar and shaken vigorously until he came a little to himself again and somehow standing on his feet, after which he was again led by holding and lifting the collar of fur. It seems to be brought into some sort of access, but this Andrey almost did not remember ...
He came from a sharp, pungent smell, jerked, turning away, but a strong hand firmly holding him by the collar. He opened his eyes.
- Well, I wake up, finally! - For him, smiling, looked pretty female face. - Fresher? smell again! - She again brought it to his nose with cotton wool smelling salts.
Andrew shook his head: - Enough, no more! Who you are? Where I am?
- Fear not, lie down quietly. Everything will be fine!
-What you want from me?
- We need you! - The girl continued to smile - and why - will soon find out! Do not worry! - She stood up, her short fur coat swung open, and Andrew saw that in addition to this coat on it's nothing! Her slender, good athletic body it was hard to look away. But she walked away and disappeared from sight. Andrew looked around. He was lying on a narrow couch, standing almost in the middle of a large, not a brightly lit room. Windows and part of the walls covered with thick curtains. On the floor, a huge thick fluffy carpet. Glancing over, Andrew was surprised and horrified to see that, except for a fur coat, it also has no clothes! He tried to jump, but silently appeared Devchenka held him by the shoulder and forced to lie: - Wait, do not twitch! And do not be nervous, everything will be O-Okay!
To couch from all sides came the other girls looking at Andrew's from top to bottom. He tried to get up again, but it kept., Densely coat smelled it, someone poked him under the waist by a cloth belt wrestling kimono wrapped in several turns and tightly tied. Above him bent "basketball player"Carefully scooped for a fur coat on the chest with such force that gasped and ... Andrew literally soared into the air, hanging in the maiden is not on the strength and size of their hands! Firmly shook. The long shaggy coat "basketball players" burst open, showing a strong, nakachany but not disfigured, like bodybuilders, mounds of muscles, trained body. It is easily brought Andrew to the wall and pressed on weight and crushed his body.
- Now we otymeem you the full program! We are not sadistic, causing pain will not. And without distortions. Can you resist, but I do not advise: it does not help. Harm we do not reason, will not prevyazyvat. But it is better if you yourself have tried to not interfere with us and hold out a little longer! - And, turning to the other girls, she asked: - begin? I am the first!
- And why you? After you other almost nothing left! - Replied the girl in "Quilted"Which splashed in Andrew mysterious gas-hypnotic.
- And who dragged it out for yourself? There was no need to double it "pshikat"! You know well that once is enough! In short, started!
With these words she put completely bewildered Andrew on the floor, caught the lapels, and grabbed winding their fists so that they rested under his chin, deprived of any possibility to turn away, to rise again and drew him to her, glaring with his lips to his lips. Andrew moaned, gasping, but strong girl's language has penetrated into his mouth, and began to skillfully wield it ... A minute later Andrew realized that he could not control himself, his penis itself began to strain and wake up! Looking up, finally, from his lips, "basketball player" Rotated threw it on the rest of standing aloof devchenok. He was not allowed to fall, picked up for a fur coat on all sides, put on its feet. In front of him was "Snow Maiden". Grabbed by the collar with one hand, and the other firmly grasped his belt and lifting, she pulled him to her and also gave a powerful kiss. Panting, Andrew tried to push her away ..., I could not only grabbed for a sheepskin coat on the sides. Broke the kiss, she pushed Andrei on the other, it again took over the breast, kissed and passed on. He left all attempts to resist, lost count how many laps passed ... Sometimes it is thrown on the floor, more precisely, on a soft fluffy carpet, but then raised again, vzdernuv the collar, the lapels or the lapels of coats. It has long been a member of the standing upright under a fur coat, ready to work, and all the bashing continued. Finally, knocking him once again on the carpet, it is not raised. Someone opened the flaps of his fur coat from the bottom to the waist. Deciding that "the client has matured", One of the athletes raised his waist, the other slipped under the buttocks of small hard pillow. "basketball player" stood over him, legs apart, flinging his long coat, dropped to his knees, sat on his thighs. Grabbed by the collar, lifted her into a sitting position. Someone slipped him a huge back, rolled into a tight roll foam mattress. Now Andrew was in a semi-sitting position. "basketball player" rose, moved forward a little, squeezed his knees Andreyevs side and sat down again, this time to accurately and directly on his penis. From the sudden buzz Andrew groaned, twitched, caving, but "horsewoman" only he squeezed his strong legs and pulled her by the shirt, burying his face in his fur coat.
She almost did not move, only slightly swayed, but significantly crumpling his cock naredkost strong vaginal muscles. Sometimes it continuing very hard to keep Andrew for breast, suspend it, with a force vzhimaya in mattress roll, then leaned towards him and, without giving dodge (though he is not very much and tried), and kissed him passionately, vytyagavaya the air from his lung. Or leans back again, pulling Andrew vzhimaya to him and his face himself in the chest. It lasted an unusually long time, much longer than usual Andrew could, due to the lack of longitudinal reciprocating movements. As you approach orgasm, "basketball player" I became longer rotate the hips, swinging more and stronger, tougher shook Andrei's breasts, and finally repeatedly jumped on him, screaming and moaning finished, giving, and him to finish at the same time with it, and almost flicking out his soul and almost choking, squeezing of fur on his chest so that the ribs cracked.
Releasing Andrew, she fell off to the side and lay panting and moaning, twitching and slowly recovering. But Andrew is not something that a come - not allowed to catch my breath! The girl in "Quilted", The one that splashed on him in the park sleeping gas, lay down beside him and, grasping one hand on the gate, the other - for the belt, easily pulled him over, put her feet firmly. After just ended intercourse member Andrew was not at all prepared for such a rapid continuation. Then she grabbed the lapels and Andrew, gritting his teeth and groaning, began to shake him violently, clenching his feet. Andrei tried to take her by the shirt, but she tryahanulo him and squeezed his hips, he involuntarily let go of her jacket. And then something unexpected happened: his cock suddenly stiffened and went on alert! The girl, on the one hand a moment otputiv Andreeva lapel coat, quickly sent a member of your entry and forcefully yanked Andrew out and up. He tried to hang back, holding the girl for a down jacket on the chest and caving, but the forces were not equal to the same one of the girls standing around is not much, but significantly pushed his bare foot stepping on his buttocks. Once inside and felt the hot moist heat, Andrew stopped balk, relaxed and lying on a log-log devchenke. But she is not hurt, but, it seems, and even helped: it still was active role, twisting, curving under Andrew, squeezing and pressing it down and dragging over the breast. She was very excited and ended quickly reached the strongest orgasm, even before Andrew, but continued to wag his cruel, yet he is not dead. Only then let go, helpless outstretched arms and legs, and remained lying under the exhaust to death man who did not have even the power to slip away from her side.
But now Andrew was not given and the minutes of respite - three devchenok raised him as lying, for a fur coat and his belt and shifted to longer attach near the girl in a short fur coat, fur coat, which adopted it, like the others, firmly grabbed by the lapels and hugging her legs. She did not immediately try to quickly initiate prostrate Man, and only lightly dragged his lapels, leading his face on his fur coat and chest. But once felt that the guy starts coming alert, immediately stepped up the seizure of roughly shook ... and away we go! Not only did she squirmed under Andrew and ruffled his breast, but literally jumped at him, causing sensitive, but not painful blows his trained body, pounding his cock in itself as far as possible. When Andrew tried to be active and jerked to finish faster, nasilnitsa did not give him this, cleverly following his movements, moving away from his punches and moving it, without giving member to jump out of the vagina. Andrew quickly ran out of steam and stopped moving, letting nasilnitse fuck him on her own, which she did with evident pleasure.
After the previous attacks Andrei could not be discharged, and the girl had finished before it, immediately turning him gently on the back side. And then he straddled the next Amazon. It was so strong that sat on the protruding member, Andrew grabbed for coiled around his waist belt, got to his knees and lifted the next guy, not moving itself, began to raise and lower it, thus moving his penis in her vagina. And then all stood in poluprisede, legs wide apart, and continued to move up and down Andrew and swing it to the side, holding the weight belt. He was uncomfortable in that position "bridge"Do he could not. But the two girls picked up his one - by the feet, and the other - by the collar and lifted above the floor, so he had less to bend back, and dragged him by the belt nasilnitse been easier. So dotrahala she did, holding aloft - Man exhausted enough for two people for this time.
He dropped to the floor. Now it was the last place, the fifth girl in a fur coat "a la Maiden". Realizing that the man hardly able to continue immediately, she fell next to him on his lap, gently took the work-worn hand and became a member tenderly and gently stroking it, stir. Andrew moved, tried to sit up, but "Snow Maiden" unceremoniously pushed him back on the floor, on the carpet: - Lie down! - He took over the fur on his stomach with one hand while continuing the other flexing with his cock, occasionally leaning over to him and gently touching his tongue, lips. But at the first sign of his wiggling roughly grabbed the skin of the scrotum and squeezed, while stronger grabbed Andrew for a fur coat. And from those of its current members suddenly rose again, literally jumped! "Maiden" immediately straddled Andrew, introduced a member of it and flattened it, pressing into the floor chest and firmly holding the breasts, intense moving and rotating the pelvis and hips, not paying attention to what Andrew all-taki grabbed her sheepskin coat and tried to shake. She also finished before the tortured guy, let him go easily liberated from trying to hold her breast and Andrew took his hard cock in her mouth, a skilful blowjob defuse it.
The circle is closed. All five nasilnits fucked Andrew from the heart, "I can not for the most". He was lying on the carpet, completely exhausted, and its nasilnitsy something whispered, sitting on a couch and a couple of sulev, without losing, however, the sight of him: he had only to rise, as immediately followed by a quiet but commanding shout
- Where are you this? Down! We're not done yet!
- What do you mean, girls? Enough. I will go. I still can not anymore!
- Anywhere you will not go until we let you go! And you can as much as we want! So the rest is to be gaining strength!
- Okay, good! Enough! Where are my clothes? - Andrew tried to untie the knot tight belt that was tied over his coat.
- Do not you understand? - "basketball player" slowly rose and came close to Andrew. - Do not you clearly say? Sit down and do not rock the boat!
Andrew looked up at her, then looked down, buried in vzlyad beautiful breasts with small dark nipples sticking out from under an unbuttoned coat directly on the level of his nose and stepped back a little.
- I can not hear! Do you understand what you said? - "basketball player"With his hands in the pockets of coats again approached him, he took another step, then another and another, and tall "Amazon" He continued to advance, while Andrew has not pressed his back against the wall.
Puffed out his chest, nasilnitsa Andreeva touched her face.
- So you realized that you said?
Andrew has been completely pressed against the wall, all muscular body athlete, and even stood up on tiptoe to be above her breasts and turn away. Then she pulled his hands out of his pockets, grabbed him by the lapels and lifted her to her face, kissed. Andrew had tried to argue, argue and, especially, to resist. Besides, he was even beginning to like this authoritative, confident, even blunt, but at the same time is not evil treatment of him.
- Well, understand ... - he said, when nasilnitsa pulled away from his lips
- Just be so! Well done! - She smiled slyly. - For this I'll even kiss! - And once again he dug into his mouth.
Finally she put it on the floor, but do not let go, took the collar, winked, then turned to the girls and asked:
- Well, we continue?
- No. Wait, I can not go on, I have the same ... not rise! - Andrew protested.
- Do not get up? - I asked with mock surprise "basketball player" - And we will raise! Don `t doubt!
Girls surrounded Andrei again. "Maiden" She beckoned him to her: - Come on, come to me, my good!
"basketball player" let him go and, realizing that he was not prepared for the escape, Andrew approached cautiously "Snow Maiden". She looked at him in the eyes of gay devils jumped.
- You seem to grab my coat? Want more? Come on, take it, do not be shy! - She gently pryatyanula Andrew to his belt - Well, take it!
Andrew suspected a trick, but did not know what. Carefully picked up "Snow Maiden" for a sheepskin coat over his chest.
- Come on, bolder! - Andrew cheered it. Then he strongly grabbed her breasts and even a little shook up. And then he left the floor he iz-pod feet: The girl in one swift motion from bottom to top slid his hands from his waist to his chest, grabbed the lapels, a few hands at the same time took him by the waist, collar, for a fur coat on the sides and lifted up. Stepping toward each other, girls squeezed in a vise Andrew his strong bodies and began to knead and squeeze it, keeping at the same time for a fur coat on the weight. And after a short time and even work-worn paining his cock stirred and began to come into the operational readiness! But the girls continued to knead and wag Man. They parted, and, like in the beginning, throwing and handed Andrew each other, playing with him as a cat plays with a mouse. Only perhaps that is not going to it, and to use for another purpose, to meet different kind of hunger.
He put it to the wall, "basketball player" his back against the wall, Andrew is also back pressed to it, put the next stool. The girl in a short fur coat stood before them, picked up on a stool with one leg, almost crouching, has introduced a member of it and straightened up, standing with one foot on the floor and picking the guy behind the breast. Others helped her, supporting his belt and a fur coat in the air, raising and lowering it so that his cock slid into the vagina standing motionless nasilnitsy. A few minutes later it was replaced by another, third, fourth, and then they went on a new circle, and only "basketball player" He continued to stand against a wall, holding Andrew in the air in his belt his iron hands, shaking and pushing forward to meet changing nasilnitsam. They have been four or five laps, until exhausted man could finish, discharge into one of them. Again Andrew shook and pulled her breasts, grabastali and compressed with superhuman strength, overturned on a soft carpet, raised and then threw, and was raised again for flooring coat upside down, twisted and turned over, patted the lapels and cuffs, the collar and belt ...
And, lo and behold! - Have completely worn-out and exhausted guy again climbed member! Now it did not wait - "basketball player" immediately knocked Andrew on the couch, stood over him, wide apart long strong legs on either side of the couch, and sat down on his branch, firmly pinning Man with all his weight and holding him by the shirt. It is a long time again crumpling his cock trained mice vagina without letting him finish, but she huddled in orgasm much faster than the first time, and then gave way to another nasilnitse, just saddled Andrew.
Then Andrew could not remember exactly how many times each of his whipped devchenok, all mixed up in his head. He vaguely remembered how he, tired and exhausted, help to dress, already dressed and ready to leave, a little battered by the lapels and suddenly short pshiknuli nose of balonchika.
In itself it has come, sitting on a bench not far from the Metro has long been closed, which was going to get out of the park. ochuhavshis little, he leisurely walked home, legs wide apart, so as not to injure the jaded, but it seems safe and sound member. He had a couple more days to go, so long as its economy has ceased to ache, but by that time he already knew that he would try to find, meet these devchenok to try to repeat the experience.