The arrival of spring

The sun was shining, birds were singing first, the heart was beating a little excitedly waiting for something, what ?? unknown. But in anticipation of this very unknown heart of a pretty girl standing at the window behave strangely. Let's try to describe the girl: average height, light - brown hair, thin but well chiselled figure, age 19, breasts small, but not small, very beautiful shape, such breasts nice to feel in the hands, tummy flat, and in contrast to his two lovely halves, releasing her ass, forced to run blood through the capillaries, faster at any of the men who saw it. Her legs were long and not thin, slender, not yet tanned, white, and wanted to pet them and feel them, to check whether these fantastic legs is not a fantasy. Face Akulina (the name of our heroine) was heart-shaped, small but beautiful mouth gave a sensual nature, defiantly staring eyes were green and bluish tint, and from this view became a little ill at ease. Completes all this splendor, flat nose and rosy cheeks.
On Akulina was equipped with light white skirt loose-fitting, black, soft-fitting blouse of her body, which, among other things, made it clear, was wearing a blouse over his naked body, and a light denim jacket, completing this ensemble. Her foot concealed black loafers.
Silently moving, she admired Dmitry, a tall, powerfully built man, dressed in the dark, with a clingy green eyes, he watched on Akulina. Dima came up behind her and wrapped his strong and large hands.
- Released if the kiss !!!
- Well, Dima, not vrednichat !!!
She turned her face and kissed him gently, but he did not think to let her go, but now he captured not only her body but also her lips. His lips began to persistently and tenderly kiss her, tongue slipped between her lips and entered into a wild dance with her tongue, his eyes were gentle, but he clearly was not the goal to let her go just like that. After several minutes of wild kisses, his caresses, and the friction of the fabric, her nipples began to harden, and the breasts became a little more, he felt it and pulled off her jacket, however, not looking up from her lips, for that he had to suck in itself it language and begin her courting, suck like candy, caressing her lips, and his hands at this time come to grips with her breasts, he seems to be set up her nipples to the desired wave of passion, spit it into one side or the other, squeezed her breasts, she wanted to turn around but he would not let her, then she obviously felt like between the halves of her ass, gently rising established his position quite healthy hill.
Akulina realized that this was her chance "revenge" for torture chest, feeling the zipper of his jeans, she undid them, and then entered by hand in the pants. Hand, lips, and tongue Dima, frozen. Oh, how he loved these moments of caresses. Meanwhile, her hands crossed fabric panties and began talks in sign language with his rebellious flesh, one hand to take his yaychkami, starting them gently to touch, and the other hand, meanwhile, studied his cock, feeling, caressing, she has ensured that a member slipped out of pants benefit it helped a little bit in this difficult matter and established against her buttocks, lifting her skirt while. In retaliation, Dima began more and more actively to caress her breasts with one hand, and the other as a spy on their bellies Walk all the way from her nipples, belly up to her feet, entering into her panties, she felt strong heat and humidity. At first hesitantly, and then emboldened fingers began to touch her pubic hairs on and here it is, a dream cherished valley !!! The skin was covered with a damp finger started to investigate them, sometimes penetrating into the depths, and then her fingers began to play with her clit and making moaning girl with impatience, and his legs tremble, in turn, his bloodshot member, tough, pink, covered in streaks , large (fingers girls barely covered it) was throbbing so badly that it was clear that he is about to explode. But Dima was an experienced lover, turning her to face him, he began to caress her neck, and then began to remove her blouse impatiently, she is beginning to tear off his clothes. But he pressed his lips to her breasts, his hands began to remove her wet, soaked in her juice blue, translucent panties, but do not want to break away from her nipples, he just dropped them to his knees. To plant it on the sill, he threw her legs on his shoulders, realizing that he could not move, Akulina excited even more. Dima slowly brought the head of the penis to her flowing moisture Kisochka and lightly pressed, and once a member has failed in hot pussy, and her eyes momentarily closed, Dima began to slowly move, not forgetting to caress her breast, body, back, stomach, kissing her mouth, listening to her moans and sobs, he began to pick up the pace, while entering deeper and trying to do a circular motion. From these caresses the girl's body began to shake, and sliding because of what she had clung to the window sill, but she wanted to caress him, but she could not do this and this, coupled with his movements all it drove her crazy. Dima gently pulled her from the windowsill opened it, and when she bent over holding a tree, he went behind the wall of her Kisochka swallowed his dick with greed and she leaned back asking to continue, Dima hugged her hips and began to slowly but caress the powerful movements of their tool her cunt, thrusting a hand between her legs she triumphantly grabbed his scrotum and began to milk. It is also not the remaining in debt and began to rub her clit. The love and affection of both led to the top, and now in the final when they have accelerated the pace, groans and growls filled the air, stomach Akulina hardened breast, which was moving in rhythm with the movements, increased again, and she began a long, screaming and came orgasm, big like a wave, hot, sun, sweet and inexpressible. Her orgasm was the beginning of the start of his orgasm, snarling, madness in his eyes, he began to strongly stick it over and began to finish, violently, powerfully. After a moment razleplyayas they fell on the floor and looking into each other's eyes began to laugh happily.
Spring came!!!