My woman. Part of the tenth. "Angelica"

"Symphony N45", Woke me up at seven o'clock in the morning.
I quickly turned off the alarm clock.
I looked at the sleeping Angelica. She did not wake up.
Basically, I got used to get up at seven. But, I do not know how this in her.
I quickly wrote down the dream in a notebook, specially prepared for this purpose.
Carefully, so as not to wake the girl, I went to the bathroom. Yesterday, we went naked.
And anyway, I decided to follow this tradition, as my distant, distant ancestor.
In the bathroom, I stepped into the shower and opened, hot and cold water.
He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm water flowing over me.
I held my breath and looked up, face up.
Drops of warm water hit my face.
Roughly, I stood there for about five minutes, could be longer, but, at the ninth and tenth minute, start the extinction of certain cells.
And then, I felt the presence of someone else.
- Wow - said Angelica - You're not breathing right?
I stuck my head out "rain" and he looked at her.
- Breathed - I said - you breathed.
She smiled. She was wearing my shirt.
I held her hand. She wanted to take off my shirt, I said it is not necessary, and pulled her to him.
We stood arm in arm. The shirt is wet and stuck to her body.
Through the fabric, I saw her full breasts and nipples black big.
A small digression.
Apart from the main erogenous zone in women. Which are: chest, abdomen, buttocks and vagina.
And the main erogenous zone, which is in men, and it is called "Starting point".
There are still wandering erogenous zones. Which, on different days and nights of every month, there are in different places.
Today, December 1, and therefore the first day of the month, and in December consists of thirty-one days. .
And if you believe "Book of Happiness" Sumerians, and this book, do not believe you can not, then, today sensuality of women, located in the inner crotch left leg. That's right, touching this point, you can, bring a woman to orgasm.
I kissed her beautiful, plump lips. With his left hand, he lifted her leg. She put her foot that, on the edge of the bath.
I continued to kiss her, he began with his fingertips, stroke, describes the place.
All the more nor any affection are not needed.
Passionately kissing her, at the same time, her fingers caressing erogenous zone today. I squeezed his right hand, her full ass.
Actually, she was not beautiful by Hollywood standards.
And, so to say on the classic.
Angelica was rather chubby. That such loved artists of the last century.
A keeper of Leonardo of Vinci, was known as the most ardent lover, moderately well-fed female asses.
She clung to me, with her right leg buckled. It can be said, and fastened on me.
- Tickles what? - I asked
- No - she whispered - awesome, I did not even know that the left leg, I so sensitive, you found my erogenous zone.
- Tomorrow, it will not be there - I assured her.
- Why? - She whispered.
- Because it is, I will not be there.
She smiled weakly. Release your left leg. I squeezed into the hands of my cock and said:
- I have inside all boils.
Then, down on her knees and publishing moaning sounds, I began to suck my cock.
- MM how well I do with you - she whispered to my core.
His plump lips, she got up just magical things.
But, I understand, in which she is now able to. He picked it up and turned to his back.
She obediently turned and lifting one leg, bent over, resting his hands on the edge of the tub.
I settle down comfortably, into her, fast and strong drive.
- Oh, yes - she cried - Sui him deeper, Tear me all.
I strongly squeezed her full buttocks. Then, just as strongly, he squeezed her breasts and tugged at the nipple.
She liked it when it was hard and fast.
At some point, she suddenly stopped, and after a moment began to cry:
- I'm coming - her body brought convulsion, I was afraid, so she did not lose consciousness, gently sat her down.
Water dripped down her face, chest.
She and I looked up, face up and was in this position a few seconds.
I sat on the other side of the bathroom.
- It was so cool - it is after every orgasm says.
Angelica looked at it as I sit: the legs bent, member, triumphantly looking up.
She reached out to me, squeezed my cock with both hands and whispered:
- It is you, so hard and hot.
"Well - I thought - he, of all men so" - But I said aloud:
- It is also delicious.
- Oh, I know - she whispered and snapped at my boyfriend.
When I finished, it was a lot of sperm. She heroically all swallowed, he said:
- I love your milk ...